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Survey time, it's fuckin long so click me.


! ! ! SALE POST ! ! !

La plupart des prix ont le transport d'inclus dans le prix, mais il m'est aussi possible de vous les remettre en main propre si vous êtes à Québec ou Montréal pour environ 2$ de moins que le prix affiché. Tous les prix sont en DOLLARS CANADIENS. pour convertir en votre devise. Je n'accepte pas les échanges, j'ai besoin d'argent, merci.
Vous pouvez payer par PayPal, par chèque si vous êtes au Canada, mandat poste ou en comptant à vos propres risques. Je vous donnerai mes coordonnées dans un message privé. J'envoie le tout une fois que j'aurai reçu votre paiement.

Most prices has shipping included, but if you are in Québec or Montréal, I may sell them to you in person for approximately $2 less than the price shown here.
Shipping in the US should be $1 or $2 more than the price shown. Internationnal shipping should be between $3 to $5 more.
Prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. to convert to your own currency. I won't accept trade, I need money, thanks.
You may pay with PayPal, by check if you are in Canada, money order or with money at your own risks. I will send you my address in a personnal message. I will ship your order once your payment is received.



Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom.... nom.


(Don't you think I'm becoming even freaker/more retarded with time ? >XD)

Edit :
 XDD Calice XD

=3 ♥

Oh and... I dunno why, but this made me think about Ozzy Osbourne....

I don't fuckin know why...

And... Actually, his sleeves seems to continue on his back as it continues on his chest, right ?

It ain't.
Am I guessing a FUCK YOU there ? XD

What would they say if they knew that I turned their Agitated Screams of Maggots into Agitated Screams of Faggots ? XDDD


Three days in a row wearing high heels

It kills a girl's feet.
I never did this, now I just barely have the choice, I've no more flat shoes besides my 7 years old skater shoes and they're ugly, so... Heels all the way.. It's not as if I lacked of those, anyway... I guess I'll get used to it, anyway I wanted to train my feet to this, so it's now or never... Further more, I currently can't really afford a new pair of shoes and still, I wouldn't know what to buy since I don't want any cheap converse anymore cause they only last 2 months... Not really cheap anymore if you've to pay 30$ per 2 months cause they actually died of HOLES in the sole...
I'll end up buying Doc Marten's I guess... but for the model I want, I've to save up like... 150 bucks... And money saving and me makes two... or three... Maybe even four... Guh.
But this won't be before at least August, cause now I should be saving for D'espairsRay... reGuh.

I hate money...



1.神葬 (Shinsou)
2.304号室、白死の桜 (304 Goushitsu, Hakushi no Sakura)
3.秒「」深 (Byo Shin)
5.凱歌、沈黙が眠る 頃 (Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro)
6.冷血なりせば (Reiketsu Nariseba)
7.激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (Hageshisato, Kono Mune no Nakade Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami)
8.かすみ (Kasumi)
9. 逆上堪能ケロイドミルク (Gyakujou Tannou Keloid Milk)
15.蝕紅 (Shokubeni)
17.残 (Zan)

EN1.蛍火 (Hotarubi)
EN5.鼓動 (Kodou)

304 and ZAN are from GAUZE....
Hotarubi is from Macabre
Keloid Milk is from Kisou
Byou Shin is from Six Ugly....
Kasumi, Obscure, Shokubeni and Child Prey are from Vulgar...
Kodou is from Withering to Death
The Fatal Believer, Rotting Root, Agitated Screams of Maggots and Disabled Complexes are from The Marrow of a Bone
Gaika, Reiketsu Nariseba, Bugaboo, Dozing Green, Red Soil and Stuck Man are from Uroboros

And Hageshisa to blablabla is from an upcomming album........ So. This means.  That. There's at least ONE song per major album they released...  There's at least one song per album from GAUZE to now. That's FUCKING AWESOME.
But.  Remember (or not) that rumor saying that a girl, like... last year. or the one before.. wanted to get her copy of GAUZE signed but Kaoru went like ">______>.................... *pissed*" WELL.  The thing is.  If that's true. I mean... If you don't want to sign some old albums, DON'T REMEMBER YOUR FANS THOSE ALBUMS EXIST ! Eh ! Sounds kinda logical to meh.

