Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bonus before I go to sleep.

Cause it made me laugh my ass out XD

How ?
I don't know.
Let's just laugh at it XD


Lalala 4:00 AM blog entry.


The funniest part of it is that LUNA SEA's 4:00 AM just played >XD
And I just came to realize it XD


I bought a necklace.
I paid 60 USD for it.

Idiotic, I know.


It's one of a kind.

Why ?

It's a dried snake foetus in a vial.

Don't believe it ?

See by yourself :

This will be my most treasured possession TwT ♥

I also bought another pendant.
That one was way less expensive XD
But still 15 bucks...
But anyway
It rox mah sox :

I was also interested by those :

Which contains 3 baby octopus tentacles~~
There were many others similar to this one
But the price range was from 35 to 50
So I choose the less expensive one XD
Maybe some other time...

Which is kinda Suppurate System-esque~
I must admit that I almost bought this one instead of the snake one.
But then I thought that this one could "easily" be re-done
Which is not really likely to happen with the snake one.
The rose one is more..... "normal"
Even though it was cheaper....


This makes me think about the fact that
I still have nothing from Suppurate System... =\
If I don't buy too many movies
I should be able to afford something sometimes around March...
Cause yeah... It's now official...
I don't work anymore on Saturday D:
It's maybe only $30 less per week
But it shows ._.
I will try to save money up D=


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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