Sunday, July 11, 2010

Isn't there a mistake in here ?

Don't you think it's weird that Versailles WON'T be at the event ?
And that they WEREN'T allowed to be at Jasmine's funeral ?
I knew something was wrong.

Holy fucking shit.... DUDE ! 
You bunch of fucking assholes ! You make me sick to my stomach, seriously...


This is a title.... Really.

I just spent an hour on something... And, seriously, I never thought I would draw a face like this one day...
I started not knowing what I'd draw, then I thought that I could draw a face, not knowing yet if it'd be a man or a woman, then I knew there'd be cheek bones and as it went on, it happened that it was a man and that it's pretty obvious and that he isn't young and has no eyebrows 8B
It's pretty different from what I'm used to draw o_ô... But it's still not what I'm looking for, it's not sharp enough, it's still way too soft... I mean, he doesn't have a soft face at all, actually if he was real, you'd probably think he's kinda scary... www But the lines are still... I don't know... Maybe it's just that I should practice drawing some realistic shits and when I'll get used to it, try again on doing something sharper... But I'm not convinced ._.

The picture is pretty clear in my head ! And I'm way to proud to let the ink guy draw it for me -.- (Actually, the only person I'd let draw it for me would be like... Kaoru but... lol, yeah, as if.)

I gotta find a way to convince myself I CAN draw that way. =__= that gotta be a lot of fucking work >_>



I need a bigger bulletin board (Babillard ? the thing to pin stuff on if..)

So.... I just guess that this'll be the last tattoo I'll get... Even though it'd be the first I'd get if I could draw it the way I want -__-...
Logically, I should start with the most expensive one, which would be Jack and Sally... BUt I think I'd rather start with the pink spider or something... (And to people saying that it wouldn't be pretty, the think is that I don't want it like baby pink, that obviously wouldn't be pretty HA ! I want a bright pink.  Think "hide's hair"... Cause, you know... Pink Spider... And please don't tell me you haven't thought about if ! D8< Fuckers !)


Trucy's vicious, suspicious

Man.... do I look this suspicious ? o_o
I just went out for a smoke and there was the janitor cleaning the doors windows and he watched me smoking my cigarette aaaaaaall along.  I'm no extraordinary woman, today, just put on a jean and my Evanescence tour shirt, so there's no way he was looking at me think that I was a woman he'd like to put in his bed >_>...
And when I came back in, he was still staring at me as I went up that stairs... What the fuck was he looking at ?! D8<
Ok that I had my eye borws a little frowned, but I'm just frowning all the time, now... even RIGHT NOW I'm frowning for no reason, except maybe that I've been annoyed by that man, but still... It's just some kind of habit of mine... I'm not even sure it's this noticeable since it's not frowning like if I was angry or something...
So yeah, that man was even freaker than I am >_>... Fuck that !

Anyway, I feel like drawing again right now, but I think I'll try to improve my drawing skills... I wanna quit drawing THIS cute -__-;; I feel like if I had a chihuahua to freak out people with that drawing style... I'll try something new... I'LL DO MY BEST 8B


Through red September, the sky's fire-paved

Eh... Ok, actually, I was listening to Rammstein and then I remembered that the first version I had from Hallelijah was said to be from Resident Evil's soundtrack... So I put the DVD in and skipped to the end credits and yeah the song wasn't there, but I took notes of the songs listed there, I might search for them later.
So, while having the boxset out, I though I could look for what's playing it the other movies and.. Nymphetamine plays in Resident Evil Apocalypse ?! o_ô... I knew that song when I watched to move for the first time, normally I should have went like JSDHKJS OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S CRADLE !!!!! And I would have remember it, wouldn't I ? o_o... I think I'll watch it again when I'll ve done with RE : Extinction's songs... Cause I'm really like "HEEE !!!" with the japanese accent, now XDDD  Even though that'll probably make so that I won't sleep pretty well tonight... huhu ._.
This being said, I also can't wait for the fourth movie to come out \(¯w¯)/

Edit after the movie had been watched : I still don't get where the song played.... But maybe it's cause I look for the part with Liv Christine and that the part played was in the overdose part... Eh ?


Team Rocket is blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain !

I just tried to get connected, I thought that no one was home so that wouldn't fuck up anyone's connection... But my room mate just got out of his room to turn off and on the router, which means he got disconnected.
Which means I couldn't be righter : What fucks up our connection is that there's only one channel for 3 computers and they're all fighting to have it, as simple as that.
I wish I'd be able to hack connections... I'd be able to get the one of the appartment below us... The signal is even stronger than ours XD and there's 10 channels >_>...
For once, I'm not pissed or anything, I just know the source of the problem and I can't really do anything for it... So I'll just wait for no one to be home and I'll use internet, that's all...

Oh and, on a completely unrelated subject, in the end I won't work on saturdays, so everything'll be alright to go at the Pique-Nique Victorien and my grand-mother's wedding.  I won't have to ask for 984579348573984 off days, only those which I'll got at Toronto to see D'espairsRay (10-12 of August) which is awesome. Speaking of them, is there anyone else here beside Josy, Mad, Franco and Matsuro going ? I think it could be interresting if I could meet some of you in the line... Just be aware that we'll arrive here pretty soon on the 11th so that we have good places at the front~ (Cause yeah, for those who didn't knew it yet, D'espairsRay in Toronto on August 11th 2010 8B [Edit : WO. WOH, like really WOH. I must be starting to end things in "ey" when there's a "r" before... You know, I learned to write gray.  Now I write grey... Huhu.  BUT THEN, I WROTE D'ESRPAIRSREY. OMG. Bad. Not to mention that when I first discovered then, I thought they were called D'espairspray...................... LOL. Spray can of despair... How nice XDDD])

One last unrelated thing : Was it Mein Teil the Rammstein song speaking about that cannibalism thing which happened at this Ramstein with only a single M place ? Cause from what I understand since german sounds a bit like english, that would be it... I hear something that sounds like, once translated in english "Then, you are face to his mouth -I don't really get what here- This is, this is my tale, my tale..." if mein teil really means my tale... lol... So yeah, I guess I'll have to see for the lyrics and do a beautiful google translation~ since I wanna know what it says... and then I'll go look on wikipedia XDDD


Trucy isn't cute but her drawing style seems to deliberately ignore it.

