Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lol, european fans...

Ok.  You have only 4 tour dates on your continent and 3 of them are in UK, if I'm not mistaken and we have a whole month of Dir en grey's tour here in America. But... Canada + USA + Mexico = at least TWO times the size of Europe.  Which means wider countries in America, which also means that everything is closer in Europe.
So please, stop being dumbasses and blaming the band for the way Earth is made !
Plus. They are touring in America with Apocalyptica : it is really possible that Apocalyptica had already planned to tour and Dir just sticked to them (Or Apocalyptica offered them to join them, if you prefer).
Anyway, you shouldn't complain at all with all those bands you get there while we barely get anything... You got at least trice the quantity of J-rock concerts we had since 2004.
Never happy with what you get, isn't it ?

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[noora] July 14, 2010 at 5:45 p.m.  

OK, so first of all, hi, I'm European and we already "discussed" about this on La Carminas status Facebook, I'm the one saying Dir en grey should pay Europe a visit every once in a while.
Next, WTH?! Please be assuming Apocalyptica is American and not actually thinking so 'cos they're Finnish, from Finland and not fcking America >_<
I don't care who organized the tour, Apo or Dir but then again I'm only disappointed at Dir's management 'cos they seem to have forgotten Europe exist. The band wouldn't be half as well known this fast if Europe didn't LOVE them when they first started to look outside Asia.
And don't go on saying how USA=Can+States+Mex, and how it's oh so much wider and bigger. It's fucking expensive to go from country to country in here and if you want to get out of Scandinavia you have to fly and that is just ridiculously costly. I'm not saying it's cheap at your end but at least the States & co. get more choices on where to go instead of bloody England and Russia (2 concerts for each btw). England is ridiculously expensive and no-one wants to go to Russia 'cos the fans are crazy.
Also, don't be whining about Europe getting oh so many bands, 'cos Europe has more organizers, small, fanbased ones instead of huge, corporal assholes, they have more to offer. For anyone knowing anything, the only bands the States & co. seem to like are big ones like Dir and Despa >___< we do a lot of work to get smaller and more diverse bands here.

Trucydae July 14, 2010 at 6:46 p.m.  

Huhum... Still, I could still whine about the fact that they're doing all their tour in US and one in Canada, and that, even if i'm in Canada and that I'm the province next door, as you said, it's pretty expensive or, it takes 9 hours of driving just to get to the border. I don't even think about those in british columbia who would want to go but can't cause they're at the other end of the country... Anyway, I won't go back on what I said, except maybe about Apo's nationnality, but that's a detail... Anyway, things are what they are if you're not happy, you could still go whine to them on their twitter/myspace/facebook/whatever... If you are enough to complain about it, they might do something for you~

Shuro July 15, 2010 at 7:41 a.m.  

Ce qui me déçoit un peu là, c'est qu'ils ne reprennent pas le même concept que les fois précédentes, à savoir une mini-tournée de 5-6 dates entre les UK, France, Allemagne, Scandinavie et Russie. Ca marchait bien, pourtant... Enfin, peut-être en Novembre-Décembre.

(et c'est un fait qu'Apocalyptica ne passe presque plus en Europe... Marrant pour un groupe Finlandais...)

Là, pour cette tournée, y'a pas le choix: ce sera l'avion. Avec à la clé, au minimum 250 CAD à prévoir juste pour le déplacement. Ca fait quand même au moins 5 fois le prix du billet...

Trucydae July 15, 2010 at 12:06 p.m.  

Enfin quoi, c'est aussi leur genre d'ajouter des date en court de route... donc y a toujours de l'espoir, je suppose...

Shuro July 16, 2010 at 4:22 a.m.  

Oui, et comme je l'ai dit, cela leur est arrivé de faire la tournée américaine en août-septembre, avec deux ou trois dates de "prologue" en Europe avant... Puis de faire leur mini-tournée européenne en novembre-décembre. Ce n'est pas plus mal, en fait... On aura la clim' naturelle pendant les concerts XD

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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