Thursday, April 07, 2011

Technology sucks.

Aaaaah freaking portable things >_>

The only portable thing I'm in good term with
Is probably my external hardrive....
Seriously, if I ever get any problem with it
I'm screwed.... X_X

My portable DVD player isn't dead...
*le sigh*
Like two weeks ago
It stopped reading DVDs, all of a sudden.
I then cleaned the lense
And it would still not reading anything.
A few days later
I tried again
Thinking in a pessimistic way that maybe it would work
It did.
But it ain't anymore -___-
I watched Kairo two days ago
And yesterday
It wouldn't work.
I just cleaned the lense again
But it's still being a bitch >_>....
And I know the lense's the problem...
Everything else is fine.

[What about your computer's DVD player ?]
You'd say....
RAM, you know...
And if you don't
Take this as an example :
I downloaded the lightest DVD player program
I turn internet off along with its program
I shut down my anti-spyware/adware/etc and anti-virus
I shut down Winamp and Chrome
I shut down everything.
Still the movie lags
So much that it ends up de-synchronizing the image with the sound
And it sometimes get so bad that I get an error message about it.
*re-le sigh*

So right now
I'm fucked.
Fucked with the urge to watch a movie
But not being able to.

And to go back to my computer...
My mouse is about to die...
Or its plug is...
I hope its the mouse... D:
Less complicated to buy a new mouse than a new plug ._.
But yeah, like.... It now freezes...
But not as when your whole computer freezes...
I unplug it and plug it back and it works "fine" again for a while...
When doing so
I've to be careful...
Cause the mouse's plug is right under the power wire
And it may be.... REALLY.   REALLY. REALLY. Sensitive.
Like in I barely touch it and the computer turns off.
But not always... Only once in a while
Just when it wants to piss me off >_>...
Not to mention that the left click is fucked up
It's like if my mouse had some G spot >_>
So it's being like [TROLOLOL You clicked but I won't click ! ;D]....
So yeah, I guess the problem's the mouse D:....
The thing is that I'm wondering if non-USB mouse are still on the market ._.
Cause first of all
I've no free USB spot
And second, my computer always hated USB mouse/keyboard...
That's why I've an adapter for my keyboard...
But yeah, I've only ONE -.-
*re-re-le sigh*

I just don't know if they completely switched to USB things, actually ._.
I'm not up to date with technology -___-
I may be some kind of geek
But I just don't get why thay should change this fast things that work perfectly fine ò______ó
More is never enough, really -__-...

My PC is only like 4 years old
And it's seriously outdated D: ....
I don't wanna switch to Windows7 -_-
And no FUCKING way that I'd touch a Mac ò__________ó
I hate Microsoft
But I also hate paying more for the brand than the quality of something -_-
That's why I don't have any iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBook etc.
You can find all of the above for at least HALF of the price...
I just thinking paying this much 
When you may have the same fucking thing for a fraction of its price


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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