Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Calling yourself Kamija Gacktina is freaking ridiculous.

Aaaaaah my god.

I don't remember went was the last time I got this sick LOL
I actually don't really feel sick...
Besides that I cough, sneeze and my nose is congested
So are my ears... but like...
From the inside ?
I mean.. I hear sounds perfectly
But when I speak... 
I can't hear it correctly XD;;
And I hate it cause I'm afraid to speak to loud D8
And my eyes are always watery...
In the end, I do feel sick
But I haven't the down feeling usually going with it XD

Oh wait.
I've been sick this fall...
But I guess I was mostly coughing...
So much I almost choked myself a few times LOL

How can someone laugh at being sick ?
Better laugh than cry at it, I guess...
But still... I'm pretty rarely sick, so whatever XD

Is it only in Québec that people mistake a cold for flu ?
Cause I know that I have a cold
But people keep telling me things like 
[Oh you have the flu !]
And I'm like... No, I've a cold...
(BTW, Flu en anglais c'est grippe, hein... LOL. Juste au cas...)


Les coeurs chromés.





That's not making any sense
I just don't know how to start my entry... LOL


They're only me to see this : 

Especially the picture
And then have a little giggle
And then read the text 
And have some kind of mocker smile

Only me cause....
Wait... I'll try to find a picture that I'll probably won't even find....
(LOL as usual)
Number one : 
Compare the bracelets patterns 8B

And I'm looking for a belt buckle but I can't find TEH pic I'm lookin for
So here's another one :

Maybe it was this pic, in the end...
Well it's the same tank top o_ô....


and his silver heavy bracelets are both masculine and feminine at the same time, which is why all the rock stars love his work


Die: I am more feminine than you'd ever think. [...] 


So yeah....
Useless fangirl post is useless.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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