Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Outfit post #6

Sorry for the lack of outfit update D8

Two outfits, today !
First one is from July 23rd :

Quite simple, but I dress this way really often XD
This skirt is so old... Like... I bought it when I was in high school !
FARRAH FAWCETT HAIR.  The result of blow dry my hair~

Second outfit is today's one~

I know, we can't see too well details and it sucks bad D8<
But I'm a lazy ass bitch and didn't felt the need to take another pic, even though I was bored as hell ;D
Anyway... I like the Dolly Kei style... It reminds me the way lolita used to look, when it began...
So I tried it in a darker way... I think it's not too bad... but I need more layers XD
I need more skirts, period...

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