Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chakushin Ari.

Or One Missed Call 
(The original one, obviously.)

I just watched it.
I think it's the first movie ever
That I feel like I may call it scary.
Seriously... I'm still nervous about it XD

I wasn't exactly expecting that, actually LOL
Since I wasn't impressed much when I saw any other supposedly scary movies
Even with Resident Evil, but I already explained that.
I must say that I'm amazed XD
I never thought that would be possible LOL.

So yeah
I understand that people could have been scared to death by it
Knowing that they'd been scared by ridiculous things such as The Grudge or Ring...
(Remakes, you know...)

And seriously...
Don't try to make me believe
That they weren't especially thinking about doing a second movie
When they first did that movie LOL
With the ending it has....
The door isn't only open
It's fucking wide open XD

And I'm now convinced that the American remake
Must terribly suck.
It's like...
An evidence XD
I still want to watch it...
As I want to watch The Uninvited
Which is a remake of A tale of two Sisters
(That one was Korean, BTW.  And excellent... As far as I could remember LOL)
Just cause I'm curious like that... XD

I want that ring tone
Just so that 
Every time my (future) phone'll ring
People who watched the movie
Just freak out LOLOLOLOL.
(They probably did not take the same ring tone in the American remake, anyway...
So not much people would actually get it, I guess =\)

Edit :
I haven't said a word about the ring tone,
Seems like it's the same LOLDERP


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