Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still gaming.

I like the boss' happy face 8B...
Actually, when you can interact with people/monsters, this little smiley appears over their head... But it's just ridiculous over the head of menacing bosses >XDD

And, and, and D8

I mean D8.. UJASHDKJSHD. That part of the story is so like SJDHKSJ T_T poor thing !


Daily Outfit post #7

Two days today too !

Too too too too 8BB

Quite boring outfits, though... Oh well...

So yesterday was another rocking chick day... Lulz.

Yeah, I mirrored that one 8B
Fender tee ftw XDD (as if I played guitar with those nails.... uhuhuh >_>....)

And today... A more grown up outfit, maybe ?

The shirt is actually violet.... But cameras seem to screw up that colour... It probably hates it XDD
Wearing violet with my red hair made me feel like Scooby Doo's Daphne XDD
Again, everything is off brand... But the purple shirt which is from Le Château...



3:55 Me
Mais si tu veux pire encore, va checker VII Sense sur youtube LOLOLOLOL (But if you want something even worse, look up for VII Sense on youtube LOLOLOLOL)

13:56 Shad
ya des solo :o (Are there any solos ?)

13:56 Me
euh... oui
solo de marde =o (Uh... Yeah... Shitty ones =o)

13:56 Shad
Haha XD! sont pas si poche :o! (They don't suck this much then :o!)

13:57 Me
non mais va écouter avant de juger XDD (Listen to it before judging XDD)



m(__ __)m

Subject: To Kyo-san
Randomly one time I thought about, "what is my existence, am I really important?".
Even if there wasn't anything there are times when I really want to cry.

Is it because we are human that we have these periods?
Does Kyo-san also have these periods?
Also, when you feel like this, how can you move forward?

It would make me happy if you answered this.

Kyo: I don't move forward and I really don't know, it hurts but I only wait for the passing of time. If you want to cry then cry. Decide by yourself whether you are important or not. Even if other people value you nobody can do anything for you.

Ultimately, it's your problem so if you live without leaving regrets then over time I think that your problems would disappear. 
In no small part that I think like that.

*bows down reaaaaaally low* Amen.  Seriously.... Dudes ! Listen to what Kyo-sama's says... You might think it's hard, but it's so fucking true.
Just don't wait for others to make you become someone... Only you can do something for that.

I told you safari was screwing up my entries -.-


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lillie Joe and her banner made me wanna make one like hers.

J-rawk X Pokémon.

Of course, they're all pokémon trainers !

So, it's featuring, from left to right : Kirito, Satsuki, Jui, Die and Hazuki.
And for the pokémons : Sableye, Haunter, Dragonair, Duskull, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Drifloon, Cubone, Glaceon, Charizard, Froslass, Aerodactyl, Mismagius, Spoink and Ghastly ♥
Seems like I like purple pokémons oO... LOL.
I like how Haunter and Ghastly are like ";D Hey there !"  Especially Ghastly XDD
And yeah, Kirito and Jui are holding pokéballs >8B
And I like how Hazuki really looks like he sat against the tree XDD


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just showing off my siblings.

Being pretty is a family thing... Even though my brother has... had HAIR. XD
My younger sister is taller than me D8... Like... I'm... ALMOST 5'8 (But I'm 173cm) but she's 5'8'' 5'8''½(174 175 cm) >_>............................... And she's... 15. D8<
Anyway, she's the left one. Yanie, by the way.  My brother, Julien (17), in the middle and my other sister, Marie-Christine (19), on the right....

Oh... D8... Starting at the end of November, we'll all start growing a year older again ._. ...
What ? No ! No ! Nononononono ! I won't turn 22 ! That's a LIE ! D8< A lie.... I'll turn 18 again ! ...... I wish..... D8......... X_X  (Damn thing, I'm still a kid in my head !)



My sisters are pretty girls~~~
And if my brother wasn't such a lazy ass (I guess that's a sagittarius thing... LOL), he could be pretty too 8B (Even though he now barely has any hair oO...)


Monday, July 26, 2010

L'Oréal, because you're worth it.

Other than this, I stole this to Gen cause it made me laugh with this weird laughter I have when I'm watching funny j-rawk stuff :


LOL voire que j'avais déjà un tag l'oréal XDDDD
L'pire c'est que j'suis sûre que c'est un autre post qui parle de Die LOLOLOLOL.

Edit : And this :

Reminds me about Éric Lapointe..............................................................
Kill me, someone... >XDDDDDDDD


Daily Outfit post #6

Sorry for the lack of outfit update D8

Two outfits, today !
First one is from July 23rd :

Quite simple, but I dress this way really often XD
This skirt is so old... Like... I bought it when I was in high school !
FARRAH FAWCETT HAIR.  The result of blow dry my hair~

Second outfit is today's one~

I know, we can't see too well details and it sucks bad D8<
But I'm a lazy ass bitch and didn't felt the need to take another pic, even though I was bored as hell ;D
Anyway... I like the Dolly Kei style... It reminds me the way lolita used to look, when it began...
So I tried it in a darker way... I think it's not too bad... but I need more layers XD
I need more skirts, period...


Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is called a french post speaking about keywords.

Quelqu'un est arrivé sur mon blog en cherchant avec "ouroboros dir en grey signification"

En gros, l'ouroboros est le symbole de l'éternel recommencement, quelque chose d'infini, tel le serpent/dragon mangeant sa propre queue.
On a donc associé ça avec un certain retour aux sources pour Dir en grey, pas dans le sens qu'ils vont se remettre à composer des musiques comme Garden ou Cage ou Yokan ou je ne sais quoi encore, mais plutôt on retrouve plutôt cette notion dans certains éléments musicaux se mêlant à de nouveaux pour créer en créer d'autres, l'emploi de vieilles guitares, par exemple...
Sinon, on peut aussi associer ça au fait qu'ils se sont remis à jouer des chansons comme Myaku, Mushi et 304 goushitsu, hakushi to sakura lors de leurs récents concerts, ainsi que celui d'avoir repris -ZAN- et Shokubeni sur leur dernier single (Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no yami).

Autrement, des interviews doivent se trouver sur internet, faudrait vérifier sur Orchestrated Chaos ou une des milles communautés LiveJournal...


