Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And gaming !

I got back into gaming.

Beside Pokémon,
I've barely touched any other game for quite a long while...

And then I learned that Dragon Quest VI had been released 

I will get it as soon as I can for sure~~

But right now
I just decided to start over my DQ IX game.
I was couldn't beat the final boss (T~T)
I've the same problem with DQ V, actually....
And I'm stuck in Final Fantasy V... Or IV...
Or the other one I've... 
I don't remember which one I've been playing LOL
And I lent Chrono Trigger to Lillie-Joe...
But I was stuck in that too...
So I will aaaaall start those over, I guess...
But yeah
Right now, I'm on DQ IX again~~
Not bad, cause I'm more than bored at job, these days =\
So I guess that I'll be able to finish it quite soon enough
And play the others when I'm done with that one \o/


Scrolling down your LiveJournal friend page

And not really paying attention

And RIGHT when you decide to pay a little more attention.

Something just jumps in your face.

And then you go blind.
(I so first wrote blonde instead of blind LOL)

Wow, that pic's too huge for nothing oO
Have I ever said that I hate those HD things ?


(  #  T  w T #)/ ♥


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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