Sunday, February 06, 2011


1. Who is your favorite Pokémon?
Absolute Favorite: Froslass (; 3 ;)/ ♥
Kanto/Generation I:  Probably  Haunter.... And Charizard... And Dragonair... And Gastly >8(
Johto/Generation II: Misdreavus (; 3 ;)/♥, I like Snubull for some reason XD But never use it... And Bellossom cause it's cute ; A ;
Hoenn/Generation III: SPOINK IS SOOOOOOO SJKHFDSKJHDKJS CUTE. D8 Cacturne, Sableye, Shuppet, Duskull, I kinda like Seviper too oO and Gardevoir too... In the end I kinda like the 3rd generation LOL
Sinnoh/Generation IV: FROSLASS >8(, Vespiqueen, Roserade 8B, Drifloon D8 ♥, And Drifblim too, even though it's one of the weirdest pokémon of them all XDD (Unova excluded LOL), Mismagius (*3*)♥
Unova/Generation V: OK I had to go look for a list LOL I like Cofagrigus... It has Majora's Mask's eyes LOL,  Gochimu, Gochimiru, Gothitelle 8B (Yeah, I know All names aren't in english/japanese XD), Bururiru, Hitomoshi, Ranpuraa, Shandera (*3*)/ ♥... Yeah...

Grass starter: Bulbasaur, Chikorita or Treecko oO
Fire starter: Charmander *w*
Water starter: Totodile and Piplup are cute, but I've trouble with their evolutions LOL So Squirtle XD
Eeveelution: Glaceon
Legendary Pokémon: I don't like legendary pokémons D8... Maaaah... Okay... Articuno, Mewtwo and Darkrai >8(
Starter in Basic form: Cyndaquil or Charmander D8
Starter at Stage 2: Wartortle
Starter at Stage 3: Charizard

The rest is under the CUT cause it's long and boring if you don't give a fuck about Pokémon~~~


Yesterday, I died from overdose.

Overdosed my movies LOL

When I said that TV was bad for you
I meant it.
I watched 4 movies almost in a row
1½ hours x 4 = 6 hours almost straight of watching only

My head started to ache after the second movie...
I don't even wanna know what the brain 
Of people watching TV all day long looks like ._.

So this made that I've been awake from 2 PM
To 11PM
9 hours ?
Yes, and I was exhausted @___@
So please, stop watching all day long, 
You'll end up looking like a cucumber >8(

I watched Casablanca
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Which was somewhat like a male version of Girl, Interrupted =o
G.I. Jane 
And I re-watched The Pebble and the Penguin
And got surprised that I actually remembered the songs XD

And on Friday
I watched Angels in the Outfield
How to Marry a Millionaire

Not much to say about those movies...
They were simply classics I had to see
Angels in the Outfield excepted, maybe...
But that one has a nice... hum... Moral ?
I don't know if we can use it in the same way has in french, here LOL

So yeah... this is it...
I'm poor....
For real XD...


Today, I discovered that Bobette was a name.

In Québec
We use [bobette] to speak of our panties.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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