Trucy's DVD list /o/

Updated on January 26th 2012

1. 5150, Rue des Ormes 2009

2. 8 miles 2002

3. 9 2009

4. Addams Family ; The 1st/2nd/3rd 1964-66

5. Addams Family 1991

6. Addams Family Values 1993

7. Adventure of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 1994

8. Aeon Flux 2005

9. Alexander 2004

10. Alice in Wonderland 2010

11. All About Eve 1950

12. All Dogs go to Heaven 1989

13. All Dogs go to Heaven II 1996

14. American Beauty 1999

15. Anastasia 1997

16. Andromedia 1998

17. Angels in the Outfields 1951

18. Animatrix 2003

19. Any Given Sunday 1999

20. Ape Man, The 1943

21. Armageddon 1997

22. Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959

23. Audition 2005

24. Austin Powers : International Man of Mystery 1997

25. Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999

26. Austin Powers in Goldmember 2003

27. Aviator, The

28. Babel 2006

29. Ballistic Ecks VS Sever 2002

30. Basic Instinct 1992

31. Batman 1989

32. Batman's Return 1992

33. Batman Forever 1995

34. Batman & Robin 1997

35. Beach, The 2000

36. Beautiful Mind, A 2001

37. Beetlejuice 1988

38. Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952

39. Benny & Joon 1994

40. Big Fish 2004

41. Big Sleep, The 1946

42. Black Dahlia, The 2006

43. Blade 1998

44. Blade II 2002

45. Blade Trinity 2004

46. Blow 2001

47. Bone Collector, The 1999

48. Bonnie & Clyde 1967

49. Bowery at Midnight 1942

50. Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961

51. Brokeback Mountain 2005

52. Bucket of Blood, A 1959

53. Bunraku 2010

54. Burlesque 2010

55. Cabaret 1972

56. Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The (Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari) 1920

