Sunday, November 14, 2010

Now and then.

There was a band called Mist of Rouge
Their singer had no face.

But then
He grew up.
He discovered his face,
And bleached his hair
And became....

D=OUT's singer !
Yes, that was Kouki 8B
What an ugly outfit @___@

There was a bassist
Who had no mouth 

But then he grew up
Discovered money
And started to screw things up
And became a bastard

Yes !
That was Kisaki !
Back in La:Sadie's !

There was a singer
Who liked to purple very much
And who liked to wear dresses

But then
He grew up
Stopped liking purple
But stayed pretty queer anyway
So much that he ended up having throat problems

Yes !
That was Vidoll's Jui 8B
Back in Luinspear

There was a bassist
Who had a nose

But then
He got hit by a gull
His nose took the whole shock
And never really recovered

Yes !
That was Reita !
He looks so emo...
He must miss his nose !!!

There was a very hairy (lol ?)
Visual Kei band

But then
They disbanded
And got old
Before they came back 

Yes !
This is LUNA SEA !

There was a singer
Called KYOYA
Who looked somewhat like a Kiyoharu fan

But then he got interested in
Californian penal code
And start molesting fangirls

Yes !
That was 12012's Wataru !
Back in Lubis Cadir !

And that'll be it for now cause my computer decided to hate me è_é


Is everyone becoming Hakuei copy cats ?

I know that Hakuei's hot but ô_ô

When even Gackt gives a try at it :

EH ?!

Eyepatches are so cool !
Even Gakuto-san wears it !
Please buy eyepatches !
So cool !

The worst of all would still be Ruka from Nightmare...
I mean... :

See ?! 

He even got the piercings -.-



How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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