Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yeah, since I can't go on Internet at job anymore, I play Dragon Quest IX that I bought last saturday. (It has be released in America (America = USA, Canada and Mexico, by the way) on July 11th... Yeah... I've been waiting a whole year for that fucking game D8< !!! If only I understood Japanese D8....)
I think I played for like... 10 hours, yesterday XDDD... 

BUT YEAH.  I took pictures of some epic moments.

I like old bald men from DQIX .... >XDDD
(I also like that DQ → Dragon Quest → Dairy Queen → Drag Queen... HA !)

And Wun Tun Punch somewhat souds like Wu Tan Clan... Uh ?

I just bought the cat ears... I was like OMGGGGG I'M SO BUYING THIS FOR EVILFEFI >XDDDDDDD (By the way, it's a custom character...)

Difference between important and unimportant characters... Unimportant characters are juste the usual sprites, pretty much the same we had in DQ IV and V remakes while important characters are in "3D"... 
And I feel like there are references to other DQ games... Like that Brigaboom or somthing thing with that Right Knight.............. I knew about that, I'm sure I did some quest related to that in DQ IV or V since those are the only ones I played.... I should start over those, Just to make in fresh in my mind... Oh actually, I should beat the final boss in DQV o_o.......... I haven't played since last year... Or so... Cause I wasn't strong enough to beat it XD;;; And it's a pain in the ass to train, so.... =\... Fuck that.

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