57. Carrie 1976

58. Casablanca 1942

59. Catch me if you can 2004

60. Catwoman 2004

61. Champion, The 1915

62. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005

63. Charlie’s Angels 2000

64. Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle 2003

65. Chicago 2003

66. Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 2005

67. City of Angels 1998

68. Cleopatra 1963

69. Clockwork Orange, A 1971

70. Constantine 2005

71. Coraline 2009

72. Corpse Bride, The 2005

73. Corpse Vanishes, The 1942

74. Count of Monte Cristo, The 2002

75. Crazies, The 2010

76. Creature of the Haunted Sea 1961

77. Crow, The 1994

78. Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The 2008

79. DaVinci Code, The 2006

80. Dawn of the Dead 2004

81. Death Note 2006

82. Death Note II 2006

83. Death Proof 2007

84. Defendor 2009

85. Dementia 13 1963

86. Devil Bat, The 1940

87. Dial M for Murder 1954

88. Die Hard 1988

89. Dogma 1999

90. Donnie Darko 2001

91. Dr. Dolittle 1998

92. Dracula 1992

93. DreamGirls 2006

94. Du Barry Was a Lady 1943

95. Easy Street 1917

96. Ed Wood 1994

97. Edward Scissorhands 1990

98. Emperor's New Groove, The 2000

99. English Patient, The 1996

100. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982

101. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

102. Expendables, The 2010

103. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998

104. Ferngully, The Last Rainforest 1992

105. Fifth Element, The 1997

106. Fight Club 1999

107. Final Destinaton 2000

108. Final Destination II 2003

109. Final Destination III 2006

110. Finding Neverland 2005

111. Forever Darling 1956

112. Fourth Kind, The 2009

113. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's 1994

114. From Dusk till Dawn 1996

115. From Hell 2002

116. Gangs of New York 2003

117. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953

118. Ghost 1990

119. Ghostbusters 1984

120. Ghostbusters II 1989

121. Ghost Ship 2003

122. G.I. Jane 1997

123. Ginger Snaps 2001

124. Girl, Interrupted 1999

125. Godfather, The 1972

126. Godfather Part II, The 1974

127. Godfather Part III, The 1990

128. Gone in 60 Seconds 2000

129. Gone with the Wind 1939

130. Gothika 2003

131. Grease 1978

132. Great Mouse Detective 1986

133. Green Mile, The 1999

134. Hannibal 2001

135. Heaven & Earth 1993

136. Hell Ride 2008

137. Hellraiser 1987

138. Hellraiser : Inferno 2000

139. Hercules 1997

140. Hocus Pocus 1993

141. Hook 1991

142. Hound of the Baskervilles, The 1959

143. How to Marry a Millionaire 1953

144. Hunchback of Notre Dame, The 1996

145. I Am Legend 2007

146. Ice Age 2002

147. Ice Age : The Meltdown 2006

148. Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009

149. Ichi the Killer (Koroshiya I) 2001

150. Illusionist, The 2006

151. Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, The 2009

152. Inception 2010

153. Indian in the Cupboard, The 1995

154. Inglourious Basterds 2009

155. Island Monster (Il Monstro Dell’Isola) 1954

156. Interview with the Vampire 1994

157. Invisible Ghost 1941

158. Isola : Multiple Personality Girl (Isola : Tajii Jinkaku Shoujo) 2000

159. It Lives Again 1978

160. It's Alive 1973

161. It's Alive III : Island of the Alive 1986

162. James and the Giant Peach 1996

163. Jaws 1975

164. Jean-Thomas Jobin et ses 40 minutes d'extras tannants ! 2008

165. Jumanji 1995

166. Ju-On 2004

167. Ju-On II 2006

168. Jurassic Park 1993

169. Jurassic Park II : The Lost World 1997

170. Jurassic Park III 2001

171. Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari) 2004

172. Kaya – Salon de Chocolat 2008

173. Kick-Ass 2010

174. Kid, The 1921

175. Kid Auto Races at Venice 1914

176. Kill Bill Vol.I 2004

177. Kill Bill Vol.II 2004

178. Kinky Boots 2006

179. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005

180. Knockout, The 1914

181. Labyrinth 1986

182. Last Woman on Earth, The 1960

183. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The 2005

184. Legend of Zorro, The 2005

185. Life is Beautiful 1997

186. Life or Something Like It 2002

187. Little Princess, A 1995

188. Little Shop of Horrors 1960

189. The Long, Long Trailer 1953

190. Lost in Translation 2003

191. Machete 2010

192. Machine Girl, The (Kataude Machine Girl) 2008

193. Majestic, The 2001

194. Man From Nowhere, The (Ajeossi) 2010

195. Manhunter 1986

196. Man in the Iron Mask, The 1998

197. Marebito 2004

198. Marronnier 2004

199. Mars Attacks ! 1996

200. Mask of Zorro, The 1998

201. Matrix, The 1999

202. Matrix Reloaded, The 2003

203. Matrix Revolution, The 2003

204. May 2002

205. Mein Kampf 2009

206. Memento 2000

207. Memento Mori (Yeogo Goedam II) 1999

208. Metropolis 1927

209. Millenium Part 1 (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor) 2009

210. Millenium Part 2 (Flickan Som Lekte Med Elden) 2009

211. Millenium Part 3 (Luftslottet Som Sprängdes) 2009

212. Mirror Mask 2005

213. Monster, The (Gwai Muk) 2005

214. Moomins Series 1990

215. Moon Child 2003

216. Mother (Madeo) 2009

217. Moulin Rouge 2001

218. Mr & Mrs Smith 2005

219. Nanny McPhee 2005

220. Natural Born Killer 1994

221. Neverending Story, The 1984

222. Neverending Story II : A New Chapter, The 1989

223. Nightmare Before Christmas, The 1993

224. Nightmare on Elm Street, A 1984

225. Nightmare on Elm Street II, A 1985

226. Nine 2009

227. Notebook, The 2004

228. Ocean's 11 1960

229. Ocean's Eleven 2001

230. Ocean's Twelve 2004

231. Ocean's Thirteen 2007

232. Old Boy (Odeuboi) 2003

233. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975

234. One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) 2003

235. Others, The 2001

236. Outsiders, The 1983

237. Pacte des Loups, Le 2002

238. Pagemaster, The 1994

239. Pan's Labyrinth 2006

240. Pandorum 2009

241. Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les 1964

242. Party Monster 2003

243. Pearl Harbor 2001

244. Pebble and the Penguin, The 1995

245. Peter Pan 2003

246. Phantom of the Opera, The 2004

247. Planet Terror 2007

248. Poltergeist 1982

249. Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time 2009

250. Princess Bride, The 1988

251. Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The 1970

252. Public Enemies 2009

253. Pulp Fiction 1994

254. Pulse (Kairo) 2001

255. Queen of the Damned 2002

256. Quest for Camelot 1998

257. Red Dragon 2003

258. Remi Sans Famille (Box) (Rittai Anime ie Naki ko Remi) 1977

1. Vol. 1

2. Vol. 2

3. Vol. 3

4. Vol. 4

5. Vol. 5

6. Vol. 6

259. RENT 2006

260. REPO ! The Genetic Opera 2008

261. Rescuers, The 1977

262. Rescuers From Down Under, The 1990

263. Resident Evil 2002

264. Resident Evil Apocalypse 2004

265. Resident Evil Extinction 2007

266. Resident Evil Afterlife 2010

267. Resident Evil Degeneration 2008

268. Robin Hood : Men in Tights 1993

269. Robo Geisha 2009

270. Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 1975

271. Romeo+Juliet 1996

272. Room Service 1938

273. Saw 2005

274. Saw II 2006

275. Saw III 2007

276. Saw IV 2007

277. Saw V 2009

278. Saw VI 2010

279. Saw VII 2010

280. Scream 1996

281. Scream II 1997

282. Scream III 2000

283. Secret Garden, The 1993

284. Secret of Moonacres, The 2008

285. Secret of NIMH 1982

286. Seed of Chucky 2005

287. Sept Jours du Talion, Les 2009

288. Series of Unfortunate Events, A 2004

289. Se7en 1995

290. Shadow, The 1994

291. Shawshank Redemption, The 1994

292. She Gods of Shark Reef 1958

293. Sherlock Holmes 2009

294. Shining, The 1980

295. Shoot ‘Em Up 2007

296. Shoulder Arms 1918

297. Shutter Island 2010

298. Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai) 2007

299. Sid & Nancy 1988

300. Silence of the Lambs, The 1991

301. Silent Hill 2006

302. Sin City 2005

303. Sixth Sense, The 1999

304. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 2004

305. Sleepy Hollow 1999

306. Snake People (La Muerte Viviente) 1971

307. Some Like it Hot 1959

308. SpaceBalls 1987

309. Space Jam 1996

310. Splice 2008

311. Spooks Run Wild 1941

312. Sukiyaki Western Django 2007

313. Sur le Seuil 2003

314. Swamp Women 1956

315. Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007

316. Swing Kids 1993

317. Sword in the Stone, The 1963

318. Taking Lives 2004

319. Team America : World Police 2004

320. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990

321. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret of the Ooze 1991

322. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 1993

323. Terror, The 1963

324. TMNT 2007

325. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything ! Julie Newmar 1995

326. Tokyo Gore Police (Tokyo Zankoku Keisatsu) 2008

327. Tokyo Psycho (Tokyo Densetsu : Ugomeko machi no kyouki) 2004

328. Tomb Raider 2001

329. Tomb Raider II : The Cradle of Life 2003

330. Top Gun 1986

331. Trainspotting 1996

332. Tramp, The 1915

333. Troy 2004

334. Ultraviolet 2006

335. Underworld 2004

336. Underworld Evolution 2006

337. V for Vendetta 2006

338. Vagabond, The 1916

339. Valkyrie 2008

340. Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl 2009

341. Van Hellsing 2003

342. Veil, The (Series) 1958

343. Vie en Rose, La 2007

344. Vie en Cinémascope, Ma 2005

345. Village, The 2004

346. Virgin Suicides, The 1999

347. Wanted 2009

348. Wasabi 2001

349. Wasp Woman, The 1959

350. We're Back ! A Dinosaur's Story 1993

351. White Zombie 1932

352. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988

353. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971

354. Without a Clue 1988

355. Wizard of Oz, The 1939

356. Work 1915

357. X-Men 2000

358. Yoyo Girl Cop (Sukeban Deka : Code Name : Asamiya Saki) 2007


Aaaallooooo toiii !

Yes I drew a turkwise moustache to Jui.  What a kid am I !

The main point of this screencap was actually.... SATSUKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ♥ >w<


Phantasmagoria VS ROUAGE ?

I was listening to my music and that ROUAGE song just started... But I was like "... I don't feel like listening to some Phanstasmagoria..." So I opened winamp to skip it and saw that it wasn't Mago at all... So I verified if it wasn't only my memory play tricks and I ended up doing this....


Cause I'm fucked up like this.

I haven't slept the night from Friday to Saturday.

On saturday, I went to bed around 2PM.  I woke up around 1:30AM this morning thinking we were on Monday morning, turned on my alarm clock for 6AM and went back to bed... But then I realize that maybe we weren't on Monday since it wouldn't be quite logical.  Yeah... We're on Sunday.
I'm since downloading from that blog I found yesterday~ I'm glad some of my friends found interest in this too ♥
Other than this, I put back all my music in Winamp... Haven't done so since... May ? Oh well...
OMG Tommy february6 XD



J'aime ça XD



Safari hates Pico + Download 8D


Saturday, July 24, 2010

You know when you listen to music and...

Omg, no I just lack of sleep, that's incredible XD !!!!!

You know, when you're listening to music and that you are so glad just because this was EXACTLY what you wanted to hear that you just can't stop smiling and dancing the best you can on your computer's chair and that you end up finding Ali Baba's secret cave so that it almost makes you cry ?

