Monday, November 29, 2010

If you could ship one person into outer space, never to be heard from again, who would you do that to?

Only one ? D8
I wish I could erase every stupid people from Earth D8 (Basically ¾ of Earth population LOL)
But only one... I don't know... I don't hate anybody long enough to wish they could just disappear...
I always end up wishing everyone to live happily ever after and feeling sad for them when they just don't get what's wrong with them, so.............. ._.

Ask it !


I was actually going to write something about my boring life

But I found this : 

And I seriously LAUGHED MY ASS OFF.
Mikutards much ?


I don't like Hatsune Miku
Nor any other vocaloid 
And I couldn't really put in words why I didn't liked them
But he did XD
I'm almost sad that he tried to fix things up after that XD
I mean... This is so priceless XDDD

In the end

And I still and will always think that Vocaloids kinda suck...
HA !

Now about my boring life.
Oh yeah yesterday.
Could you believe I didn't touch my computer 
For the WHOOOOOLE day ?
I actually did.
Why ?
One word :
I so rarely have one of those... D8
Maximum twice a year...
But yesterday... UGH.
You know
When your head hurts so much that your heart starts to ache too
Cause you don't feel like eating
Cause moving your jaw makes your brain aches even more
And you can barely sleep cause you keep waking up 
Cause it's painful
So I spend my whole day sleeping
And waking up every two hours or so...

Last time I looked at the time
Before going to bed because my head started to ache
It was 1:11 AM
I first woke up at 1:11 PM o_ô
Feeling like a red steel stick was stuck behind my eyes
From a temple to the other
After a moment
I realized I couldn't sleep anymore
I wasn't tired anymore
So I decided to watch movies...
Around 9PM
I was almost feeling good...
But I watched another movie
And the aching came back D8
And then I went to sleep for real... 
And this morning
It was gone...
Luckily D8<

I hate feeling this weak >_>...
I know that some people kinda enjoy it
So that others may complain for them
But I just hate that
And people who do that too >_>...
In the end
If I complain about it
It's just cause it happened
And it explains why I wasn't loafing around, yesterday.
End of the story.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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