Friday, May 06, 2011

Oh hello !

I think I already said that in a previous post

But I work a lot lately
So I don't really have time to take care of this blog.
But I spam Twitter.

It's mostly in French
But once in a while I tweet in English too
Follow me, if you don't already do @Trucydae

I also eat like a fucking pig, this week D:
It's freaking gross...
I almost wonder if I'm not being somewhat hyperphagic ._.
The thing is that
I'm not really hungry all the time
But food tastes so good
That I feel like there should always be some in my mouth ._____.

  • Periodically does not exercise control over consumption of food.
  • Eats an unusually large amount of food at one time, far more than an average person would eat in the same amount of time.
  • Eats much more quickly during binge episodes than during normal eating episodes.
  • Eats until physically uncomfortable and nauseated due to the amount of food just consumed.
  • Eats when depressed or bored.
  • Eats large amounts of food even when not really hungry.
  • Usually eats alone during binge eating episodes, in order to avoid discovery of the disorder.
  • Often eats alone during periods of normal eating, owing to feelings of embarrassment about food.
  • Feels disgusted, depressed, or guilty after binge eating.
  • Rapid weight gain, and/or sudden onset of obesity.

Damn it D:
Maudite marde...

I'm off reading my book...
I shouldn't have read that DX


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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