Saturday, January 01, 2011

Geisha, Robots, School Girls, Panty Shots, Blood, Girls in underwear Tanks, Transformers, Breast Gun, Acid Tengu Breast Milk, AsSwords....

↑ That sums up pretty well RoboGeisha.

What an awesomely ridiculous movie XD
The kind of movie you just CAN'T take seriously...
Cause if you do...
Well you must be dumb... LOL.

There's not much to say at all about it...
Everything has been said in the title, really XD

Beside that one of the Tengu girls
Is the one who plays Miki in Machine Girl
While the other is the "Dog Girl"
In Tokyo Gore Police...
Which also plays in Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl
In which the main actress
Also plays in Audition
Excepted that Audition is way more serious than those previous movies XD

This being said,
I wanna see Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl XD

And hum.....
I didn't thought I had this much Japanese movies oO :

  1. Audition
  2. Death Note
  3. Death Note II
  4. Ichi the Killer
  5. Ju-on
  6. Ju-on II
  7. Kamikaze Girls
  8. Machine Girl
  9. Marebito
  10. Moon Child
  11. RoboGeisha
  12. Tokyo Gore Police
  13. Yo-yo Girl Cop

Now I want those Ringu movies, One Missed Call movies, Battle Royale (I don't really care about the second one, but I surely will end up buying it... lol), Dark Water, Suicide Club, oh and I really want the Black Lizard... but I highly doubt anyone ever burned it on a DVD ._. (Miwa ♥), I think the Nana movies would be nice to own...  Oh and that movie with that Gazette song in it.. I'm pretty curious about it.....


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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