Saturday, May 01, 2010


Edit : Ouache... Mon vrai nom est affiché sur mon blog... D8<


I finally listened to the new Velvet Eden songs.

I must say that I haven't had any real expectation... But still...
Orlagoth was right, Tragic Puppet Show is the best of those three new songs.
The others........ Reminds me way too much about The Royal Dead.  Basically, I think that if Dada wasn't this hung up his characters and story (grammar ? D8) and if people wouldn't have missed Velvet Eden this much, the band would just had been called The Royal Dead II.  Because it's the same... They just switched the crappy female vocals for Dada's...
And... I must say... I don't listen much to The Royal Dead since the vocal is annoying and the music sounds really... cheap.  So does the new Velvet Eden... This is quite sad, I must say, since Dada said that this would be VE's best era, or something... 

I guess that I'll simply get pissed with them cause people will be like JKHDKSJHDK OMG VELVET EDEEEEEEEEN just because since Jasmine You died, people realized that Drag Queens were cool.  
So yeah... Those fan haven't give a fuck about VE until now... And now... I guess we can put Dada in the same basket as Mana (I don't even consider him as a Drag.... But people do, so...), Kaya, Hizaki *shivers D8*, Erina *pukes* and even Selia... This basket is labeled : FOR FANGIRLS WHO WET THEIR PANTIES WAY TOO EASILY.
So yeah.... Velvet Eden was cool before they came back as vampire were cool WAAAAAAAAAAY before Twilight and as Drag Queens were cooler when they didn't have stupid fangirls humping their legs and as Visual Kei was cool when you were able to see (and hear) a difference between bands.

In the end, just.... FUCK THE WORLD.  Give them AIDS, please, so they could die and that we get rid of them.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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