Thursday, August 12, 2010

I guess this should be called a review... or a report, at least...

So, for those who didn't knew yet, I went to see D'espairsRay like... just now. Lulz.

We left Québec around nine in the morning and we drove like 9 fucking hours listenning to D'espairsRay and Poitrine and NOIZ lulz.  So we arrived around 6:30PM and got surprised by our room, cause it was really cheap and we were expecting something... cheap.  BUT.  It's really cool, like we wouldn't have gotten any better in a real hotel for that price, so it's freaking awesome. 
This morning, we got up quite early started the line-up around 8:30 and there was some people who slept there... But still, we were 10 or so... When a lil more people showed up, we took out the balloons we bought on the road and started to blow them up and decided to make people sign on them and we ended up doing this :

LOL. ♥

And I tied up the balloons bouquet to me.... and it looked like this :

Or so.... Actually, on the green, yellow, blue, the red one and the white one, we just wrote D'espairsRay and tied them on the street.  We first wanted to tied the rest of the balloons to the bus, but a big fat guy in a green shirt gave them back to me, but right after, the manager got out and we could ask her if she could give those to the band, she agreed, took them and I thanked her in a so wapanese way, saying thank you and bending down... Didn't even do it on purpose XDD
But yeah, then we waited again and we entered and there was a first part... We weren't expecting much of them but I must say they weren't bad at all, they were a good warm up band xD Even though we barely could hear the vocal... BUT so did we when D'espa started...
I screamed, jumped, headbanged even more than for Dir, seriously, they were awesome... Even though I didn't know like... half of the songs cause I haven,t quite listened their last albums.... But the crowd started to get crazy when they played Mirror and Hollow... after that... OMG they just kept pushing and I was like OMG but they were all like... 5'3'' asian girls so... Well... lulz, yeah, I'm not asian, I'm 5'8'' and I'm not skinny... HA ! So I haven't let those girls take my place 8BB But still the crowd was moving a lot, so I ended up right beside Ele which I only realized at the end when she talked to me LOL.
So yeah, I can't really say the exact setlist, but they played Sixty Nine, Mirror, Hollow, Garnet, Reddish, Eeeeeh.... I can't remember the rest ;D But it was pretty nice and the guys ô_ô they're prettyyyyy 8BBBBB And yeah, Hizumi had his "goatie" =o... But no armpits hair LOL so he's just half manly XD And Zero fucking like to get touched... Like.... Seriously XDDD And Hizumi has concrete tights ô_ô
Oh and once, Hizumi and Karyu almost ran into each others xD
Oh and you know, at the end of Garnet, there are some lalalas.... but the crowd didn't get they had to sang those while Hizumi was standing there, lipsyncing those... There only was like 20 people lalalaing and I was like... You dumbasses ! And yeah, he realized ther weren't lalalaing so he began to lalala... well, t'was more like woawoaing, but still.... and now people got it but... Err... I mean, you were all fucking lalalaing in Hollow, but not in fucking Garnet... DUH.
And yeah, at the end, Karyu and Zero were spitting ther water on us and the first shot Zero gave us, it was like all in my face but instead of being grossed out, I was just like OMG THAT'S SO FUCKING REFRESHING !!!!!! *o* cause yeah, near the end I was hardly breathing cause of tiny girls pushi me on the left, right and back....
Sooooo... this was it... T'was pretty awesome.... I love 'em 8B


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