Thursday, May 27, 2010


So....... I've no more internet at home cause I was late in my payments.

Plus, since we had a download limit and we downloaded way more than what was allowed (Who the hell can up/download no more than 2048 fucking megabytes ?!?!?! o_o;;; And yes, seems like both are combined in this...) so we have a lovely bonus $60 (cause it's taxable, obviously...) to pay.
Now, if I want internet back, it'll cost like 40 more bucks.

Dear Videotron, fuck you.

Ok, I won't have internet for a month, that's all. I'll go see for another company and, btw, don't get any services from Videotron, it's too expensive for nothing, plus, they tell you you'll have the first month for free and the two following for half the price and they don't do it. Plus, it's a 12months contract... So, I'll just get internet back when I'll move in with Josy and Stéphanie. That's the end of the story. *grumble, grumble*
It sucks, but it's only for a month... I made it for a year and a half or so in the cégep residences, so...

Any suggestion for a cheap internet/phone distributor ?
Not that I really want a phone service, but seems like it'd be useful for the three of us, in a an appartment...
And does a distributor without download limit still exist ?

The worst in this is that I'm not angry or anything... Maybe a bit pissed, but that's all... It's my fault, after all @__@
But I still hate Videotron.

On a better note : I received my QutieLand dress today. I was leaving for work and almost hit the postman when I wanted to get out. Ha !
So I just tried it, cause like... I couldn't try it at work, lolz. And it fits perfectly (almost) *o* <3
And I was scared about that velvet thing, remember ? Well... There's no velvet at all on it, so it's a very perfect dress <3
And luckily I didn't want to wear it in a lolita way cause I look goddamn fat with a petticoat under it XD So I'll wear it as I first thought : In a 50's way *o* Gotta love it <3

Now, I want to find tights with that stich at the back... *o* Do you know where I can get those ? I'd like some pale ones... which suit my skin tone, if you know what I mean 8B and maybe some darker too...
I still need to buy some other nylon socks... since mine have been dead for a long time (Let's just say that walk without shoes with those on in the Vieux Québec isn't really good for their lives... LOL. Couldn't I be even more careless ?)
And then, I'll have to find some blouses that I could wear with a bullet bra under it (CAUSE YEAH, I WANT A FUCKING EXPENSIVE BULLET BRA.)
And I want a pencil skirt oO Like... Knee lenght... Black... With a tiny belt... I need some tiny belts, actually...
And I need some garter (? Or garter holder ? Anyway...) with socks that won't mark my thighs' fat D8< or won't feel the need to roll to my knees >_>... Guh. Fucking fat thighs D8< They're actually the only thing I REALLY hate of my body -.- Everything else is ok, or so... BUT THOSE... I'd kill them -___-... The worst part of it is that I'll alway have quite big thighs since I used to do ballet and that I now walk a lot... So hello, big thighs. Fuck you, muscles.
Also, I want some "high"-waisted black pants... I kinda want to get rid of the mark that low rise pants/skirt/panties gave me cause I used to be a fat bitch... BUT STILL... I don't really feel like saying goodbye to my beloved jeans..... D8..... Dammit. Why do I had to like such different things ?!?! D8<

Yes, I absolutely love the 50's style, and I also love some goth look, and I love my "punk/rock" style too... I like lolita too, but I think it looks weird, on me... maybe that I'm not much on the girly side... Actually... I'm torn between being tomboy and being womanly... I so don't care about being girly and wear pink ._. I'm not baby-faced at all, anyway...
So yeah, I guess it's just my goffick part who like the goffrori style... and I really mean GOTHloli -.-

Gosh... Just spent an hour and almost a half on this... bleh...


Love it or Die.

Which means that, one way or another, you get good stuff.

Somewhat got inspired by this vintage ads community I follow on LiveJournal.

I can't do anything serious, lately... Maybe getting old means to become dumb... LOOOL. (Ok, please, don't take this seriously, dumbasses D8< I'm not dumb (I think...) and I'm not old either, anyway D8< I'm still 18 ! *lies* And I'll be 18 'til I die D8< Fuckers.)
But still... Ah wait, there's this fiction I just started... It's more on the serious side (Even though it's about some lobsters being total assholes...) ...... Oh ! OK ! EVERYONE IS SAFE, NOW !

Ah... aaah.... I wanted to say something else, but forgot about it... 
I could talk about this new fiction, but that would be boring, so...


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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