Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Love Cats.

One thing really changed.
I have cats.


This entry has no title.

J'me demandais pourquoi ça se connectait automatiquement, mais ouin...
Android a pas mal été acheté par Google
Pis Blogger appartient pas mal à Google.

So I'm testing this new blogger app
Cause the one I had last year...
Well it SUCKED.
First I wanna see if I nee to know my html codes
I hope not
Cause I suck at these.

But yeah
Like a year went by
Since the last time I really used that blog.
And I've been missing it for this whole year.
Of course, I ended up thinking tumblr actually is great
But I still think it's not the same
I guess that deep down inside
My heart belongs to blogger

What happened in the last year ?
Nothing, yet... Too many things.
I don't think I changed much.
Or I probably got worse, actually LOL
So I guess that if this app works fine
It would mean that I am back~~~


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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