Sunday, August 22, 2010

Regarding the extreme lack of updates...

Let's make things clear.  The thing is that we had a contract with Videocunttron which ended on July 31st, my roomate said she would get internet from another company (Bell, I guessed) after this but she haven't called before the contract ended, so yeah, we couldn't have Internet right after Videotron shut everything off here.  Normally, I guess we could have had it way before this but, I don,t know... I don,t really talk with my roomies so I don't know what,s going on... anyway, if we get connected like now, we'd pay fro a whole month while only a week and a half is remaining, so my guess is that we'll have it back in September, but I might be wrong.   BUT STILL.  I'm not paying for internet, so I don't have to complain.

Besides this, I'm quite surprised by my stats... I mean, I thought visits would have been lower than this, like 10 visits a day, but I still have between 20 and 40 visits a day.... for a blog that haven't really been updated for two whole weeks, that's not bad at all o_ô !

So yeah, if I'm updating, right, it's only cause I spent the week end at my mom's house~  My grand mother was getting re-married yesterday, so...

Also, on friday night, I finally watched Hellraiser and I kinda wondered if that movie really meant to be scary... I know that many, many people were grossed out by it, especially near the end but.... I must say that th thing that grossed me out the most were the white worms, period.  I also thought the story was quite.... close to stupid or boring ._. .... In the end, if I wanna watch something gore, I think I'll just watch Saw... At least the story has something to make my brain work, a story that we can't really guess what will happen, the very first time you watch it...  So yeah, I really can't rely on others' opinion about movies, my opinion is... not always but... different from theirs... Most movies they thought were good, I thought they just sucked *cough*twilight*cough*, the same goes for scary bloody horror movies, I guess...
And, when I was younger, I didn't want to watch horror movies cause I thought I would have been scared... So I haven't watched any horror movies 'til I turned 16 or so... Now I just laugh a them....  Are there still people scared by Scream ?  Cause... God ! This is a hella good comedy ! XD

Anyway, now I should go see if my clothes are dry, cause I should leave soon to go back in the no-internet-land =o


This is a (fake) real update.

Don't ask me why I like this.  I like it, that's all. è_é

Other than this, I was catching up what I missed of Hazuki's blog and....
Man.... We actually dress the same was, if it wasn't that I'm wearing skirts and dresses too....  Or we would dress the exact same if I had some engineer boots...  But I'm still not convinced by those... Even though he and Hiko has some and that I bought some for GuiDie (YES.  I CHANGED MY PICO-DIE'S NAME.  Was kinda sick of people calling him Ando and I was like... Err... that's quite rude, dude -.-; SO.   I like the new name pretty much 8BBBB AND YES IT'S PRONOUCED AS GUÉDAILLE >8BBBBBBBBB That's actually why I like it this much.  Yes, that's stupid, whatever.  Fuck you.  KTHXBAI. 8D) and my Pico self....      I'm not sure I really like those kinda boots, actually o_ô..... ANYWAY.  I already have my converses as flat shoes, those should be enough... not to mention that I spent the week not wearing heels....  I knew that would actually happen if I was buying flat shoes =\.... I've troubles really setting my mind to something... >_<; ....  In that case, it's not even a lazyness problem cause I put on my heels quicker than my converses, it's just.... I don't know... That pisses me off D8< I'm glad I've no clone, I'd feel like killing her -.-
No wonder why sometimes I don't feel like seeing anybody if I can't even stand myself... ! BUT HEY.  I'm not here to get emo over me and my shitty personality 8B

In the end, I didn't even continued Et si... ?, but that's my lazyness fault... I hate typing -.- But I can't write anymore directly on the computeer and I don't fucking get why x____x (Oh wow, that's the first time I say a fuck realated thing in this entry... XD)
And I wanted to say something else but seems like I forgot what it was... oh well... Anyway, I guess that was enough for a fake update....  I feel boring... I should go to bed.... OH FUCK YEAH IT'S 4:30 AM o_o.... Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


♥ Zero X our balloons ♥


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I guess this should be called a review... or a report, at least...

