Friday, June 25, 2010

Does that mean..........

Well the 3rd day of rehearsals is over.
Anyway there is overwhelmingly a lot of songs that I need to remember this time so its tough.
I hit so much that my index finger has become 1.5 times bigger than normal.

First, HOLY FUCK.  1.5 times bigger.  Hardcore.

A lot of songs that he needs to remember (By the way, this is a part of one of Shinya's blog entries translated by Risu at Orchestred Chaos). Does that mean... that... they'll be playing some old songs to their up coming tour ? *o*
DJSKHDKJSHDKJSHDJH.  Now THAT's overwhelming *_____* ♥


Dir en grey is turning to black metal.

That's all.
(Note that they aren't really turning to black metal, eh...  Just that t-shirt's logo's design reminds me of B' bands' t-shirts or something... XD They're still fuckin rockstars(,) bitches !)


Dir en grey VS Tokio Hotel

But.  It's 58% for Tokio Hotel.  CRUSH THEM.  Vote for Dir en grey, guys D8< You don't want those fags of Tokio Hotel to win -.-
It's commercial shitez against kickass metal, your choice shouldn't be hard to make è_é !!!!


Oh yeah, I have to update my blog with ! 8B

First of all, yesterday, I moved in.  I must say that I love my room, even though it's small and we barely can see the floor and that it's LIME GREEN and white XD... I'll gothize this later.  LOL. Cause yeah, in the end, I'll paint it in a deep violet and put some grey and black accent cause most of my furnitures are made of BEAUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUUUUUUUUUUL grey melamine (They're like... 25 years old, so... Ah ! the 80's furnitures...), so I wanna paint some huh... window/door frames, probably, in grey and whatever remaining will be in black... There's my computer desk that I'll paint in black.... And I'll by some black and some Beetlejuice styled striped fabrics to make like 379846823746862378462873 curtains *o*
Other than this, yesterday, my mother sent me to buy some beer and they asked for my ID which I haven't took with me... And they asked for it again when I went to buy some cigarettes, today... WTF.  Does my face got any younger ?! Is it cause I forgot to put make-up on today and I didn't worn any yesterday and that I look younger this way ?! o___o I don,t get it, before that, people used to think I was 25 or something =.=; Maybe it's the red hair with a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt combo.... D8...
Also, I found back my Doraemon dildo picture 8D :

Actually, there was something else I wanted to talk about, but seems like I forgot... Eh. AH YEAH. I remember, in the end.
My "new" converses are officially DEAD. So the only shoes that are remaining are like... heels... So... I guess that I could start my feet training... LOL.  And start really feminizing myself XD so, if Lillie-Joe's summer is a synonym for yamamba and ganguro, mine should be the same for pin-up and the 40-50's... For real, this time.   And I'll buy new shoes later XD

Talking about shoes, I need to buy a rope so that I can hang my dead shoes as in Big Fish... :

Probably hang them in front of my bed, where D'espairsRay's poster is now... I'll remove it, put my "bulletin board" there and the shoes over it... *nods*
In the end... I'll have a freaking Burton-esque room XDDDDD ♥


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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