Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asian horror movies, anyone ?

So three weeks ago

I purchased a bunch of Asian horror movies on eBay
Since my PayPal account is directly linked to my bank account
It takes around a week for my payments to be fully sent
So those DVDs have been shipped two weeks ago.
Now, Sunday or something
I was wondering what was happening with those
Almost in panic
Thinking they could have been sent to a wrong address.
But yeah
Guess what arrived today
Just before I leave for work ?
Right, my DVDs \o/

So here they are : 
Memento Mori
The Monster
One Missed Call
And the last but not the least : Pulse (Kairo)

So they're all Japanese
But Memento Mori which is Korean
And The Monster which is... Taiwanese I think...
They speak the same language(s) in Taiwan than in China, right ? oO
Anyway, the movie is in Cantonese or Mandarin, so yeah...
(I'm going to check this up on IMDB, but I'm pretty sure it's Taiwanese ._.
Ah... It's from Hong Kong XDDD)

Now, what I must get are :
A tale of two sisters
Battle Royal
All three Ringu (There are three of them, right ?)
Dark Water
Every other One Missed Call
Both Nana
I feel like I'm forgetting a few, here XD

Edit :


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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