Seriously, I don't remember having felt THIS well in a very, very, very looooooong time... Yes, I tend to have quite violent ups and downs... but this up is... That's amazing ! For once I can really say that I am amazed ! I'm like a kid in a toy shop !

OMG, I really wanna dance swing right now, you don't even know how much I want to XDDD ♥



So I just watched The Majestic, and now I'm wondering why I haven't done this before. HA !

Oh and... At the end, they play a somewhat crappy cover of Benny Goodman's Sing sing sing... and that made me wanna listen to this kind of jazz, boogie, swing etc music and dance swing on it as they did in the 40's... (Edit : RAGTIME.  That's the word I was looking for.)
Or I'll just re-watch Swing Kids... HAHA.
Actually... the thing is that I like this kind of music, but I don't know much about it... This music (Sing sing sing) is the only one I really remember from my last year of high school history class cause I actually danced swing on this~~ Oh, I wish I remembered the choreography... I simply remember that the story was pretty much the same as Swing Kids' story since this plays in the movie...
And when you think about it,swing is pretty easy to dance and it's pretty fun too... I mean... it's not a dance that you'll go see as a show, it's just something you dance to have fun, you just follow to flow of music and you get swing ! Too bad there's no room in the apartment XD
Damn ! I'll go search for other Benny Goodman musics~~~


Friday, July 23, 2010

I have a BLUE house and BLUE windows.

BLUE is the colour of all that I wear.
BLUE are the streets and all the trees are too.

I have a GIRLFIEND and she is so BLUE TURKWISE.


I guess that when I'm worried about something, I dream about zombies x_X

I was in my home town and my brother had turned into a zombie... my sister (the older one) and I ran to my father's house, thinking we'd be safe in here.  But it happened that there was a woman, inside, which was controling her zombie daughter and she really wanted to kill us.  So we ran to which was our room in 1997 or so, but remembered just then that the door couldn't be locked anymore.  So, I was like OK ! WE TAKE THE BED AND BUT IT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR.  But my sister was only like... Huh... M'k... And just stare back at her nails.   I got pissed at her, so I just pushed her away and set the bed in place in a rush cause the girl zombie was about to enter the room.  So I got at the window and opened it so that we would get out this way, even though the room was at the second floor.  So we got out and were on the roof when the zombie girl finally made her was to the room.  Dunno why, but we got back into the house, but the time went into the parent's room (In which the decoration has been remade in tones of turquoise and blue fishes... o_ô...) and I got out the window and that's where I lost tracks of my sister... Once outside, I saw my mother walking to get here, but my brother, who, you remember, was a zombie was pretty close to her, so I wanted to scream to her to watch out, but I couldn't since that zombie girl was near the window by which I got out.... I don't really remember what happened then, but that I start running to get my mother's place but I ended up in a school in Montréal. It was full of tourists (I was one of them, actually) and it was the crisis.  And someone had turned the fire sprinklers in a gymnasium or something and it filled with water and some people drowned... Not to mention the zombie virus circulating, eh ! So everyone was in panic but a group of geek, they were the school's newspaper team and they wanted a scoop or something... I thought they were pretty stupid and it's kinda mixed up here... I know that I went into the gym and that I had to go back in Québec, but I could find my stuff back so I hadn't my bus ticket... I guess that's could be where I decided to turn into a zombie killer.... 
So that was pretty much it ._.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Autant que tantôt j'en voulais à ma vie

Que là, j'suis comme ;D HELLOWWWWWWW.
C'est beau, les up and down... J'vous l'dis, la vie c'est un fucking roller coaster !

Sur ce, m'en vais me beurrer une toast de caramel parce que c'est bon 8B


Trucy and her way of getting depressed over stupid shits.

I know what it is, I started somewhere too...
Yeah, then she says to others that I don't know how to sew.  HEY ! Not cause I've not much experience that I don't know how to fucking sew ! ò_ó Now I'm pissed... Couldn't she be even more hypocritical ?
This job is seriously starting to get on my nerves >.< But the thing is that if I quit, I won't have any sewing machine at my disposition... So I just fucking have to kick my lazy ass to do some sewing... For real.
Damn.  I really feel like a shit, right now... I feel like going back to live with my mother but that'd also be the biggest failure of them all.  It's proove averyone who thinks I can't live this way that they're right... Fuck ! I don't want to admit defeat... I'm not defeated yet. Or I'll just go out and hit my head so hard on the brick wall that I'd die from it... What a wast my life would have been...

You're fucking stronger than that, Trucy ! Come on ! 



You bunch of mother fuckers.

You're twice as much visitors as I get usually and you leave no comment at all.... How nice.


I know you're missing me.

Today, I've been asked if I was naturally a redhead.....

If yesterday, they asked me if I was Marilyn Monroe (They asked me if it was my face I had on my shirt), today they asked me if I was gothic.  Tomorrow, they'll ask me if my hair is naturally red.


As if my root wasn't obvious enough...
But still... it's true that the colour now looks like a natural red instead of the bright red it used to be...

I'm currently fangirling with intensity (lol ?) on Satsuki...... And am now listening to RENTRER EN SOI and Satsuki's solo work only.... And I'm like (TwT)/♥ 
But I also feel like listenning to 80's pop X_X........... And I'd also be like (TwT)/♥  LOL.  Damn...
Ah ! There were many RENTRER EN SOI songs I never paid much attention to... and... well... D8... T_T ♥

Satsuki, I love you ! D8 You better answer that e-mail I sent you to know if there was any way of buying UPPER REGION overseas.... D8...................... D8................................... fggnnnnnnngnnnnnnfffffgnnnn.....

I want your suggestions/links for 80's pop tunes, though ;D... PWEASE ? 8< ........



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I woke up to this :

JDKSHSKJHF KSHKJSDHKJDHSKJH T________________________T/♥
The part with his white hair, specially... AWAKE's PV..... OMG T_____T/♥♥♥


Euh.... Ouin...

