Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old banners post.

I already made one, last year...

Now I need to update this.

That one was pretty oO 

Then it was Easter LOL.

GPK is so badly cut LOL.
WTF why Waka ? XDD

Aaaaw,,,, I still think this one is awesome T^T ♥ 

This one is ugly LOL 

Kinda in a depressive mood
Couldn't you say ?

Then I made 4 times the same banner

I ended up with the last one, I think... 


I still like this one too...
Would have looked better if the pink was red but whatever 

Then it was Xmas :

I love the [FUCKING] in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles font ♥ 

Then it became even queer-er :

Then again I liked violet and red :

But the red one looked better. 

Velvet Eden's comeback ? 



I still like this one too
Even if it's just lulz XD 



If you didn't noticed it, then you must be blind.

I added a chatbox...

Dunno if that's gonna be of any use...
But oh well...

Use it as you wish...
If you have questions
Or feel the need to say something
Even if it's silly
Even if you just wanna bitch at me
As if I care~

Have fun.

Other than this
If it's just here to get dusty
I'll just remove it.
End of the story.

On another point
I'm thinking of maybe doing a new banner...
Even though I still like this one...
By the way, I don't remember having ever said what was written in japanese on it...
For those who don't know
It's read [memeshikute]
It mean [in an unmaly way]
Or something like this...
It's the title of a song by Golden Bomber~
I thought it was quite appropriated considering the fact my blog is titled [Agitated Screams of Faggots]...
So yeah
I don't know what the new banner will look like...
I guess I will just browse my pictures folders
And fall in love with something.


Hey, fuck you, seriously ò_ó

No drama so it doesn't worth paying me a visit....

Eh ?

Fuck you.

I though I had more faithful followers than this.
You fuckers.

How much you bet that I get more regular visitors if I fucking put Kaya on the banner ?



I'm fed up with them.

They are worthless.
Yet everyone like them....
What a bunch of brainless bitches !

You're getting raped and you don't even notice it.

Even Mana is not THIS bad.
At least, he didn't killed anyone to get his fame.


I should update that more often....

Previous post was the 2666th.

I have nothing to say.

I finally watched The Wizard of Oz.

Now I know where Somewhere over the Rainbow is coming from.
It's something I wanted to know for a moment, now
But never really looked for it.

Also, I'm not sure I like how they restore movies when they put them on DVD...
Sure it's more... Beautiful...
But it somewhat kills the life the movie had...

I wish I could watch all those old movies in their original versions......


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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