Monday, May 03, 2010


Yes, already o_____o

The worst in this is that the sun wasn't THIS strong.... And I just walked 30 minutes.... half in the sun....
It's not a big sunburn, it's just enough so that the skin is kinda warm, itchy and pink (Well... my skin is already pink... But you know what I mean...)
I don't even wanna think to this summer o_o... I'll have to buy some SPF 1 000 000 sunscreen/block x___x
I hate sunscreen >___< It's oily and it smells FUCKING AWEFUL D8<
But I don't wanna tan, I don't wanna burn, so I'll just wear it... Maybe you have some suggestions ? (And forget about crappy SPF 15.  It won't protect anything... I really need something strong u_u...) Considering the fact that I have the same skin type as redhaired girls..... (You know... I used to have freckles when I was young... and my hair was... redish-brown... I guess that's why my red orange hair suits me well...)

I think I'll ask to Isabelle to make me an umbrella..... Or two... I'll see XD
I first have to talk to her about this XD I'm pretty sure she'll be glad to make those, but yeah xD

I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky ò___ó !!!!


Cause my Gaia Avi is kewl.

Just kinda showing it off.


Mon dieu, y'a ben l'air chinois...

Hum... Ouais, c'est tout... Chinois.

Edit : OMG VOIRE QUE J'AI UN TAG CHINESE. J'vais aller voir c'qui a là-dedans right now X'D

Edit II : Ouin... C'est tellement tout o_ô... lolz.


I took a picture with the best T-shirt in the world ♥


I SWEAR I haven't edited this pic, beside resizing it.
And it was just the sample shot... But it ended up being better than the others... ♥
I look fater than on other pictures, right ? 8B Well, that's just the way I look in real life. HA !
And I do a weird face... Who cares... I always do faces, anyway...  You know the shitty videos I did a while ago cause I was bored as hell ? Well I always do those.  Especially when I'm in front of the computer. (There should be a war to determinate who's the FACES Master between Kyo and me... Seriously.)

I love when it rains as it rains in movies ♥


I like unexpected pictures.

I never thought that it could be possible to see a picture of Kaya with Adrien.
You must admit that you never thought about it either, right ?

Still it is that with two Tokyo Decadance participation... It's kinda... logical.

As I never thought I would ever see Jui with what looks like a clevage :

I didn't want to picture Jui with boobs in my head >_>.... Gnuh.

As I never thought I would compare Ru:natic's Tomo to Kaoru : 
The second, starting from right.
(Or from L to R : Kei, Tokkiy, Tomo, Kijin)

I guess that unless you're blind, I don't have to tell who's who... Right ? o_ô
(I may still hang you with a g-string, if not...)

As I never thought that Dada would ever know about me, and now he hates me... LOL.


dkjgsfgsdgfjgsdf OSTIE.

I like how this : 

Turned into this :

So yeah.....
Not much to say... (HOLY FUCK.  I just typed nut instead of not ô_ô; ....) Or maybe that now he's like [*facepalm*] 8BBBB

I swear that someday, I'll do an album with this kinda photos ♥


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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