Ah, and I wanted to say something else too... Ok, maybe you're sick of playing THE FINAL, but... Come on, that song got you guys know everywhere, it's TEH song.
Then... Why not Mr.NEWSMAN instead of Byou shin ? o_ô... That's kinda... meh... But anyway... I'm not fond of Six Ugly anyway... Simply that I actually like MrNEWSMAN more than the others XD
And finally... Next time, they'll add Jealous and Garden..................................................... LOL >XD (Ça serait ben trop beau XDDD le pire c'Est que nous, on les chanterait quand même, cause we're cool like that >XD)

Edit : So that's why !!!
Yester... well today's ? Anyway the latest setlist... :

激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (Hageshisato, Kono Mune No Nakade Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami)
脈 (Myaku)

慟哭と去りぬ (Doukoku To Sarinu)


蜷局 (Toguro)
蝕紅 (Shokubeni)
砂上の唄 (Sajou no Uta)
朔 (Saku)
残 (Zan)

凱歌、沈黙が眠る頃 (Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro)
冷血なりせば (Reiketsu Nariseba)
羅刹国 (Rasetsukoku)

It's said that this is like "Kaoru's setlist"... And there's no GAUZE songs beside ZAN... Hahaha...

Edit 2 : So... What Shinya wrote on his blog really meant what I thought, in the end *_____*


OMG de OMG de OMFG !

 Ok, so the following thing is just a copy/paste of a "live report" I found on diru_tabloids or something...

Kyo: His back is completely covered in tattoos and finished. He had like weird wings or something that looked like it on his shoulder blades.
He kept his black hair.
He was wearing black pants, belt buckle, sunglasses lol, and his hair looked like OtH.

Ok.... Nothing really knew, we all already knew about his new back tattoo, don't we ?

Die: His hair is extremely long.
Wearing long sleeve shirt, and I couldn't see pants.
Red Picks

Extremely long hair ? Well... Mine grows fast and we have about the same lenght o_ô.... And I'm not considering my hair as being extremely long yet -.- Just.... like a bit under my shoulder... Err well, actually, it's starting to reach my boobies... So extremely long... No... Or maybe it's cause I'm a girl but.... DAMN NO. I MEAN.  LOOK AT THIS, CAUSE THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG :
End of the story.
Other than this : SJKDHKSJHDKJSDHK DHKJSDHKJS *drools* *q*

Kaoru: Looks like he did in Tattoo Tribal magazine.
Has very short hair.
Purple picks

OMG. I'm just thinking about the skunk hair style.... Without the skunk part... XDDD
So... The Jonathan Davis (KoRn's signer, y'know...) without dreads look is over, now ? XDD

Shinya: Wore Shirt B in tank top form and it was white.
Same hair style he has had for like ever xD.

True that he has the same hair style since... Err... Since............... A long time o_ô... A very long time o_ô....

Toshiya: Yes he was wearing his skirt.
He took off his shirt.
Same black hair like Bass cut.
Blue Picks


I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally like the fact that they got back to "their" colors for their picks *o*

SJDKHSKJHDSJD. I love them T___T/ ♥

Bonus :
Oh yeah they got flowers from [...] Gackt [...]

KSJFDHKJDSHDKJSHD >XDDDDDDDDDDD Gackt is sending flowers to everyone XDDDDD (He sent flowers to Versailles, actually...)

Bonus #2 :
Set list :
 1.神葬 (Shinsou)
2.304号室、白死の桜 (304 Goushitsu, Hakushi no Sakura)
3.秒「」深 (Byo Shin)

5.凱歌、沈黙が眠る 頃 (Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro)
6.冷血なりせば (Reiketsu Nariseba)
7.激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 (Hageshisato, Kono Mune no Nakade Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami)
8.かすみ (Kasumi)
9. 逆上堪能ケロイドミルク (Gyakujou Tannou Keloid Milk)
15.蝕紅 (Shokubeni)
17.残 (Zan)

EN1.蛍火 (Hotarubi)
EN5.鼓動 (Kodou)

I think I just came.  Like... Everywhere.  

