Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not dead.

Simply that I've been forbidoon (Thanks, Juka) to go on the Internet at job.  This time, I've no choice but obey since I can't afford being kicked out.  Anyway, I'm too lazy to find another job.  Let's see the good side of the medal : I'll be able to finish Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and to start what I just bought.... 



Yeah.  Other than this, I when to the Flash Café with Lillie-Joe and Matsuro and we spent the night there, drinking coffees and speaking non-sense  and building sculptures with forks, knives and a spoon ♥
And I also bought The Majestic and Cabaret, so I updated my movies list which you may find here.
I'm now up to 120 movies ._. ... I'm such a compulsive movie buyer -.- ... Everyone spend their money somewhere, I guess... I spend mine on school debts and movies ._.    And shows in fucking Toronto.
Why the fuck is Canada this big, eh ? D8< Why the fuck do they all play on a week day ? D8< Fuckers ! I hate you all (Not.  As if I could... But still... D'espa on Aug. 11th, Dir on Aug 23rd  and on Sept. 30th or something, there's Serj Tankian in Montréal... I'm soooooooooooo fucked. D8<  I'm so creating teleportation right now >_>... Anyway, I guess I'll only go to D'espairsRay, since everything is already planned... Unless you know how to drive and wanna take my place as co-driver to get there so that I could at least go to Dir x Apocalyptica's concert D8...)

My cheek are freaking ITCHY.  Must have been sunburnt -___-.... I hate that fucking fireball... Kill it.

ALSO.  Someone is seriously annoying the SHIT outa me.  I guess I'll need to be less subtle.

Bonus :
Dugtrio isn't angry anymore D8

Yes, my Xatu is named Kozi cause I couldn't write Közi.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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