Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is a title.... Really.

I just spent an hour on something... And, seriously, I never thought I would draw a face like this one day...
I started not knowing what I'd draw, then I thought that I could draw a face, not knowing yet if it'd be a man or a woman, then I knew there'd be cheek bones and as it went on, it happened that it was a man and that it's pretty obvious and that he isn't young and has no eyebrows 8B
It's pretty different from what I'm used to draw o_ô... But it's still not what I'm looking for, it's not sharp enough, it's still way too soft... I mean, he doesn't have a soft face at all, actually if he was real, you'd probably think he's kinda scary... www But the lines are still... I don't know... Maybe it's just that I should practice drawing some realistic shits and when I'll get used to it, try again on doing something sharper... But I'm not convinced ._.

The picture is pretty clear in my head ! And I'm way to proud to let the ink guy draw it for me -.- (Actually, the only person I'd let draw it for me would be like... Kaoru but... lol, yeah, as if.)

I gotta find a way to convince myself I CAN draw that way. =__= that gotta be a lot of fucking work >_>



I need a bigger bulletin board (Babillard ? the thing to pin stuff on if..)

So.... I just guess that this'll be the last tattoo I'll get... Even though it'd be the first I'd get if I could draw it the way I want -__-...
Logically, I should start with the most expensive one, which would be Jack and Sally... BUt I think I'd rather start with the pink spider or something... (And to people saying that it wouldn't be pretty, the think is that I don't want it like baby pink, that obviously wouldn't be pretty HA ! I want a bright pink.  Think "hide's hair"... Cause, you know... Pink Spider... And please don't tell me you haven't thought about if ! D8< Fuckers !)

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