Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I hate people who talk THIS loud.

Makes me wanna slap them in the face.  Y'know, ma'am... Not cause I ain't speak as loud as you that I'm deaf.  Unless you keep speaking THIS FUCKING LOUD. DX<


It doesn't annoy me........ No.  It annoys the FUCKING SHIT OUTA ME.  Fuck you.  Speak softer, you may become a bit more like-able D8< !!! DAMN ! Urgh.
I mean... seriously D8........ >.<¤

This and that man.  Ugh. I saw him coming to see me, today... I made as if I haven't noticed him... Anyway, I was busy playing Dragon Quest IX fufufufu >D and then he left... So I guess I just have to ignore him... -.- He's still annoying me much... He wants me a little to much D8<...
Look... get a handjob thinking of me if you want, I don't give a fuck about it, but don't try to get me.  It might end up bad.  You don't want to see me angry when you might die pretty soon... (I'm not saying I'm gonna kill someone or anything.  Just that he's fucking sick... For real.)
Sometimes I hate having this pretty face... Then I just feel like tearing it apart and become fucking ugly... But if I do do, I couldn't achieve some of my life goals... SO.  I keep that damned pretty face D8< I wouldn't have the guts to scrap it, anyway... =\  Hey, not my fault if I like pretty things too D8< !!!!


Fucked up dreams, part 3546,4

I dreamt about Danger*Gang... and it was as if I was one of their friends, or one of them.... Thinking about it, I don't remember having seen Hiko... o_ô... Oh well...
Anyway, the thing is that Thera was being a total asshole bitch and left the band for a really stupid reason which I can't remember... But I remember that I was ranting and being like *grumble, grumble* with my arms crossed on my chest... o_ô

Second, I dreamt that I was losing two teeth D8... And it was really gross, like... The teeth were crumbling in my mouth and I kept spiting that and I was grossed out and near to vomit it all è_é...
Weirdest thing would be that there was no blood at all... just saliva... and crumbled teeth D8... Ew.



Yeah, since I can't go on Internet at job anymore, I play Dragon Quest IX that I bought last saturday. (It has be released in America (America = USA, Canada and Mexico, by the way) on July 11th... Yeah... I've been waiting a whole year for that fucking game D8< !!! If only I understood Japanese D8....)
I think I played for like... 10 hours, yesterday XDDD... 

BUT YEAH.  I took pictures of some epic moments.

I like old bald men from DQIX .... >XDDD
(I also like that DQ → Dragon Quest → Dairy Queen → Drag Queen... HA !)

And Wun Tun Punch somewhat souds like Wu Tan Clan... Uh ?

I just bought the cat ears... I was like OMGGGGG I'M SO BUYING THIS FOR EVILFEFI >XDDDDDDD (By the way, it's a custom character...)

Difference between important and unimportant characters... Unimportant characters are juste the usual sprites, pretty much the same we had in DQ IV and V remakes while important characters are in "3D"... 
And I feel like there are references to other DQ games... Like that Brigaboom or somthing thing with that Right Knight.............. I knew about that, I'm sure I did some quest related to that in DQ IV or V since those are the only ones I played.... I should start over those, Just to make in fresh in my mind... Oh actually, I should beat the final boss in DQV o_o.......... I haven't played since last year... Or so... Cause I wasn't strong enough to beat it XD;;; And it's a pain in the ass to train, so.... =\... Fuck that.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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