Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wtf ?! Blisters ?!

Yesterday, my tights gave me some blisters under my feet... I don't really get why since my converses never gave me any blisters and there was no hole in my thight nor the tip stiches got under my feet... And those tights aren't even new x_X...
Anyway, they weren't the worst blisters in my life, so I haven't talked about them...
BUT THE THING IS. That.  The right one exploded while I was walking back home O_____O....
WTF, BLISTERS ?!?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ?!?!? O________O.....
And the left one kinda burns, for some reason... Ima kill them D8<


This is the results of my latest playlist.

Which would mean I'm like... this week's Noir Fleurir's top listener ?
Wiiiier Mascareeeeeeeeeedooooooo \o/

Edit : Oh ! I'm really this week's Noir Fleurir's top listener XD
That's hot !


Been tagged~~

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1) I've spent real money on games such as Ameba Pico, Gaia Online and Pet Society.
2) I don't feel I can reach complete happiness cause the mountain is too high.
3) Still, I don't feel I can reach complete despair cause the drop is too long.
4) I know a lot of people, but I consider only a tiny part of those as friends.
5) I realized recently that I have a redhead skin tone.  So that's why I become a lobster in the sun.  (Did I just called myself a lobster while..........?! Dammit.)
6) I wish I could kick my butt more often so that I would be sewing right now.
7) I tend not to remember how old I am... I'm stuck to 18 in my head, anyway.
8) I'm really arguing with myself. Alex VS Trucy.
9) I miss the time when Jrockers where dorks.
10) I don't hate Mana or Lolita or everyother thing people think I hate, but I hate what people have made with it....  Which doesn't mean that I actually like them.
11) I'm a fucking fag hag D8<
12) I guess I have something for sagitariuses......... That's maybe what is explaining that high ego "problem" HA !
13) I smoke and I like it, so fuck you with your "*fake cough* omg it stinks so bad" Really... Fuck you.
14) I wouldn't be able to date/go out with someone I think they're prettier than me...
15) But still... In my very own opinion, the most beautiful woman/girl in the world is me.
16) I realized lately why I don't actually like manga.  It's cause it's always like BANG BANG BANG THIS HAPPENS AND NOW THIS HAPPENS AND NOW THIS AND THIS ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND WE'RE NOW HERE AND NOW THIS CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE THIS ONE PIS THIS ONE ISN'T THE SAME AND NOW WE CHANGED PLACE AGAIN AND... And.... A "While this time..." wouldn't hurt anybody @________@
17) I'm addicted to cafeine.  Like... For real o_ô...
18) I think my haters are the funniest thing in the world ♥
19) Some japanese peeps are following my blog... And I feel so fucking weird about it ._.
20) I don't think Jasmine You's death was natural (Which means I don't think he was sick.)
21) I'm fucking pessimistic.  But I'm not supposed to be defeatist.
22) There are Alex and Trucy, one is lesbian, the other is bisexual.  I don't know which one is what, though ._.
23) I think that most Visual Kei/J-rock fans of today are stupid.
24) In the same way of thinking, since that is coming from me, I think that most of today's Visual Kei/Jrock bands suck really hard and really bad, all sound and look the fucking same.
25) I love to say fuck and indirectly call people fuckers and bitches.

I won't tag anyone, so feel free to take it~~


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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