Bonus #3
So this is extremely long hair :

 And yeah, I was right, we have about the same hair lenght...

And this is very short hair :
 And 80's glasses.  Back to the future, maybe ? HA !




Mama, the whip lady and her doll prostitute with mismatching hair is scarying me D8

I almost felt like crying.... Seriously.

I'm shocked.  In a bad way.


After-Apocalyptical Last.FM

By the way, "caca" is french for "poop" ;D

Vidoll looks so fuckin emo, these days -.-

And :

I guess that... It just begins to look like something.... ♥

And the last 7 days top :

I added Sugar, deadman, Togawa Jun and Inugami Circus Dan, lately.... I'll add some dué le quartz, now...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wild wireless internet connection fainted, Trucy got 666 exp.

HOLY FUCKING FUCK.  I don't know what went THIS wrong with the fucking wireless shit but... OMFG.  First, it didn't want me to have the connection, then it just kept flashing on and off and then it was connected but wouldn't give me any IP address and then it started again to flash and then again and again and HERE I AM. TAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAARNAAAAAAAAK.  FUCK YOU, WIRELESS.  SERIOUSLY. FUCK. YOU. è_é
But yeah, now I'm connected and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUUUUUL ;D !

Also, I had over 7900 songs to scrobble on Last.FM...  Now it's... kinda.... explosing... Like... BOOM.  so yeah, like 50 scrobbles at the time, it slowly reaches my profile, I guess... or it'll just update when the 7900'll be over... Eh ?
I can't wait to see my stats, once it'll be over, seriously XDDDDD

Last night, I finally watched the 2 remaining DVDs of Rémi sans famille... And... Oh I was near to tears, that's all XDDDD
Like, in real life, I barely cry... It's really rare... But when I watch a movie or read or even when I'm writing a fic (seriously)..... Hahaha, I morph into a crybaby XD

Aaaaaaah... Yeah... La vie...


Monday, June 28, 2010


Subject: To Kyo-san

Now, I hate it when I study like what my parents tell me but I also hate it when they get angry with me if I get a bad grade so I live a bit like how they tell me to and I can't help but become really angry with this half-baked/halfhearted self of mine everyday. Nor do I have anything that I want to something that I want to gamble my whole life in, and honestly I can't even acknowledge and believe in myself. What should I do in order to be able to conquer/change the current situation?

Kyo: You don't trust yourself...then who's going to believe in you?
SJKjkfsdhfkjsdhfksjdfhk T__T ♥
If I was that fan, I probably would have cried... ; ^ ;
Kick your ass, little fan ! Do what YOU want, become what YOU are... I know that Japan's way of thinking and acting is different from Canada's one, but... You are the only one who can build yourself, you are the only one who is living your life... You don't have to let anyone make choices for your life, even if they're your parents.  I don't know who you are, but I know that everyone deserves to have a good life and the only way to acheive this is to be yourself, be true to yourself, make your own choices, live your own life.  And I hope that Kyo's answer had an impact on you and that it'll make you realize those things and that it would help you to reach your own goals...



Je suis en train de taper une fic que j'ai terminé y a un moment déjà... en fait, j'hésitais à vraiment la poster, mais finalement, why not... J'vais avoir l'impression d'être plus productive comme ça XDDDDDDD

Mais ouin, à l'origine, j'avais mis Hazuki comme perso principal pis... finalement, non, ça marchait trop pas... Donc j'ai changé de nom... Pis LÀ tu parles XDD Mais j'vais garder le nom secret, j'veux vous surprendre XD
Je l'ai déjà utilisé dans une seule autre fic, une vieille fic... Genre 2006, or so... dans le temps où j'écrivais vraiment tout le temps XDD C'était une one-shot, j'crois... Une fucking longue one-shot, mais une one-shot quand même... C'est en voulant changer de personnage que j'ai ouvert mon dossier de photos pis que là, j'ai vu le dossier de son groupe pis j'ai entendu des chants céleste XDD (Si j'dis que j'en écoute, dernièrement, est-ce que ça le vend ? XD)
Pis c'est ça, c'est écrit au "je", encore... pis pis pis... XDDDD
[...]Aussi fier que la flamme olympique, je vous dis !
OSTIE XDDD Quand j'me suis relue, j'ai ri, ok ? XDDDDDDDDDD
Ah ! Faut aussi dire que le perso est un peu... Simplet, disons-le ainsi... pis y'est vraiment obnobulé par les cheveux rouge de Die XD Fait que ouin, flamme olympique desu >XD (Ostie que j'me trouve encore drôle... XDD Câlice !)
J'sais juste pas si à la fin, vous allez comprendre que... Arf... Non, j'peux comme pas dire ça, j'vais révéler le punch... D8... Bon, j'écrirai une note à la fin... -.-


