Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's like an addiction.


I was thinking that I would like to watch a movie
When I would be back home...
Like... I did during the whooooooole day...
Then realizing that I watched every movies I had
And didn't really felt like watching one for the 3902470381st time
And then realizing that shops would be closed
When my work day would be over
So I went like D8....

But then
Walking back home
I saw that Renaud Bray was still open
Since they have some weird schedules...


I ended up buying The Godfather 
Finally !
And Catch me if you can *o*
Cause I love that movie !

I kinda missed HMV's low prices T_T
It cost me like... $30...
I usually get at least 3 movies, for that price, in an HMV

Now I have The Godfather >8B
Well... The first one...
And I'm SO going to watch it NOW *0*

Right after I'm done editing my movie list XD


Madame Rosa

Is fugly.

No, I won't post the pictures.
They're on his blog, bitches.


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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