Salut le stalker de Flavie o_o

M'enfin.... Spécial français parce que sa recherche tombait sur un poste où j'raconte un rêve pis j'suis comme.... LMAO. OMG.  I think it'll worth translating it >XD

Oh pis j'ai fait un rêve bizarre @_@ Genre que j'venais de devenir roadie pour Dir en grey, pis là c'était le temps de trouvé avec qui Die partagerait sa chambre (Parce que : pis comme ça donnait que les roadies étaient un nombre impair, eux aussi, ben ça a donné que finalement c'est moi qui s'est ramassée avec, en disant un truc du genre : "Faites-vous en pas, anyway y'est trop vieux pour moi ! =B" l-o-l XD;;;. Pis là, chu genre sur le bord de m'endormir, pis y m'dit genre :"Were you serious when you said that I was too old for you ?Pis là j'suis comme.... "euuuuh... lol, quoi ?! XD;;;;;" Pis ça reste là, sauf que genre j'ai toute la tournée à dormir avec, fait que j'suis comme... "ahah lol yééé ^^;;;;;;;;;;" Sauf que pas super longtemps après y'a.. j'pense c'était ma soeur... qui m'appelle pour me dire que notre mère pis sa soeur sont mortes x__x.... J'me met à capoter parce que j'suis comme la seule à être majeure, dans ma tête, donc j'fais :"ouin mais là ! J'peux pas m'occuper de tous ms cousins là, y'en a ben trop ! j'aurais jamais l,argent pour DDDD8 ! "Pis là j'capote ben raide .___. Pis j'finis par réaliser que j'suis de quoi genre en Alberta pis qui faut que j'retourne au Québec pour les funérailles pis estie que j'bad trippe... Ça finit que le groupe suspend sa tournée pour moi parce que j'ai traîné Die au Québec genre... LOL. Pis là ben tout l'monde est comme WTFF ?! au funérailles parce que... Tsé, un asiatique dans famille ?! XD;;.... Pis sont toute comme : "C'est tu ton chum ? =BBBB" Pis moi j'suis comme :"Euh ^^;;;;; Ouin....Si tu veux..." Pis lui y'est juste là pis y comprends rien, genre xD;;; Pis j'me suis réveillée x__x.....

Pis MAJOR-LOL @ the "Were you serious when you said that I was too old for you ?" part >XDDDDD

Ok, ok, let's translate that dream XD

I did a weird dream... @__@ Like I just became a roadie for Dir en grey or something (Nice beginning, ain't it ?), they were on tour and they had to choose who'd sleep with Die cause : L-O-L. And it happened that roadies were in odd numbers too, so... It ended up that I had to share my bed with Die... And I said : "Don't worry, he's too old for me, anyway !" So yeah, I'm about to fall asleep and he asks me like : "Were you serious when you said that I was too old for you ?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. And I'm like : "Uh... lol... whut ?"  and we, like... kept silent... But the thing is that I had to sleep beside him for the whole tour, so I was like... "Ehehehe ^^;;;;;;;;;;;"... BUT. Then, my sister called me, cause I was like in Alberta or something, to tell me that my mother and my aunt were dead... And then, I start to panic cause I was the only one not to be underage and I was worrying about the fact of who would care about my cousins... And yeah, I realize that I'm not in Québec, so I'm even more panic-ing and omgomgomgomgomgomg-ing and it ends up that Dir suspends its tour cause I kinda kidnapped Die to go with me in Québec. LOL. And then, at the funerals, people are like "WTF an Asian in the family" and they ask me if he's my boyfriend and I'm like : ";D... If you want... " and Die is even more in a WTF state cause he doesn't get a shit of what is being said... And then I woke up.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I hate people who talk THIS loud.

Makes me wanna slap them in the face.  Y'know, ma'am... Not cause I ain't speak as loud as you that I'm deaf.  Unless you keep speaking THIS FUCKING LOUD. DX<


It doesn't annoy me........ No.  It annoys the FUCKING SHIT OUTA ME.  Fuck you.  Speak softer, you may become a bit more like-able D8< !!! DAMN ! Urgh.
I mean... seriously D8........ >.<¤

This and that man.  Ugh. I saw him coming to see me, today... I made as if I haven't noticed him... Anyway, I was busy playing Dragon Quest IX fufufufu >D and then he left... So I guess I just have to ignore him... -.- He's still annoying me much... He wants me a little to much D8<...
Look... get a handjob thinking of me if you want, I don't give a fuck about it, but don't try to get me.  It might end up bad.  You don't want to see me angry when you might die pretty soon... (I'm not saying I'm gonna kill someone or anything.  Just that he's fucking sick... For real.)
Sometimes I hate having this pretty face... Then I just feel like tearing it apart and become fucking ugly... But if I do do, I couldn't achieve some of my life goals... SO.  I keep that damned pretty face D8< I wouldn't have the guts to scrap it, anyway... =\  Hey, not my fault if I like pretty things too D8< !!!!


Fucked up dreams, part 3546,4

I dreamt about Danger*Gang... and it was as if I was one of their friends, or one of them.... Thinking about it, I don't remember having seen Hiko... o_ô... Oh well...
Anyway, the thing is that Thera was being a total asshole bitch and left the band for a really stupid reason which I can't remember... But I remember that I was ranting and being like *grumble, grumble* with my arms crossed on my chest... o_ô

Second, I dreamt that I was losing two teeth D8... And it was really gross, like... The teeth were crumbling in my mouth and I kept spiting that and I was grossed out and near to vomit it all è_é...
Weirdest thing would be that there was no blood at all... just saliva... and crumbled teeth D8... Ew.



Yeah, since I can't go on Internet at job anymore, I play Dragon Quest IX that I bought last saturday. (It has be released in America (America = USA, Canada and Mexico, by the way) on July 11th... Yeah... I've been waiting a whole year for that fucking game D8< !!! If only I understood Japanese D8....)
I think I played for like... 10 hours, yesterday XDDD... 

BUT YEAH.  I took pictures of some epic moments.

I like old bald men from DQIX .... >XDDD
(I also like that DQ → Dragon Quest → Dairy Queen → Drag Queen... HA !)

And Wun Tun Punch somewhat souds like Wu Tan Clan... Uh ?

I just bought the cat ears... I was like OMGGGGG I'M SO BUYING THIS FOR EVILFEFI >XDDDDDDD (By the way, it's a custom character...)

Difference between important and unimportant characters... Unimportant characters are juste the usual sprites, pretty much the same we had in DQ IV and V remakes while important characters are in "3D"... 
And I feel like there are references to other DQ games... Like that Brigaboom or somthing thing with that Right Knight.............. I knew about that, I'm sure I did some quest related to that in DQ IV or V since those are the only ones I played.... I should start over those, Just to make in fresh in my mind... Oh actually, I should beat the final boss in DQV o_o.......... I haven't played since last year... Or so... Cause I wasn't strong enough to beat it XD;;; And it's a pain in the ass to train, so.... =\... Fuck that.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Just so you know...

On a eu une panne de courant dimanche matin et ça a refucké internet.  J'vais essayer d'arranger ça, mais il est possible que je reste sans net pendant un moment =\
We had a blackout on Sunday morning and it screwed Internet at home again.  So I'll try to fix things, but I might be away from the net for a while.... =\

Edit : Oh... Nevermind 8D


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not dead.

