Sunday, March 13, 2011


Most people prefer sunsets to sunrises

Probably because they're not sleeping when the sun sets (?)
But I so don't care about sunsets...
Of course, colours are pretty...
But I just love how it feels
When I'm not yet asleep
But still the sun is rising
The sky slowly passes from black to white
Then pink
And finally blue
And then,
Going to bed
Knowing that most people just did the complete opposite of what you just did.
This period of the day
Is most certainly the calmest
Not a sound beside the wind's
Your own breathing
And your music playing low
(And a few cars once in a while.......)

It just feels good to me.

I told you,
Happiness is simple.


Dragon Quest VI.


I've been playing for ....
Like 6hrs almost in a row, today XD;;;
That's bad for your health, kids.
Don't try this at home LOL.

But eh...

I'm up to Murdaw's castle
The one in the real world
And I just met Nevan.
Before he joined my party
From his sprite
I thought he looked like some mustachey/monobrowish Indian man...
He actually kinda looks like Lucca from Chrono Trigger XD
(Yea, yea.... Akira Toriyama, I know... Lucca also kinda looks like Bulma, so yeah...)

I play to many games and too often, lately...
I kinda forgot that defence is actually written [défense] in French...
I would SO put a C instead of an S there...
Same thing with [dance/danse] actually...
But it's more hum... Blatant with [defence/défense] XD
I also always tend to write [May] instead of [Mai]
And put a capital letter to months and weekdays even if they're not necessary, in French...
The other side of the medal from speaking two similar languages... XD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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