Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm not dead but seems like my computer doesn't agree.

Now that I'm thinking about it... The system disk........ It's not the windows one, it's like the hard drive driver, isn't it ?
Fuckin shit -.-
Yeah, so when I came back from the Putré-Fashion show, my computer didn't want to start and was telling me "Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter" or something like that.
So yeah, I guess I'll just format that bitch >_>...
But still, I need to empty it, before... I could do it on Flavie's computer if I had the password ._.
Not the only thing that I'd need, actually... Cause I don't have my WinXP CD >_>...  And now that I'm thinking about it o_o.......... Damn I don't wanna format, I'll have to find another fucking activation key and the shit since this windows already been installed on other computers before D8< FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU MICROSOFT FOR MAKING THINGS SO FUCKING COMPLICATED FOR NOTHING.
Luckily, I know about this.  Imagine if I was just a random someone who doesn't know a shit about computers ?! 9348578947387$ of technician fee D8<
So yeah, no computer, no life, when your name is Trucy.  I couldn't even watch movies.  So, on Sunday, I went to buy a portable DVD player cause I was fucking pissed -.-
I finally re-watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit, yesterday, and... Y'know, I was wondering which color was Jessica's dress for my cosplay thing ? Pink or Red ? Well... The first time we see her, when she's on stage, it's pink and glittering.  The rest of the time, it's red and not glittering. I guess I'll just end up doing a red satin strapless dress, fake boobs included, cause I hate sequin and this kinda thing and because red stilettoes are easier to find than pink ones. Anyway, I might not do it this year since my hair isn't long enough.. Well... My fringe isn't and won't be in long enough either in July/August, so... Yeah...
And I'll fucking have to practice my way of walking... like... breast out and hips balancing from left to right and almost crossing my legs at each step @_@
I also watched Sid & Nancy, and now I can say that a short ex-blonde japanse singer got inspired... a bit... by Sid.  And Nancy if freakin annoyin... I would have kicked that bitch out.  Litterally kicked. She got stabbed by Sid, anyway ♥
And I watched Public Enemies~ All that I'll say about it is that I love Marion Cotillard ♥
And I began to watch Cleopatra......... THIS MOVIE IS SO FUCKING LONG.
And I began to watch Without a Clue... This one is boring, I fell asleep on it. (I never get asleep on a movie... But Star Wars III and The Lord of the Ring... LOL)
And I began to watch The Hound of the Baskervilles, but it's skipping D8... And they have a FREAAAAAAAAKING STROOOOOOOOOONG british accent, and I was like........
Other than this, I continued a bit that fic with Dada and Machi that Lillie Joe requested after I requested some requests... Not much though... Again it's a "I know what'll happen, but I dunno how..." thing D8<... Geh.
And I began to read Lost Souls.
And I played pokémon. I can't fucking catch this asshole who we also call Ho-oh D8< What a fucking bitch this bird is.  Asleap and with ONE fucking HP left and it won't stay in the fucking ultraball D8< I SPENT 30 FUCKING ULTRABALL ON THAT FUCKER.  For sure I'll call it FaceDePet4 (FartFace4) once it'll be caught... Since I called Zapdos → FaceDePet1, Moltres → FaceDePet2 and Articuno → FaceDePet3.  And Lugia will be the fifth one.
And that's it.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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