Saturday, March 26, 2011

I bought Movies.

A shit load of it.


Die Hard
I've been doing word games 
With that title for too long, now.
I had to buy/watch it.
And I SO didn't know it was Piège de Cristal in French...
Crystal Trap, litteraly XD

Donnie Darko
I've heard so much good review from a friend of mine
Back then
While Spatu said it totally sucked
I always had quite...... Really different movie tastes from her
But still
I always hesitated to buy it...
Now I did.

The Crazies/Pandorum
I bought if principally because of The Crazies
Because, from the trailer
It was somewhat zombie-like.
I know it's going to be bad, but whatever XD
And yeah, it's a double feature pack
So Pandorum...
Actually, what conviced me to buy the pack
Was that they wrote [From the creators of the Resident Evil films...]
But I never ever heard of that movie before LOL

Top Gun
I just had to.
Cause that song can't do anything else but get stuck in my head.

It's Alive 1, 2, 3
I DON'T know what the hell this is.
But it looked friggin ridiculous
And I liked the Frankenstein reference
So I bought them.
Yup, triple feature.
Other wise I wouldn't even had mind XD
Aaaah ok it's from the 70's....

The Emperor's New Groove
Cause hey...
Along with The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
The Lion King
Hercules and
It's one of my favorite Disney movies ♥
One thing troubled me when I paid and the clerk saw it, though...
She said [So old but so good !]
So old ?!
Come on, it's from 2000 !
It's not old O_O

Now THAT'S old.
I think I've already mentioned this
But I've been curious about it
Since our history teacher talked about it
When I was in my fifth and last high school year~
So yeah, now it's mine 8B

Mein Kampf
Not the book, obviously
Cause that's pretty hard to find.
But the movie.
Cause I like historical things like that.
And I think that Hitler is fascinating character
On the psychologic side.
I do not want to become a neo-nazi or something @___@

Kiss kiss bang bang
I never saw that movie.
But I often heard its title.
So I bought it.

And the last but not the least
A Nightmare on Elm Street
I never saw it completely
And the only things I remember are the bath scene
And the one when Johnny Depp is being sucked in by his bed LOL
With his beautiful shirt.... Re-LOL

Holy crap
That's 13 movies...
For less than 100 bucks LOL.

Movie list.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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