Simply that I've been forbidoon (Thanks, Juka) to go on the Internet at job.  This time, I've no choice but obey since I can't afford being kicked out.  Anyway, I'm too lazy to find another job.  Let's see the good side of the medal : I'll be able to finish Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and to start what I just bought.... 



Yeah.  Other than this, I when to the Flash Café with Lillie-Joe and Matsuro and we spent the night there, drinking coffees and speaking non-sense  and building sculptures with forks, knives and a spoon ♥
And I also bought The Majestic and Cabaret, so I updated my movies list which you may find here.
I'm now up to 120 movies ._. ... I'm such a compulsive movie buyer -.- ... Everyone spend their money somewhere, I guess... I spend mine on school debts and movies ._.    And shows in fucking Toronto.
Why the fuck is Canada this big, eh ? D8< Why the fuck do they all play on a week day ? D8< Fuckers ! I hate you all (Not.  As if I could... But still... D'espa on Aug. 11th, Dir on Aug 23rd  and on Sept. 30th or something, there's Serj Tankian in Montréal... I'm soooooooooooo fucked. D8<  I'm so creating teleportation right now >_>... Anyway, I guess I'll only go to D'espairsRay, since everything is already planned... Unless you know how to drive and wanna take my place as co-driver to get there so that I could at least go to Dir x Apocalyptica's concert D8...)

My cheek are freaking ITCHY.  Must have been sunburnt -___-.... I hate that fucking fireball... Kill it.

ALSO.  Someone is seriously annoying the SHIT outa me.  I guess I'll need to be less subtle.

Bonus :
Dugtrio isn't angry anymore D8

Yes, my Xatu is named Kozi cause I couldn't write Közi.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Ok, I almost cried on that one...

You know or not that Dir's guys have a common blog and it's like... FC only or something (Or I'm just dumb and haven't found yet where it is).
Usually, Shinya and Toshiya do the job for filling it while Kaoru mostly posts while on tour and Die to say some stoopid thing (as usual) and Kyo simply never posted anything... Til now.

Original post :











BFF Nal: You are a selfish guy...
This is the first time I've wanted to really punch you
No matter what you've done before I just laughed and forgave you saying "It's Daisuke, can't be helped"
What happened to you?
At least contact me before you go... you idiot
I'm sure there were a lot of things that were really hard for you... I'm sorry
I'm Sorry
The other day we were emailing about your band...
Remember how you said the next one looks really good?
Let me hear it
You were always always a Clumsy guy so I was always worried
If you come out now I'll forgive you so please come out "daisuke"
Living is really hard
From now on I'll think of what I can do for you
Please rest well with the person you really loved and wanted to see again
I hope you don't suffer anymore...
I'll go see you today

I got this here.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Jrock's world is mourning again today.  
Today, Death has taken with her Daisuke from fatima/kagerou/the studs.

May he rest in peace along with Jasmine You, hide, Kami, Kazuki, hihiro, Hitoshi, Yoshio (all 3 were in THE PIASS) and all the others I could have been forgetting...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you sense the vii ?


>XDDDDDDD Is he trying to make us believe he's a fucking vampire ?!?!?!?! No, Juka.  You're a FAGGOT. 8D

Other than Silver Surfer, I smell some kind of Hizaki/Toshiya (oh that thing is erina, right ? LOL ohmahgawd.), Art Cube and Phantasmagoria.... And Mikage somewhat looks like he's out from 2004-05... And has that hair style since HIZApro.... just getting blonder with time... XOVER (lulz) Freddy Krueger...  And the one over him just looks like nothing....
Wait... I need proofs for this...

And for the rest of the band, well... :

In other words :



Lol, european fans...

Ok.  You have only 4 tour dates on your continent and 3 of them are in UK, if I'm not mistaken and we have a whole month of Dir en grey's tour here in America. But... Canada + USA + Mexico = at least TWO times the size of Europe.  Which means wider countries in America, which also means that everything is closer in Europe.
So please, stop being dumbasses and blaming the band for the way Earth is made !
Plus. They are touring in America with Apocalyptica : it is really possible that Apocalyptica had already planned to tour and Dir just sticked to them (Or Apocalyptica offered them to join them, if you prefer).
Anyway, you shouldn't complain at all with all those bands you get there while we barely get anything... You got at least trice the quantity of J-rock concerts we had since 2004.
Never happy with what you get, isn't it ?


It's not fair DX !

Oh well... I'm actually pretty glad for Dir to tour with Apocalyptica since that's pretty fucking awesome, but... but... but... DX
That's what we call a brokenhearted fan >_< !!!
I mean... FUCK MAN. Who was saying : "Lulz, We'll go to D'espa's concert and two weeks later there'll be Dir en grey lulululululz."  WELL DAT WUZ MEH.  Grrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuh.
I'm seriously thinking of rolling on the floor and walls right now.... Err....
Anyway... I guess I can be glad for having guessed something right again ? -.-
I was half-secretly hoping for something in Québec, though....
Wait, I'll take off my brain and make it swims in formol for a few days... BRB.



US dates
Dir en grey + Apocalyptica, Support: Evaline

August 23rd, Sound Academy, Toronto
August 24th, Nokia Theatre Times Square, New York
August 26th, Royale Boston, Boston
August 27th, Rams Head Live, Baltimore
August 28th, Electric Factory, Philadelphia
August 30th, Center Stage, Atlanta
August 31st, The Pegeant, St. Louis
September 1st, House of Blues, Chicago
September 2nd, First Avenue, Minneapolis
September 3rd, Slowdown, Omaha
September 4th, Ogden Theatre, Denver
September 5th, Sunshine Theatre, Albuquerque
September 7th, House of Blues, Las Vegas
September 8th, Club Nokia Live, Los Angeles
September 9th, Grand Ballroom & Regency Center, San Francisco
September 11th, Showbox SoDo, Seattle


Who's going to Toronto two weeks before ? Oh wait... That's me attending D'espairsRay's concert.
I definitely CAN'T afford going to Toronto twice in two weeks, specially if the 23rd is a fucking monday.... FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU DDDDDX<
*grumble grumble grumble* >_>...

And obviously, they won't play in Québec since Apocalyptica will be playing with Rammstein at the Festival d'été de Québec on July 18th.......



Daily outfit post #5

♥Dress from H&M~
The bracelet has tiny roses shaped pearl~~


In a pikachu T-shirt and panties in from of the PC.

I was about to go to bed... But then I though : I could go see my LJ friend page !
So I went to see my LJ friend page.

HA !

He just somewhat look like the average metrosexual man, I guess... Bwahahah XD
BUT. The best part of it is that he finally got rid of those 3 hairs on his chin.  re HA !
And from the shape of his mouth... I could say he got his braces removed... *nods*  I'm pretty curious to see the result, I must say...