Friday, June 25, 2010

Does that mean..........

Well the 3rd day of rehearsals is over.
Anyway there is overwhelmingly a lot of songs that I need to remember this time so its tough.
I hit so much that my index finger has become 1.5 times bigger than normal.

First, HOLY FUCK.  1.5 times bigger.  Hardcore.

A lot of songs that he needs to remember (By the way, this is a part of one of Shinya's blog entries translated by Risu at Orchestred Chaos). Does that mean... that... they'll be playing some old songs to their up coming tour ? *o*
DJSKHDKJSHDKJSHDJH.  Now THAT's overwhelming *_____* ♥


Dir en grey is turning to black metal.

That's all.
(Note that they aren't really turning to black metal, eh...  Just that t-shirt's logo's design reminds me of B' bands' t-shirts or something... XD They're still fuckin rockstars(,) bitches !)


Dir en grey VS Tokio Hotel

But.  It's 58% for Tokio Hotel.  CRUSH THEM.  Vote for Dir en grey, guys D8< You don't want those fags of Tokio Hotel to win -.-
It's commercial shitez against kickass metal, your choice shouldn't be hard to make è_é !!!!


Oh yeah, I have to update my blog with ! 8B

First of all, yesterday, I moved in.  I must say that I love my room, even though it's small and we barely can see the floor and that it's LIME GREEN and white XD... I'll gothize this later.  LOL. Cause yeah, in the end, I'll paint it in a deep violet and put some grey and black accent cause most of my furnitures are made of BEAUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUUUUUUUUUUL grey melamine (They're like... 25 years old, so... Ah ! the 80's furnitures...), so I wanna paint some huh... window/door frames, probably, in grey and whatever remaining will be in black... There's my computer desk that I'll paint in black.... And I'll by some black and some Beetlejuice styled striped fabrics to make like 379846823746862378462873 curtains *o*
Other than this, yesterday, my mother sent me to buy some beer and they asked for my ID which I haven't took with me... And they asked for it again when I went to buy some cigarettes, today... WTF.  Does my face got any younger ?! Is it cause I forgot to put make-up on today and I didn't worn any yesterday and that I look younger this way ?! o___o I don,t get it, before that, people used to think I was 25 or something =.=; Maybe it's the red hair with a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt combo.... D8...
Also, I found back my Doraemon dildo picture 8D :

Actually, there was something else I wanted to talk about, but seems like I forgot... Eh. AH YEAH. I remember, in the end.
My "new" converses are officially DEAD. So the only shoes that are remaining are like... heels... So... I guess that I could start my feet training... LOL.  And start really feminizing myself XD so, if Lillie-Joe's summer is a synonym for yamamba and ganguro, mine should be the same for pin-up and the 40-50's... For real, this time.   And I'll buy new shoes later XD

Talking about shoes, I need to buy a rope so that I can hang my dead shoes as in Big Fish... :

Probably hang them in front of my bed, where D'espairsRay's poster is now... I'll remove it, put my "bulletin board" there and the shoes over it... *nods*
In the end... I'll have a freaking Burton-esque room XDDDDD ♥


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

His right tattoo sleeve wasn't this long, isn't it ?