So, for those who didn't knew yet, I went to see D'espairsRay like... just now. Lulz.

We left Québec around nine in the morning and we drove like 9 fucking hours listenning to D'espairsRay and Poitrine and NOIZ lulz.  So we arrived around 6:30PM and got surprised by our room, cause it was really cheap and we were expecting something... cheap.  BUT.  It's really cool, like we wouldn't have gotten any better in a real hotel for that price, so it's freaking awesome. 
This morning, we got up quite early started the line-up around 8:30 and there was some people who slept there... But still, we were 10 or so... When a lil more people showed up, we took out the balloons we bought on the road and started to blow them up and decided to make people sign on them and we ended up doing this :

LOL. ♥

And I tied up the balloons bouquet to me.... and it looked like this :

Or so.... Actually, on the green, yellow, blue, the red one and the white one, we just wrote D'espairsRay and tied them on the street.  We first wanted to tied the rest of the balloons to the bus, but a big fat guy in a green shirt gave them back to me, but right after, the manager got out and we could ask her if she could give those to the band, she agreed, took them and I thanked her in a so wapanese way, saying thank you and bending down... Didn't even do it on purpose XDD
But yeah, then we waited again and we entered and there was a first part... We weren't expecting much of them but I must say they weren't bad at all, they were a good warm up band xD Even though we barely could hear the vocal... BUT so did we when D'espa started...
I screamed, jumped, headbanged even more than for Dir, seriously, they were awesome... Even though I didn't know like... half of the songs cause I haven,t quite listened their last albums.... But the crowd started to get crazy when they played Mirror and Hollow... after that... OMG they just kept pushing and I was like OMG but they were all like... 5'3'' asian girls so... Well... lulz, yeah, I'm not asian, I'm 5'8'' and I'm not skinny... HA ! So I haven't let those girls take my place 8BB But still the crowd was moving a lot, so I ended up right beside Ele which I only realized at the end when she talked to me LOL.
So yeah, I can't really say the exact setlist, but they played Sixty Nine, Mirror, Hollow, Garnet, Reddish, Eeeeeh.... I can't remember the rest ;D But it was pretty nice and the guys ô_ô they're prettyyyyy 8BBBBB And yeah, Hizumi had his "goatie" =o... But no armpits hair LOL so he's just half manly XD And Zero fucking like to get touched... Like.... Seriously XDDD And Hizumi has concrete tights ô_ô
Oh and once, Hizumi and Karyu almost ran into each others xD
Oh and you know, at the end of Garnet, there are some lalalas.... but the crowd didn't get they had to sang those while Hizumi was standing there, lipsyncing those... There only was like 20 people lalalaing and I was like... You dumbasses ! And yeah, he realized ther weren't lalalaing so he began to lalala... well, t'was more like woawoaing, but still.... and now people got it but... Err... I mean, you were all fucking lalalaing in Hollow, but not in fucking Garnet... DUH.
And yeah, at the end, Karyu and Zero were spitting ther water on us and the first shot Zero gave us, it was like all in my face but instead of being grossed out, I was just like OMG THAT'S SO FUCKING REFRESHING !!!!!! *o* cause yeah, near the end I was hardly breathing cause of tiny girls pushi me on the left, right and back....
Sooooo... this was it... T'was pretty awesome.... I love 'em 8B


Monday, August 09, 2010


A year ago, someone I haven't realized until then how missed he could be left this world for, hopefully, a better one.
I didn't want to believe it.  I think I still not realize he's not here anymore.  I guess... I still hope to see him coming back and be like... "Hey guys ! That was just a joke ! I just wanted to take a break !"
I guess I still... hope this is some kind of really bad joke...

But it's not, and I'm perfectly aware of it.  He won't come back.  Never.
And the only time I'll be able to see him again will be when I'll die.

