Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Digimon Theory.

Lillie Joe and I were browsing FYPblog

And we came across a screen shot of someone asking
If Pokémon are stored into a computer
Then that would make them Digimons.

Just think about it.
What is a Digimon ?
A Digital Monster.
And what is a Pokémon ?
A Pocket Monster.

So we came up with this :

Someone stores their Pokémon in some PC boxes.
There's a bug in a box.
Or they simply leave those Pokémon there forever
Cause they won't play anymore...
So those Pokémons are stuck in that PC
They end up merging with that boxe
To create a whole new world
And alters their apparence
And they become Digimon.

And I came to think
[What about Porygon/2/Z ?]
Well... Porygon is man made.
It's an artificial Pokémon, a program.
Pokédex says it's protected against hackers
So it could immune to that kind of bugs too.
Which would mean it can't turn into Digimon.
When that kind of bug occurs,
What happens to Porygon ?
The answer is : I don't fucking know.
But one of my hypothesis is that it deletes itself
Or the bug gets it deleted or something.
Another one would be that 
If a Porygon is stored into a box forever
It makes that box immune to the bug.

And then
You'll say that Mewtwo is man made too.
But I'll say to this that
Mewtwo has been made using some cloning method.
So it's alive in a way that Porygon isn't.
So that makes it as real as the 645 other Pokémon
(649 - Porygon - Porygon 2 - Porygon Z - Mewtwo = 645, you know)
Thus, it's not an exception, therefore it would turn into a Digimon too.

Obviously, this is only an hypothesis
But I think it would make sense...
But don't worry
If you find your old Pokémon Red/Blue games back
Even though 15 years passed
Your Pokémon won't have turned into Digimon LOL.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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