Aaaah... I've nothing else to say besides OMG FAIL cause I thought we were already on June 23rd... But we're on the 22nd....  Oh well, I guess it's just that I can't wait to move in XD
Yeah, and :
The pigs.... remind me... of Saw.
You know the Monopoly Canada version.... We had to vote for cities we wanted to see on the board and... On RadioX, they pushed us to vote for Beauceville.  WELL.  Beauceville'll be on Monopoly Canada's board XDDDD
I never thought they'd make it XD

Edit 10/06/23 : Regarding Kaoru's tattoo sleeve, well... I looked at Flavie's poster's in our room, since I removed mine, and... Well... It was this long... Just my memories which got fucked again XD


Monday, June 21, 2010

Luckily, there was no one in here...

Cause I really laughed out loud in a kinda weird way... Huhu.
Subject: To Die-san
What does the heavy drinker Die-san recommend for snacks with alcohol?

Die: First of all I am not a heavy drinker. Jagariko Potato Salad
Everything while listening to Slipknot's Snuff on the radio..... Man.... This song is fucking powerful o_ô


Friday, June 18, 2010

I just saw this...

In lime green.
Don't you understand that after my violet 1950-something Cadillac hearse, my dream car is like... a 1960-something lime green Mustang ?! (that one was like 1969 or so... Not that I really know about it... But I've a friend called Google...)
SDKHSJKDHSJKDSF T^T.  Dammit.  Why have I such expensive tastes ? XD
Yeah, and now you know that I like cars.... Yeah, more like old cars. Huhu.


I admit that I laughed out loud on this.

What's so funny ?
Soulfly VS Dir en grey.
I guess that most of my readers didn't even knew about Soulfly before now, but still... The main point of the thing is that I know them... They're not bad... BUt Dir en grey fucking owns them a million times XDDD (By the way, Dir en grey wins the poll with like... 92%... Lol.)
Wait a sec...
Brazil is currently getting trounced by the Tokio Hotel-lead German squad in their other opening round match-up, so they'll need a victory if they hope to advance. But they're up against a strong contender in Japan, who brings eclecticism and experience to the table. Really, this game should be considered metal-only, as Brazil brings Soulfly in a head-to-head against Japanese masters Dir En Grey. Which will score a victory?
Does that mean there'll be like a.... Tokio Hotel VS Dir en grey... ?!?
Lemme laugh mah ass off !



I never had this much visits.  Parlez-en bien, parlez-en en mal, mais parlez-en : Cé moué.
Other than this, google exploded with research including "trucy" or "trucydae" etc :
Ouais ben La grosse Trucy a été bannie du forum =3
J'ai ben un autre compte, mais ça a l'air que j'me souviens plus du mot de passe... Enfin, c'est pas come si c'était ben grave ;D
Pis c'est ça... Vous êtes drôles xD


Thursday, June 17, 2010

People love drama, don't they ?


Edit, an hour or so later :



Let's make things clear.

Let's say that this "hateful" relationship started when Princesse de Porcelaine joined Qc Harajuku.
I told her that I thought her way of writing frenche was maybe unappropriated for a forum populated with mostly teenagers who can't even write proper basic french.  There was a little drama (Cause you know... it's DramaJuku.  You say something "against" someone who is cooler than most of people there and people throw you rocks.).  But I ended up just not showing up anymore on that forum cause it was boring and, anyway, I was only using the spam section... So I moved on New Vogue Children and we continued to spam there.  And things were fine.
Then, I showed up on Pico with my PicoDie in the french park, I was with Flavie and her PicoKyo and it happened that Princess was there with Brad.  Something like TWO fucking years went by between what she said about her french and this.  And yeah, Flavie was trolling with her PicoKyo as she use to always do, and Princess said : "Must be la grosse Trucy's friend over there".  And I laughed.  I don't know what happened on her side, but on mine, it was laugher, that's all.
Then, one or two months later, it's the Ste-Dolores episode/drama.  All that because I said : "(Not that I suddenly devlopped some affection for Montréal's roritaz, but there are some people I wanna see and some others I wanna laugh at.)" and it happened that people took it as if I would REALLY go to the Ste-Dolores just to be like HAHAHAHA LOOK AT HER AND HER DRESS AND OMG LOLOLOLOL. No.  Seriously, you're an idiot for having thought this.  I mean... Come on.  I would have laughed at you with some friends and you wouldn't even have known about it, in the worst of all case.  I'm shy, honey.  I'm so fucking shy.  I wouldn't have dared to make fun of anyone this way. Never.  And yeah, because of this, someone decided that I was going to the Ste-Dolored just to screw things up.  You're a fucking idiot, seriously, it's fucking ridiculous.  And there was also what Princesse said on Qc Harajuku.  No, she haven't named me, but WHO ELSE COULD IT HAVE BEEN.  Oh come on...
Then, YES. YES, I said that she looked slutty.  That's an OPINION.  So what if I think someone looks like a slut ? I would have said this about anyone else, there wouldn't have been this drama, isn't it ?  I'm a bitch, now just get over it and stop reading my blog if you don't like my way of thinking, that's all.  Or maybe it's that you're too stupid ? Meh.