Don't you feel like something is missing ? I do.  And I don't think this will ever be recovered.  The scar will remain forever.
I'm still unable to listen to Versailles. Maybe someday, I will... But now... It only makes me feel awefully bad because I know he won't play those songs anymore. Never. And again, I feel like something is missing... And it hurts.

I never thought it would hurt this bad... I feel like I took him for granted, as I take everyone for granted, as if they'll all be there forever, as if I'd die before everyone... I guess I just... feel ashame.  No one should be taken for granted... Or at least, not Jasmine You... !

The sweetest people are always the firsts to leave us... It's so fucking unfair... But we have to accept it... Cause nothing will change this, anyway...
As I have to accept Jasmine's departure...

Today, let's all light a purple candle... In loving memory of Kageyama Yuuichi...

お休みなさいJasmine You...
Cause I still can't tell you [さようなら].


Sunday, August 08, 2010


On dirait trop Éric Lapointe, ça fait PEUR X'DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

On s'attend presque à c'qu'il chante sa reprise de QUOI MA GUEULE ! QU'EST-CE QU'ELLE A, MA GUEULE ?! QUELQUE CHOSE QUI NE VA PAS, ELLE NE TE REVIENT PAS ? >XDDDD

Câlice, Kyo, là... XDDDD

Lui-même est pas sûr :
"Wosh... non... pâs sûr...."


Nicknames, Screen names, Scene names, whatever names.

There are rumours out on the Internet saying that Die's actual real name would be Ando(u) Masaru instead of Ando(u) Daisuke, and fantards are all like "BUT OMG WTF WHY DID THEY LIED AND BLAHBLAHBLAH" 
Eh.... Dudettes.... None of Dir's members' name have ever been officially revealed, did you know that ? So maybe that Kaoru isn't really called Kaoru and that his real name would be Takeshi ? And what if Shinya's real name is Kouta ? And if Toshiya was called Yoshi instead of Toshimasa ? I mean... Who cares ! -.- It's only that we've been used to names that MOST people think it's their real names... You would have been used to Masaru, you would have thought it's weird if his actual name would have been Daisuke *shrug shoulders*
Anyway, those are just RUMOURS.  No one said it was true.  So please stop panic-ing that Masaru sounds nothing like Die cause that's just stupid.  Does Trucydae sounds like my actual name ? Does Lillie Joe sounds like her actual name ? Does Kalmie sounds like her actual name ? Does MAD sounds like her actual name ?  Does Matsuro sounds like her actual name ? No, no, no, no and NO.  So why would his name HAVE to sound alike ? Maybe he just wanted a kick ass name as I wanted to have a kick ass name when I chose Trucydae as screen name, who knows ?
In the end, who. fucking. cares................ ?! Die is Die, Kaoru is Kaoru, Kyo is Kyo, Shinya is Shinya and Toshiya is Toshiya ! Why would it be SO fucking important to know their real names ?! o_ô...... We don't really know Mana's real name and we're not dead yet !

And yes, in my head, they'll be called Ando Daisuke, Niikura Kaoru, Niimura Kyo, Terashi Shinya and Hara Toshimasa 'til I proven wrong and that there are written proofs of it other that just "I've been told that..."
Anyway, there are also others saying that they kept lying and saying random stuff in interviews, back in the time, so....................
Not as if it really was important -.-

Same thing for their ages... People are kinda arguing to know if there's one or two years difference between Die and Kyo.... But still.... WHO CARES ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O___________O....
Is it really important to know that both Kaoru and Die are born in 1974, Kyo in 1976 (or 77...), Toshiya in 1977 (or 78, depends of Kyo's age !) and Shinya in 1978 (or 79, depends of Toshiya's age ! HA !) ?! Can't you see how ridiculous it is ? In the end, Gackt is saying that he's 300 something years old... I hope you don't seriously believe in that.... Those things are futile... People shouldn't argue on those subjects, that's just awefully stupid -_-...
But still... The same goes for their ages than for their names... In my head, Kaoru's born on February 17th 1974, Die on December 20th 1974, Kyo on February 16th 1976, Toshiya on March 31st 1977 and Shinya on February 24th 1978.... But that what I believe.
Now it's up to you to believe or not what I say is divine sayings.... HA !


