Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a monstrous question.

We say that

When you think everyone has a problem
But you
More likely you are the one with a problem.

But when you think that
Everyone is really dumb
But you
And a few other exceptions
Does it apply to that too ?

(;;;          ._______________.)

Not in the way that
Maybe I'm the stupid one
Cause I KNOW that I am NOT stupid.
But more in the way that maybe I have a problem ?



Daily Outfit post #8

Yay !

Daily outfit come back !

With my coat on 
Because I think it looked better that way~
What's under
Is something that looks too much like something I already did...


♪ Coat is from Arsenic or Freedom Central... That kind of shop...
♪ Scarf is from the Men section at Le Château 
(The girl thought it was weird I wanted that... A scarf is a scarf, no ? >_>)
♪ Skirt is an h.Naoto one, from Closet Child~
♪ Tights from H&M
♪ Torn tights from Ardène
♪ Leg warmers from Ardène
♪ Shoes from Ardène too

Under layer is one of my Akumu Ink t-shirt.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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