And, final point : I wanna apology for the part where I talked about Marie-Ève and Brad's relationship since it seems like what I thought was wrong.  I'm sorry.
Also, Pomme, I have absolutely nothing against you.  I'm sorry if you felt that way.
I rarely apology, so take those preciously.

In the end, I don't want this to be taken as if I wanted to play the victim, I just think it's not fair to have the whole blame on me when we are both in this.
Also, if you still wanna get butthurt, don't just bitch on a stupid forum.  Come and see me, we'll talk.


Ostie que vous êtes, drôle, vous autres à Montréal ! XD

D'you know where this Ste-Dolores shit started ?
Huhuhu.  Someone said I was attending it just to mess it up.  Lol.
Congrats, honey.  Ya gotta be proud o' yoself nao.
Mais ostie que c'est drôle, là XDDDDDD
En tout cas, moi j'ris.


Chère demoiselle Ouimette,

J'ai eu vent de vos valeureux exploits sur Qc Harajuku consistant à copier puis coller ce que j'ai pu dire sur vous sur mon blogue. J'espère que vos vaillants sujets ont su vous valoriser assez pour que vous puissiez vous mettre au lit sans que vous ne vous sentiez comme le misérable insecte que vous êtes. J'espère aussi qu'ils sauront vous lécher assez pour vous nettoyer de toute cette crasse qui vous couvre en entier car il est, vous en conviendrez, inacceptable pour une princesse d'être aussi sale.
Qui plus est, il est vrai que je ne vous apprécie guère, aussi est-ce la raison pour laquelle je ne suis pas votre ennuyeux blogue, que vous y parliez de moi ou non, pour y piger toutes les sotises que vous pourriez y raconter pour aller m'en vanter sur New Vogue Children. De toutes façons, il m'est égal que vous disiez quoi que ce soit sur moi car moi, mon estime de moi-même est déjà bonne. Enfin, égal ou presque, puis qu'il serait fort probable que je m'en dilate la rate comme je le fais en cet instant même, en écrivant ces mots qui vous feront, de toutes évidences, rire autant que moi. Sachez seulement qu'il m'est aussi égal que vous sachiez ce que je raconte sur vous car je ne m'en cache pas, contrairement à vous, c'est sur mon blogue et la Terre entière y a accès. Ce que je dis sur cette page, je pourrais aussi bien vous le répéter en personne, si vous le désirez tant. Seriez cous capable d'en faire autant ? Seriez-vous apte à m'envoyer un message à moi, en privé, puisque cette histoire ne concerne que vous et moi et que je suis lasse de voir cet amassis d'écervellés vous lécher l'arrière train alors que vous orgasmez car on vous donne raison sans poser de question parce que vous vous êtes auto-proclâmée Princesse et que vous écrivez un meilleur français que le leur. Mais bien entendu, il est beaucoup plus amusant, mais surtout valorisant, de rapporter ça aux autres puisque vous semblez avoir une estime de vous-même si basse. (Sérieusement, vous méritez mieux que ça, vous ne pensez pas ?)
Nous sommes semblables sur beaucoup de points, particulièrement sur celui qui fait de nous deux de grosses bitches égocentriques, cependant, un grand fossé nous sépare... ou plutôt, vous êtes dedans, puisque moi, mon égo, je l'ai construit moi-même et je n'ai pas à rabaisser qui que ce soit pour paraître plus intéressante (Je ne juge d'ailleurs pas être intéressante.) et sentir que j'ai un semblant d'estime pour moi-même. Vous pouvez avoir tout ce que vous désirez, vous avez déjà le monde, moi exclue, à vos pieds, alors pourquoi continuer de vous acharner sur quelqu'un d'aussi insignifiant que moi ? Vous avez peur que je vous chipe vos fans, peut-être ? Ou pire, ce bel accessoire mode que vous vous plaisez à appeler petit ami ? Ha ! Mais qu'est-ce que j'en ai à faire ?! (Mais alors, c'est peut-être êtes-vous jalouse parce