Monday, June 14, 2010

Fuckin crazy week-end o.o !

OMG. Forget it, this week-end was a spaciotemporal bug, really XD
I won't tell the long story, anyway, I'd forget some parts and it would suck really hard XD
Anyway, I actually slept the equivalent of a normal night for my whole week-end XD Not cause I was stressed or anything but... Just lol XD
I said that my shoes were quite comfortable... They are. But not when your right feet is a little bigger than the left one and that the tip stich of your tights is rubbing on your toe... So 8D Hello blister as big as a penny, ahah XD *Trucy and her exploration of possible place to get foot blisters* <3
So yeah, friday night looks more like Mikomi and I speaking til 4 in the morning. We had to wake up at 7:30 on Saturday. I always take about 45 min/1 hour to fall asleep. Lol. The meeting went a bit crappy though because of this and that and specially because of the television cameras being there... Anyway... And no, I did not pushed anyone in the mud, even though the fountain was calling for me to do it... OMG that would have been so fucking mean XDDDDDDDDDDDD And gratuitous. And the best way to get hated by everyone, www. I'm not looking for this, actually... I don't start shits, but I can continue what you started pretty well... And it didn't happen, so you people may applause (Not me, her.)... But. I must say that she looked slutty. Like... Really. Not that is was ugly... Just... Disapointing, comming from her majesty, ahah.
I also been surprised of how many newcomers there were o_o... Let's just say that we were like... 70 peeps or so, and I didn't even knew the ¼ of them XDD And then they were like "Oh I'm Kawaii539, on the forum..." YO. This forum sucks, so I kinda left it a while ago, dear.
I also been scared for some moitié stuff, they really looked like they were suffering... Poor things.
And Saturday ended in a... weird way. But not a cool weird way... So we went back at Mikomi's place pretty early and almost went to bed right away... (let's say that I fell asleep around 11 something or midnight, though...)
And I woke up around 9 on Sunday... We went back in the china town and ended the day at MAD's place... Till 5:30 this (Monday) afternoon. XDDDD
Damn people... I can't drink red wine. Seriously, like my head would explode and I drank two glasses and a half or so and almost got sick o_o;...
The two last days so FUCKING reminded me about the life we had when MAD and I were at school, together, being room neighboor in the residences... Aaah ! Good times XD (I also like the fact (HOLY FUCKING FUCK. FACKT. I WROTE FACKT. Taaaabaaarnaaaaaak XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) that MAD called in sick for me this morning, at like... 9 or so XD... anyway, there was like... No. Fucking. WAY. That I would take the metro in that state o_o... I would have vomited my whole life in the wagon XD And my head would have exploded x_X)

So yeah, every dreams come to an end, so I'll wake up tomorrow and go to work, telling my boss how horrible it is to get sick on weird asian food from Montreal's China Town.... Ahahah XDD


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