Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trucy went to do some shopping.

I actually worked from 8 to 11:30 at Sillery, so I had a bit of spare time...

I decided to stop by at Place Laurier since my shoes were all wet (o A o ;)
I wanted some new converse since the soles of those I had were cracking.
So I went to Ardene.
They didn't had my size.
So I chose another design.
And since they were pretty cheap, I decided I could try some ballerina shoes.
Seriously, remind me not to by this kind of crap ever again.
Those shoes are some of the most uncomfotable shoes I have ever worn in my entire like @___@
Maybe I got used to high heels, but... Anyway...

I also bought 3 new movies !
The Pagemaster is the first one I found.
I had forgotten about this movie.
But I saw the magician on the cover and I thought [This rings a bell to me...]
I took it and saw Macaulay Culkin.
I remembered we had it on VHS when I was a kid !
It was really cheap, 6$ !
The second one is Batman.
The first one which has been realized by Tim Burton.
It was the only one I didn't have, excepted the last two that had been made quite recently.
I don't remember having ever watched this one.
6$ too ! 
And the last one is James and the Giant Peach.
This is a movie I never saw before I lived at Lillie Joe's place.
I should have watched it before.
I think it is as great as The Nightmare Before Christmas !
The Lady Spider is so cool !
I want to make a retro outfit inspired by her !

I now need to update my movie list !


Trucy just acted like a total fangirl.... Again.

Actually it's a bit different of pictures spam posts... LOL.

I just sent a fanmail to Ru:natic~
I did so about a year ago, or something...
Back then, I asked them if we could someday buy they music from Canada.
But now, I just wanted to congratulate them for their great work... Show them they have fans in fucking Canada while they're not known at all...
Maybe it's because they are not this known that I feel like they are more... reachable...

Oh ! I forgot to tell them about the Facebook page we did for them (o A o ;)
It's not really up to date, anyway =\....

Anyway, I must go, now...
I still need to brush my teeth and go buy some Monster energy drink cause, no, I haven't slept yet... Again n_n;;;
I really don't have a healthy way of living, it's awefully ridiculous xDD
But hey ! I'm not dead yet ! I'm just losing weight... Uhuhuh... Don't try that at home XD;


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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