Saturday, February 26, 2011

WMM = TEH master of FFFFUUUU-


The more I use it
The less it works properly -___-
I need a new software D:

I tried to finger curl my hair~~
I'm now waiting for my hair to dry
But that may takes up to tomorrow XD
Not that I care much..
I just had some time to waste...

Speaking of waste of time -___-
Finger curling took almost half an hour
I did a video of it..............
Editing the video with that crap of WMM took......
I would have been done in about one
But no.
WMM is a dick >_<
Didn't want to upload anything from D'espairsRay o_o
Cause I thought it would make some nice BGM XD
But no, it kept freezing -_-
So I got pissed and just put an Eths song 8)
So yeah
I haven't even seen the final result because of all that =/

Oh and I actually talk in that vid XD
Yes, in english~
Not stammering much, pretty glad about it ♥
But it still shows that I'm not used to speak in english XD
And yes, I've a weird accent, I know XD

Oh well...

Here's the vid~


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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