Friday, January 14, 2011

Congrats !

How many of these are only some of her silent followers
Not to say STALKERS.
Who were only looking for her
To stalk her even more ?
I hope you read her comment, dumbasses.
And I hope you feel guilty now.
Or at least bad for her.
[Protective Trucy Mode : On]
You're not even aware of how your stupidity fucking HURTS people.
You're annoying, exasperating, sickening, despairing, selfish, butthurt, close-minded, egocentric, creepers, immature, thinking everything's owed to you, stalkers, nothing.
Go get a life, you bunch of teenagers.

(Of course, this hat does not fit my usual readers and friends ! Don't you dare thinking I hate you for that o_ô !)

Life isn't all about fandoms.


BLOOD IS BACK !!! *________________*

BLOOD IS BAAAAAAAAAAACK \(*-*\))))) ((((/*-*)/

I don't know Azami and Hayato
But Dora !
As in Dokodemo Dora ! OMG.

I almost hope that this also means that GPKISM will disband... XD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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