So I just drew my first Disney vilain in lolita fashion... I did Captain Hook. And I'm pissed. First, my drawing style sucks. Second, she somewhat reminds me of Oscar... Third, I still have troubles with the fucking legs proportions -__-... Fourth, her saber is fugly cause I didn't have any model >_>...

Oh and I know it's not that bad, in the end... But I should be less lazy a draw more often to get practice... I do NOT writte this just so that people say that it's beautiful since I don't need this since I already know this and my ego doesn't need anybody but me to get... high. If that makes any sense.
But I'm saying this in the way that I drew it and I saw its flaws and it bugs me, but I'm too lazy to start over.

Ok, ok, my drawing style doesn't suck.  But I hate it è_é Why did I have to draw THIS kawaii ?! D8< I hate it, I never can get what I want... It's REALLY frustrating. Like... REALLY.

Anyway... If you think her pose is weird, it's just that she would have her weight on her left leg... Well, the leg completely facing us... It actually looks like she's having a crinoline or something... Oh pis en passant, une crinoline, c'est le truc en forme de cage, pas un petticoat.  Un petticoat c'est un jupon.  On irait pas parler de bardaucucule alors qu'en fait ce sont des maheutres ! Pfff ! Ou plus simple, un short, t'appelles pas ça un pantalon... Voilà, quoi... Brefm des crinoline, aujourd'hui, ça se porte sous une robe de mariée, au pic-nic victorien (en fait, pour que ça fasse vraiment victorien, c'est plutôt un faux-cul que ça prend... Mais c'est pas tout le monde qui a suivi un cours d'histoire de la monde) ou sous une robe de bal de finissant d'une fille qui veut vraiment trop en faire ;D

So yeah, next one should be Ursula... And oh... No it's not scanned yet, I don't know when I will.


That's hot, you're not.

I just watched the Mask of Zoro for the first time in several years... I think the last time I watched it, I was still a kid and it was recorded on VHS... Haha.
But that made me realize that I actually haven't got a shit of the story... Till now... was too young, obviously... Oh well...
Also, my favorite scene is still the one when Elena dances with Alejandro... I always loved that scene and I don't think it will ever change XD  This being said, I also like that music pretty much... I guess I'll have to look for it when I'll have a proper Internet connection... It'll tag along with that song I've from Kill Bill sound track XD
Cause yeah, I actually like this kind of music oO... Mariachis are cool, okay ?! è_é ... Speaking about mariachis... I'd feel like watching El Mariachi, Once unpon a time in Mexico and... the other one of that series... Erm... Well, I don't remember... Oh..... And wasn't there a movie called like Bandidas with Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek ? oO... Quite recent, released like last year or something...
This being said, I must admit that I think that those three women (Cruz, Hayek and Zeta-Jones) are wuhlly purdy ladiez~ (Have I heard someone mentionning surgery ? Well... I don't give a fuck about surgery if the final results looks good and they don't end up looking like Cher or Donatella Versace or Dolly Parton... ! Those women are hella scary D8 I'd cry my whole life if I had to wake up everyday with their face... I'd rather grow old than look like if my face was 40 but my hands look 80 and that I have as much facial expression as Kirsten Stewart (Stuart ?... Whatever...))
Actually, Latinas with long dark and loose hair, deep dark eyes and red lipsick = HOT. (Even though I'm not quite sure that we could considerate Catherine Zeta-Jones as a latina... But yeash, whatever...)
I must also admit that I had something for Anthonio Banderas in that movie, when I was younger... I guess he was somewhat handsome int Zorro's role... www xD.
Aaaaaaaaaanyway.  There's waaaaay much more HOT women in this world than HOT men.... Not only saying this on a bisexual point... Even if you're on a neutral point, that's the way it is... Not my fault if it's easier for a girl to be pretty cause she can use way much more artifices than a man can do.  And dear god, NO. Robert Pattinson IS. NOT. HOT. Even Daniel Radcliff is hotter than Robert Pattinson.  Remember that NO. FUCKING. ONE. thought he was hot as Wood in Harry Potter ? Well, it's not cause he's a sparkling faggot vampire now that he is hotter, excuse me.  Anyway, if that REALLY was a vampire, there wouldn't be this much cheesy romance, he'd actually only play with Bella... or would have sucked her dry before anithing stupid would happen... Anyway, Vampires are supposed to be attracted by what is pretty... And... No.  She isn't.  'Scuse me, but someone who can't have anny facial expression simply can't be pretty. That's what should make that girl and Vin Diesel out of the HOT chart... Unless you like too much muscles and frigid bitches... but if you like those, you're as weird as me with my love for androgynous boys 8BBB (Ok, a little muscles is hot. Comaprison chart : Kyo : hawt.  Vin Diesel : NOT hawt.  But... Okay, okay, I must admit that the boy in my liked the first Fast & Furious and the first xXx too... wait... Was it xXx which opens on a Rammstein concert while they play Feuer Frei! ? .__.)



How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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