que je n'aie besoin de personne pour être quelqu'un, aussi peu digne d'intérêt puisse être-je...) Je ne jalouse aucunement vos avoirs, je ne pense pas être une chipie non plus. Alors sortez de votre fossé, pardi ! Ne vous rabaissez pas à mon niveau puisque je tiens à mon rôle de méchante de l'histoire ! Je doute fort qu'il en soit de même pour vous. Cessez d'avoir aussi peur de moi ou vous finirez par avoir raison de me craindre. Non, je n'irai pas vous battre, j'ai des principes et je ne frappe pas les filles, encore moins lorsqu'elles sont déjà au sol, mais je peux devenir encore plus détestable et désagréable que je ne le suis déjà. Il serait ridicule d'agir de la sorte, encore davantage que ne l'est déjà la présente situation.
Il ne me reste plus qu'une dernière chose à vous faire part, à vous demander, en fait : Quand pensez-vous en revenir ? J'ai été beaucoup plus méchante à l'égard de Yueri (Paraîtrait-il que je l'aurais fait pleurer... mais je n'en sais guère plus, hélas !) et elle a su passer à un nouveau chapitre... Ou alors ce n'est qu'une façade, mais j'ose en douter. Elle ne me lance plus de pique, directement ou pas, au moins.
Oh ! Parlant de piques... Votre égo frétillait-il toujours autant lorsque vous avez pris peur et que vous avez contacté des amis que nous avons en commun à savoir s'ils allaient vous ignorer, comme j'allais être présente à VOTRE Ste-Dolores, m'incrustant parmi VOS lolitas, malgré le fait que nous-même n'en soyez plus une... (Connaissez-vous si mal vos fréquentations ? Jamais n'auraient-ils fait une chose aussi mesquine !)
Voilà, j'ai terminé, libre à vous d'aller vous plaindre à vos humbles serviteurs qu'eux aussi aillent dire des âneries sur moi, voire même venir me lancer des pierres sur mon blogue pour vous faire sentir, une fois de plus, supérieure.
Sur ce, je vous souhaite donc le plus grand des malheurs,

Votre très grosse Trucy qui vous aime tant
PS : Je sais que vous ne me donnerez pas satisfaction (du moins, vous n'en avez certainement nullement l'envie), j'aurais fait de même. Rien n'empêche toutefois que j'aie plus que très hâte de voir la suite. C'est au tour de mon égo de frétiller, jubiler...
PPS : Il semblerait que vos sujets devraient être passer en revue... Un ou plusieurs traitres ou espions semblent en faire partie...
PPPS : I'm also very sorry for Brad, cause I really feel that this is why you love him : he's a really nice and fashionable accessory plus, he brings more people to you and again makes you feel like you are more interresting cause he's not speaking french.
I'd be curious to know if you were the one who begged him to delete me from his friends or if he deleted me by himself... Hahaha... (I think the reason why I just switched to english is obvious enough so that I don't have to precise that I did it on purpose. Not that I want to break your couple, cause I must admit that you both look good together, but I just felt like saying everything I had to say once for all.)
PPPPS : J'suis pas là non plus pour te scrapper la vie, ça, c'est toi qui en a décidé ainsi.

Bon, là c'est vrai, j'ai terminé et je retourne jouer à Pokémon parce que tant qu'à ne pas avoir de vie, aussi bien la perdre à ça qu'à envoyer paître une mijaurée.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Someone searched on google or something with... "Trucydae ste-dolores".
Yeah.  I was dresses in black and red, with my red hair...
I've no good pic, though... Not that I care XD
Oh well :
But this is funny as Hell >XD
Hello, Haters, People who weren't sure it was me and People who heard I was there but haven't recognized me and then felt bad not having talked to me XDDDD *waves*


Monday, June 14, 2010

Fuckin crazy week-end o.o !

