Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So you say you are a Japanese Rock fan.

Of course, you know Dir en grey, Gazette, Alice Nine, AnCafe, miyavi, Malice Mizer and X-Japan.
Ok.  Malice, Dir and X are classics. But there are MUCH more than this.  Here is a... I'll try to make it short... list of band you should know.  (And yeah, I'm not posting any links of pictures.  Stop being some lazy asses and SEARCH by yourself.)
Seriously, this band should have the same notoriety as X.  It's probably the only band on Earth with over 200 songs and that every single one of them is good.  Even the oldest ones, back in the 80's.  I think it's impossible for someone not to like at least a single song by them.  Luckily, they have many Best of album, just pick one of them and listen to it (Catalogue 2005 would be the best, I guess).
You like Dir en grey, you should at least know Kuroyume... or AT THE VERY LEAST, Kiyoharu's name.  You don't ? Shame on you, then.  Go watch Autism's PV.  And look for a Best of album for them too (EMI 1994-1998 BEST OR WORST, maybe...), but if I had to suggest an album, I'd make you take a listen to feminism.  Then, you might want to look for Kiyoharu's solo work and another band of his : the SADS.
Maybe you'd think the voice is annoying, but if you like X, I wouldn't get why you'd not like them, especially since they've been discovered by hide.  They should have a Best of album (-COMPLETE BEST- someone ?) too.. if not, at least go watch ROSIER's PV.  (Not that the PV is OMFG AWESOME, but the song IS.)
You surely know Hakuei for his modelling in the GLBs, huh ? Penicillin is his band.  Yes, he does have a very peculiar voice, but we get used to it.  At least, you should go watch Imitation Love and Romance's PVs.  It's older stuff, but i must say that I'm not really up to date, concerning them... Cause yeah, they are still pretty active !
Private Enemy and ID Attack.  Look for those.  I like how they may sound quite happy when you don't really know what Kirito is singing... But then, when you do, you get that they're quite fucked up ♥ Pierrot is disbanded, but it doesn't mean that the boys aren't.  Aiji is now in LM.C, as you may know, and Kirito, Kohta and Takeo are now in Angelo... And I must say that Angelo is still much in Pierrot's range, so does Kirito's solo career.  But still, I personnally prefer Pierrot, so listen to them. Now.
Please, tell me you at least know Laruku ! x_x Or you know Hyde, don't you ? Err, anyway... I must say that I'm not THIS fond of L'arc, but it's still a classic.  Look for Stay Away's PV (It's caricatural, got it ?) .  Maybe give a try to that Quatrinity best of.... 
Maybe you heard about the EroGuro style ? They started/popularized it, even though they're not much into it anymore.  They're now trying new stuff and it's alright this way.  You MUST watch Ware arubeki basho's PV. MUST.  Then, look for those albums : BEST OF MUCC and WORST OF MUCC.
Plastic Tree
You heard about Kodonas too ? This word actually comes from Plastic Tree's vocalist, Ryutarou's mouth.  Every kodona in this world should listen to Plastic Tree.  Ok, ok... At least know them.  They're more on the soft side, I must say, though... But who said that J-rock HAS to be heavy ? Look for their Single Collect kind of best of.  And Baka ni natta no ni's PV is pretty cool xD
Probably most of you know them for their latest work... But I suggest you older stuff.  Coll:set as for an example, and even older stuff.  Also look for Reddish and Garnet's PVs, specially if you don't really want to listen to a whole album.
Especially if you're more on the visual kei side and that you like the shity band in which Kamijo is now which people usually call Versailles, you should know how fabulous he was in Lareine.  Just look for some PVs/Lives on YouTube
That should do it... No, I won't upload anything, screw you.  I told you to stop being a fucking lazy ass ! è_é  Seriously, it's not even funny... I searched for those all by myself since Nautiljon didn't existed in my world, in 2004-06 è_é
You shouldn't be proud of having over 1000 songs in your computer if you all got them easily...  You didn't even experimented what rotation sites were, HA ! Yes, I'm currently telling you that you suck for being this lazy on fucking internet.  You already gotta be lazy to spend all your free time on internet, so... MOVE YOUR DIGITAL ASS, BITCHES.
And NO. Gazette is NOT. A classic.


I have feet.

Remember that I said that I started to train my feet with heels since my converses died and blahblabla and then I said that after three days, I was really glad to have a day off so that my feet could rest a bit and so on ?
Yeah... Actually, now, they're ain't to bad... But I actually wear my most confortable shoes... Sandals, actually, to get my feet used to the angle... and when I'll be able to wear them non stop, I guess that I'll just switch to less confortable shoes such as those I wore on Ste-Dolorès... and after those, I should be up to my needle heels shoes... But that should be near the summer's end, I guess... Maybe more... And I'll have to find some boots for this winter... And get those I already own fixed since I tend to walk on the very sole of my feet, so the heels got worn out in a weird angle x_X... So I can't really wear them anymore, or, at least, not for a long time... It'd be a pain in the ass to go to work with those on D8
SO YEAH.  This summer is a feminine one.
Ah.  Look for Kuroyume's feminism album.  Take a listen to the song with that same title.  Love it.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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