(Still not getting who it is ? Huhuhu.  Toshiya. Yeah.)


When I say that I know that I'm gorgeous, I mean THIS :

 Can  I get a fucking clone ? *____*



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you know why the sun sets red ?

 It's because from all colours, it's red which travels the farthest.

It was orange, outside... So I took a picture from my window....


Daily outfit post #4

My hair looks weird... oh well, it looks better in person.  Almost Twiggy-ish.
With a pretty pale lipstick... Like hum...  pale a little pearlescent lilac... Ooooh.  Too bad L'Oréal discontinued this colour, I think... T'was called Iced Grape ♥


Sometimes it happens that I Die.

Yah, yah... shitty wordplay... But hey ! Me loves those D8< !

I just love his expression, that's all xD

BUT.  THE THING IS.  Ok.  Most comments are going like this :

Errr ? Yeah. Shut up.
Girls................. The thing is........ That he always been skinny... He's asian after all... www.  As for the "he looks tired" well... he always does, dark circles is part of him, now.  And please... just go back like 10 years ago.  now THIS is long hair... -__-

Fangirls seems to have pretty bad memories... Could someone even be worse than me ? Oh !

I like the fact that each time that something like this happens, I look nothing.... And I mean NOTHING, like a Dir en grey fan... HAHA.
Currently I just look like if I was comming from 1963 or so...  Oh well, you'll see on the daily outfit picture xD


Monday, July 12, 2010

Faudrait penser à laver la Vaisselle... ça commence à sentir...

Obviously, I won't get any answer for that.  I'm not even expecting one.
I just felt they had to have some fingers pointing at them...


Daily outfit post #3

Where angle, stripes and a skirt wideness makes you look like a shorty wwww
My hand hides it, but I have a real antique brooch on the center of my top~
BodyLine skirt copied from an h.NAOTO one, besides this, everything is off brand~~
Fuchsia lipstick FTW \o/



Ouin... J'voulais voir si y avait de quoi que j'ai pas dans mon ordi sur le CD promo de Darkest Labyrinth qu'on a eu avec le lucky Pack... pis à date j'pense qui va pas mal avoir juste la toune de Sound Bee pis p't-être ben celle de HimemaniK... Ouin c'est pas mal ça, avec celle de Suicide Ali... BEN OUI ALIEN CRISS... Ostie, j'déforme tout ce que je dis/écris >XD

Ça va finir que mes jours de la semaine, ça va être Lundie, Mardie, Mercredie, Jeudie, Vendredie, Samedie pis ........ Bon ben Diemanche. Maudite marde XD Non, en fait y'a juste Samedi que j'm'en vais toujours pour écrire Samedie... X_X...

Pis ouin, Mizca sonne pas mal comme une Vocaloid, si vous voulez mon avis... J'aime mieux Capsule 8B
Non, mais... J'ai juste jamais été folle des Vocaloids... y'a juste Take on me par Kaito que j'ai fait OMGGGGGG parce que lol take on me, c'est tout.  J'imagine que j'aime mieux les vraies voix =o (ou alors plus otaku que les vocaloid tu meurs ? Scusé, mais... pensez-y un peu xD;; Le type qui a créé Miku, là.... Ouin... Checkez comment sont habillés, maintenant... Hinhin... Pis sont basées sur des chanteuses (chanteurs aussi hein... Parce que Gackt est pas encore une femme, de ce que je sache... Parce que oui, pour ceux qui le savait pas, y'a un vocaloid de Gackt.) pop... FAIT QUE. Ouin. M'enfin, c'est un higher level de geek-erie... J'pas encore rendue là D8... Déjà, j'pas une bonne otaku, j'aime pas la majorité des mangas/animes XD pis j'pas vraiment into la pop pis les idols (Les idols, c'Est pas ben ben compliqué, j'en ai pas encore vue de vraiment belle... Y'ont juste des gros totons.... @___@ Pis j'sais pas, une asiatique avec des grosses boules siliconées c'est juste... Fail ? o_o;... Enfin bref, tout ça pour dire que j'aime pas les Vocaloids pis ça finit que j'parle d'asian avec de gros seins x___x... Moi pis mes parenthèses, là... Ouin...) pis les dramas m'intéressent pas, si j'en regarde un, c'est parce qui a quelqu'un qui aurait fait OMG ON REGARDE ÇA, pis j'vais le regarder avec elle... Sinon j'pense pas en regarder un jour... @_____@ J'regarde des films, à la place, ça fait pareil XDDD (enfin, plus ou moins... PArce que de tous les résumés et bout de dramas qui m'ont été racontés, ça a tout l'air d'être fait sur le même pattern... Ce qui pique encore moins ma curiosité... Ou alors c'est moi qui suis vraiment buckée à pas aimer ce qu'une grande partie des gens aiment... En tout cas...)

BON. J'vais ripper ça, ces trois tounes-là... XD;

Baloney, criss...


We're all part of a Neverending Story

You know what... I think that there's a link between The Neverending Story and Harry Potter. (Cause, yeah... I watched The Neverending Story II and I prefer the first one... Like... Really.)
And I realized something... Like... The bookshop... It's Mr Korriander or something close to this.  Now, the wandshop owner is Mr Olivander, isn't it ? Don't you think it sounds alike ?
Anyway... There are so many things linked to that story... First Atreyu... It's the guy with the horse's name, but it's also a band.  And Falcore, the dragon which looks like a dog... In The Birthday Massacre, the lead guitarist's name is... Mike Falcore. No wonder why they covered the theme song...
And I'm sure there are like... a million other links, but you all know that my memory ain't too good, so I can't really think of anything else for now...

I'd like to read the book, though... And I think there's a third movie, actually... But I feel like it sucks even more than the second one xDDD...
Well... The second one is just... Short ? ... I mean... Bastian is scared to jump off the highest board, he goes to Korriander, ends up leaving with The Neverending Story book instead of a book about how not to be afraid of hights, and realizes that the pages are erased, so he jumps into the book to find what's happening and giants appear and then he already discover that he has to go to that hand castle where he discover about the Emptiness and that he has to fill it, though he fells into hum... Xaida-or-something-which-starts-with-an-X-and-ends-with-an-A's trap and thinks she's not much of a bad girl, even though she tries to put him against Atreyu, in which she succeed, but then, Bastian discovers than what Atreyu told him about his wish turning into him losing a memory is true and then leaves X-somthing-a to find back Atreyu and when he does, X-something-a appears and he uses his last wish before losing each of his memories to wish for her to have a heart since she is the Emptiness... and then... THE END.
I don't know... I just feel like this whole movie, shortened a bit, could be only one part of the first movie.... Less budget, I guess... It all went in Falcore's rent XDDD. (Cause yeah, Falcore is a gigantic puppet~ The RockBiter too, actually... That's maybe why they just sat him there doing nothing but talking and ranting about the rocks which are now empty... And when he bites one, we clearly see it was a bottle of wine covered of a rocky thing so that it looks like a rock... LOL.)
OH. And the boy who plays Bastian... When he looks worried.. Fuck, he looks like a tiny Gackt XDDD... Should've screencap-ed it >XD


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Isn't there a mistake in here ?

