Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sagittarius Pride

↑ Lol.

But still

I just didn't want to spam on FaceBook.
So I'll spam here instead XD

‎#ZodiacFacts If things come too easily,#Sagittarius likely to lose interest. They love it when you play hard to get 
Example : *stuck on a video game level* 
Brother : [Pass me the controler, I'll do it for you !] 
Me : [Ò_____________________Ó FUCK NO. FUCK YOU I'M DOING THIS BY MY FUCKING SELF !]
This happened sooooo many times XD
Specially when I played Zelda XD

#Sagittarius can be deeply responsible, but they don't like being reminded by other people of their responsibilities.
But still...
I feel that I HAVE to be reminded to...
If not, whether I forget or I'll procrastinate to do it =o...

#Sagittarius never differentiate between good, old, or best friends.
My friends are all equal to me.

#Sagittarius like living on the edge, and that means drawing interesting, even bizarre, people into their orbit
Look at my friends.

A #Sagittarius particular challenge is to stay true to their ideas without being intimidated by the objections of others.
Though, I don't call that a challenge...
I call that being stubborn... LOL

#Sagittarius are determined to live life on their terms. That generally means plenty of laughs and few rules.

#Sagittarius are just as likely to wish for the impossible. The only difference is their ability to accomplish it.
Watch out when I'll stop procrastinating 8B

#Sagittarius have no interest in working behind closed doors where no one can see their talents.
Those calling me an attention whore
Aren't too far from the truth... XD

#Sagittarius are likely to possess the "firstborn" mentality, even if they are not the oldest.
I'm the oldest, so....

#Sagittarius is achievement-oriented and likes to do things their way. They believe their way is the best way.
Obviously XD
For real, I mean...
No sarcasm !

Dreamers more than doers, #Sagittarius are sensitive to the hurts and happiness of others.
Yes.  Totally.
Doesn't always show, I know...
Cause I tend to hide my softer side...

#Sagittarius often fall for their opposite, which forces them to deal with thorny philosophical issues.
True D:

#Sagittarius are often uncertain about which path to take, generally because they have so many interests.
And it then ends up in procrastination XD

Despite their seeming accessibility, #Sagittarius are extremely private.
Ah !

#Sagittarius have bursts of creative energy, as well as periods of indolence during which they produce very little.
*wistle and leave*

*comes back
It's often said that a #Sagittarius is their own best friend and worst enemy.
Not only said, dear =\
It's not that bad, lately, though =o

#Sagittarius thrive on the challenge of pursuing love, but they may lose interest once the chase is over.
Sad but true
Cause then, the routine takes its place
And when everyday is the same...

Although known for a well-developed ego, this does not detract from a #Sagittarius likability.

#Sagittarius have personality plus. Their charm, good looks, and sex appeal make them appealing.
I'm not thinking about me on that one, though LOL
But more about my three favourite Sagittarius out there ;D

#Sagittarius often experience disappointments because the people they attract may not share their need for honesty.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move a #Sagittarius like the up-front, in-your-face approach.

Possessed with a sharp wit and the personality of a star, a #Sagittarius tends to live flamboyantly.

As a #Sagittarius jealousy is not in your vocabulary, which can be both liberating and disconcerting for loved ones.

The #Sagittarius works best under pressure, the closer to a deadline they get the better work they are able to produce.
That's not always a good thing, though XD;

#Sagittarius tend to blurt out remarks that might have been better left unsaid.

When a #Sagittarius woman dates a #Sagittarius man you know the relationship is going to be fun, fun, fun.
Don't put that kind of thing in my mind !!!

#Sagittarius always want to experience, know, try, explore things. They want to have a little bit of everything in so little time.
Absolutely D:

#Sagittarius have enormous confidence in themselves.They feel like if you don't have confidence then you don't have nothing.
Isn't that obvious ?

As a #Sagittarius your independence sees to it that you will have to rely on no-one but yourself.
I just hate relying on others, anyway....

And a last one for the road : 

It's hard to capture a #Sagittarius heart.
It is.



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