Saturday, March 19, 2011

25 years of Zelda





You know what I should do ?

Not that I want to copy Lionelle

Take note of that.

Even though I'm spamming it much
I never really liked FaceBook
And it's much more a source of frustration
(Specially towards people idiocy)
Than a source of..... I don't know what else.
(Not to mention that it's a real boredom, lately...)

So yeah
Instead of spamming it
I could spam Twitter for regular status update
And my blog for statuses I posted
Where I commented 38497289 times after I posted 
Cause I always had something to add.

As for the games
My computer sucks
You all know that, I guess
So I only keep on playing Pico
And that's all.
And, recently
I've been playing way much directly on Pico's site
Than via FaceBook.
So I could continue that way.

That also means I won't delete my FaceBook.
This is also cause the way I linked it to my blog
Brings a quite significant amount of readers.

I won't do that before I buy a new phone.
Otherwise I won't be able to reach anyone
And vice versa.
This also means that if you want me to join an activity
You'll have to call or text me.
(I'd rather have to answer a text message than a phone call, though.)
Cause, you guessed right
Otherwise, I won't know that this is happening
Cause I won't even log in to FaceBook anymore.
(Beside maybe to get in touch with my mother)
And to answer the question that is
[When will Trucy buy a new phone ?]
There is something called tax return, you know...
So I'm waiting for that.

So I guess that all that's left to do
Is to list you what will remain active :`
  • This blog
  • Twitter
  • FormSpring
  • And you may still email me, but don't forget that I am not the owner anymore of and I won't post publicly my actual address, even with some [at] and [dot] in it.  Find a way to know it by yourself if you don't already know it.  It's not as if I never said that I had to change my email.
  • And there are also and YouTube that I'll keep updating once in a while.

Forget about everything else
I don't and/or won't update those anymore.

So yeah
That's all...
Starting now
I will try not to post on FB

I'm starting my FB rehab now.

Oh my... That sounds like something really serious XD;


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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