Don't you think it's weird that Versailles WON'T be at the event ?
And that they WEREN'T allowed to be at Jasmine's funeral ?
I knew something was wrong.

Holy fucking shit.... DUDE ! 
You bunch of fucking assholes ! You make me sick to my stomach, seriously...


This is a title.... Really.

I just spent an hour on something... And, seriously, I never thought I would draw a face like this one day...
I started not knowing what I'd draw, then I thought that I could draw a face, not knowing yet if it'd be a man or a woman, then I knew there'd be cheek bones and as it went on, it happened that it was a man and that it's pretty obvious and that he isn't young and has no eyebrows 8B
It's pretty different from what I'm used to draw o_ô... But it's still not what I'm looking for, it's not sharp enough, it's still way too soft... I mean, he doesn't have a soft face at all, actually if he was real, you'd probably think he's kinda scary... www But the lines are still... I don't know... Maybe it's just that I should practice drawing some realistic shits and when I'll get used to it, try again on doing something sharper... But I'm not convinced ._.

The picture is pretty clear in my head ! And I'm way to proud to let the ink guy draw it for me -.- (Actually, the only person I'd let draw it for me would be like... Kaoru but... lol, yeah, as if.)

I gotta find a way to convince myself I CAN draw that way. =__= that gotta be a lot of fucking work >_>



I need a bigger bulletin board (Babillard ? the thing to pin stuff on if..)

So.... I just guess that this'll be the last tattoo I'll get... Even though it'd be the first I'd get if I could draw it the way I want -__-...
Logically, I should start with the most expensive one, which would be Jack and Sally... BUt I think I'd rather start with the pink spider or something... (And to people saying that it wouldn't be pretty, the think is that I don't want it like baby pink, that obviously wouldn't be pretty HA ! I want a bright pink.  Think "hide's hair"... Cause, you know... Pink Spider... And please don't tell me you haven't thought about if ! D8< Fuckers !)


Trucy's vicious, suspicious

Man.... do I look this suspicious ? o_o
I just went out for a smoke and there was the janitor cleaning the doors windows and he watched me smoking my cigarette aaaaaaall along.  I'm no extraordinary woman, today, just put on a jean and my Evanescence tour shirt, so there's no way he was looking at me think that I was a woman he'd like to put in his bed >_>...
And when I came back in, he was still staring at me as I went up that stairs... What the fuck was he looking at ?! D8<
Ok that I had my eye borws a little frowned, but I'm just frowning all the time, now... even RIGHT NOW I'm frowning for no reason, except maybe that I've been annoyed by that man, but still... It's just some kind of habit of mine... I'm not even sure it's this noticeable since it's not frowning like if I was angry or something...
So yeah, that man was even freaker than I am >_>... Fuck that !

Anyway, I feel like drawing again right now, but I think I'll try to improve my drawing skills... I wanna quit drawing THIS cute -__-;; I feel like if I had a chihuahua to freak out people with that drawing style... I'll try something new... I'LL DO MY BEST 8B


Through red September, the sky's fire-paved

Eh... Ok, actually, I was listening to Rammstein and then I remembered that the first version I had from Hallelijah was said to be from Resident Evil's soundtrack... So I put the DVD in and skipped to the end credits and yeah the song wasn't there, but I took notes of the songs listed there, I might search for them later.
So, while having the boxset out, I though I could look for what's playing it the other movies and.. Nymphetamine plays in Resident Evil Apocalypse ?! o_ô... I knew that song when I watched to move for the first time, normally I should have went like JSDHKJS OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S CRADLE !!!!! And I would have remember it, wouldn't I ? o_o... I think I'll watch it again when I'll ve done with RE : Extinction's songs... Cause I'm really like "HEEE !!!" with the japanese accent, now XDDD  Even though that'll probably make so that I won't sleep pretty well tonight... huhu ._.
This being said, I also can't wait for the fourth movie to come out \(¯w¯)/

Edit after the movie had been watched : I still don't get where the song played.... But maybe it's cause I look for the part with Liv Christine and that the part played was in the overdose part... Eh ?


Team Rocket is blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain !

I just tried to get connected, I thought that no one was home so that wouldn't fuck up anyone's connection... But my room mate just got out of his room to turn off and on the router, which means he got disconnected.
Which means I couldn't be righter : What fucks up our connection is that there's only one channel for 3 computers and they're all fighting to have it, as simple as that.
I wish I'd be able to hack connections... I'd be able to get the one of the appartment below us... The signal is even stronger than ours XD and there's 10 channels >_>...
For once, I'm not pissed or anything, I just know the source of the problem and I can't really do anything for it... So I'll just wait for no one to be home and I'll use internet, that's all...

Oh and, on a completely unrelated subject, in the end I won't work on saturdays, so everything'll be alright to go at the Pique-Nique Victorien and my grand-mother's wedding.  I won't have to ask for 984579348573984 off days, only those which I'll got at Toronto to see D'espairsRay (10-12 of August) which is awesome. Speaking of them, is there anyone else here beside Josy, Mad, Franco and Matsuro going ? I think it could be interresting if I could meet some of you in the line... Just be aware that we'll arrive here pretty soon on the 11th so that we have good places at the front~ (Cause yeah, for those who didn't knew it yet, D'espairsRay in Toronto on August 11th 2010 8B [Edit : WO. WOH, like really WOH. I must be starting to end things in "ey" when there's a "r" before... You know, I learned to write gray.  Now I write grey... Huhu.  BUT THEN, I WROTE D'ESRPAIRSREY. OMG. Bad. Not to mention that when I first discovered then, I thought they were called D'espairspray...................... LOL. Spray can of despair... How nice XDDD])

One last unrelated thing : Was it Mein Teil the Rammstein song speaking about that cannibalism thing which happened at this Ramstein with only a single M place ? Cause from what I understand since german sounds a bit like english, that would be it... I hear something that sounds like, once translated in english "Then, you are face to his mouth -I don't really get what here- This is, this is my tale, my tale..." if mein teil really means my tale... lol... So yeah, I guess I'll have to see for the lyrics and do a beautiful google translation~ since I wanna know what it says... and then I'll go look on wikipedia XDDD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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