L-M-A-O !!!


That's probably the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire life XDDDD Hooooooly fucking crap !

That's enough to drive any 15 years old otaku-girl crazy, creaming her panties over and over and over again XDDD Tabarnak XDD


Cheap satin looks cheap.

And curtain aren't made to look pirate-ish.
In the end, I don't really like this outfit.  It really looks like the skirt has been made from an old curtain, the red cheap satin part would have looked way better in velvet, I still think you can't wear a prom purse as a head piece and looks like the red underskirt has been recycled from his red "madame" outfit, obviously, the short version.... And those boots have been ooooooooooverseeeeeeen.
The corset is the only thin that looks good on that costume =\

I mean... you have to money so that fuckin Baby the stars shine bright/Alice and the Pirates makes you exclusive pieces of clothing and it looks THIS bad ? Man... Even Moitié would have done better on this and God knows how much I hate Moitié !

And people think it looks good....  Of course ! Cause on close-up shots, we can't see a shit of the fucking costume ! DUDE ! Even the Sailor Gay Moon brown thing looked better !
I think Kaya should have stayed teamed up with ID-Japan.......... Carmilla and both Chocolat dresses looked great, even though the cream one comes with a poodle head....


Saturday, August 07, 2010


J'fais du hotlinking sur le site officiel, j'aime ça 8BBB
Pis j'aime aussi que sont tous motté sauf genre Hazuki qui est comme PENEENENEEEEWWWW au milieu *w*
Pis ouin, l'autre à droite, là.... Y fait de la récupération de coupe de cheveux....

Euh ok, c'est pas ça que j'cherchais, mais ouin :

Mottés desu neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Pis sti que Toshiya a l'air... Coréen........................................................... LOL.

Bon, en fait je cherche une photo de Kaoru genre back in 2005 avec sa mouffette....
Ben voyons, câlice ! Y'en a 920489837482 de Kyo, as usual, y'en a même de Shinya, ostie... Mais là D8< !!!
HA ! Bon :
Kaoru l'avait plus dans l'milieu que... euh...... Attends, comment y s'appelle... Reo ? ._. Ah oui, c'est ça ;D Mais ouin, l'pattern est le même, là... fait que... OMG TOTAL RIP-OFF.


One week without any news...


Actually, people friends with my main FaceBook account know about it, but maybe some of you here are wondering what's going on since I haven't blogged anything since........ Oh... Since July 29th LOL.
Yeah, so on July 31st, there was the Grand Pique-Nique Victorien de Montréal, pretty nice day even though there weren,t many people we knew there.
Then, on August 1st, they cut our Internet connection since the contract ended on July 31st.  SO.  That's what going on : I'll have no Internet connection until my roomie fix that problem~

But.  I'm still updating my FaceBook account from my cell phone, so if you are missing me way to much to bear the lack of update here, just add me~

So right now, I'm borrowing Lillie Joe's comp to update~~ Cause, lately, my life is summarized with playing Dragon Quest IX, Pokémon (I'm now up to 412 pokémons caught 8DD !) and Sims 2... LOL.

Today I went to Place Laurier with Lillie Joe cause we wanted to exchange a Cacnea for a Beedrill for our Pokédex completition... LOL.  I also bought flat shoes for D'espairsRay's show... Some converse replica I got at Ardene's.... Like... for not even $15 I got some better quality shoes that won't get worn out in a month than thos I paid $30 at Yellow's.... Lulz ?  Owned.
And I found Hellraiser, the first one, this time XD And a special for Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolution and Animatrix... 2/$20 @ HMV >8BBBBB

So yeah, that was it...


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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