OMG. Forget it, this week-end was a spaciotemporal bug, really XD
I won't tell the long story, anyway, I'd forget some parts and it would suck really hard XD
Anyway, I actually slept the equivalent of a normal night for my whole week-end XD Not cause I was stressed or anything but... Just lol XD
I said that my shoes were quite comfortable... They are. But not when your right feet is a little bigger than the left one and that the tip stich of your tights is rubbing on your toe... So 8D Hello blister as big as a penny, ahah XD *Trucy and her exploration of possible place to get foot blisters* <3
So yeah, friday night looks more like Mikomi and I speaking til 4 in the morning. We had to wake up at 7:30 on Saturday. I always take about 45 min/1 hour to fall asleep. Lol. The meeting went a bit crappy though because of this and that and specially because of the television cameras being there... Anyway... And no, I did not pushed anyone in the mud, even though the fountain was calling for me to do it... OMG that would have been so fucking mean XDDDDDDDDDDDD And gratuitous. And the best way to get hated by everyone, www. I'm not looking for this, actually... I don't start shits, but I can continue what you started pretty well... And it didn't happen, so you people may applause (Not me, her.)... But. I must say that she looked slutty. Like... Really. Not that is was ugly... Just... Disapointing, comming from her majesty, ahah.
I also been surprised of how many newcomers there were o_o... Let's just say that we were like... 70 peeps or so, and I didn't even knew the ¼ of them XDD And then they were like "Oh I'm Kawaii539, on the forum..." YO. This forum sucks, so I kinda left it a while ago, dear.
I also been scared for some moitié stuff, they really looked like they were suffering... Poor things.
And Saturday ended in a... weird way. But not a cool weird way... So we went back at Mikomi's place pretty early and almost went to bed right away... (let's say that I fell asleep around 11 something or midnight, though...)
And I woke up around 9 on Sunday... We went back in the china town and ended the day at MAD's place... Till 5:30 this (Monday) afternoon. XDDDD
Damn people... I can't drink red wine. Seriously, like my head would explode and I drank two glasses and a half or so and almost got sick o_o;...
The two last days so FUCKING reminded me about the life we had when MAD and I were at school, together, being room neighboor in the residences... Aaah ! Good times XD (I also like the fact (HOLY FUCKING FUCK. FACKT. I WROTE FACKT. Taaaabaaarnaaaaaak XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) that MAD called in sick for me this morning, at like... 9 or so XD... anyway, there was like... No. Fucking. WAY. That I would take the metro in that state o_o... I would have vomited my whole life in the wagon XD And my head would have exploded x_X)

So yeah, every dreams come to an end, so I'll wake up tomorrow and go to work, telling my boss how horrible it is to get sick on weird asian food from Montreal's China Town.... Ahahah XDD


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've waited for SO long for this *o*


Actually, since he said that his favorite colours were like, red, gold and fucking purple.
So yeah....
Kaya + Purple = Made of fucking Win *o*


Ain't life boring lately ?

It is.
I mean, I've nothing to talk about, I've only been playing Pokémon for a few days, now...
Besides, I'm quite excited about going to Montréal this week-end...
And I just got my fourth sunburn of the year.... Oh and I forgot to buy sunblock... I went to Jean Coutu (drug store...) just for this... I got out with hair accessory and latex gloves so that I could refresh my red in my hair without dying my hands too...
Luckily, the burns aren't too back... My neck is itchy, so are my cheeks, but that's all.  I hate the sun.  I WANNA SEE THE SUN BLOTTED OUT FROM THE SKY as the Rolling Stones sang.  Paint it black.
Oh and I just feel like showing you the lyrics cause they're pretty cool.
I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a new born baby it just happens every day

I look inside myself and see my heart is black

I see my red door and must have it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee this thing happening to you

If I look hard enough into the settin' sun
My love will laugh with me before the mornin' comes

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls go by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I wanna see it tainted, tainted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it tainted, tainted, tainted, tainted black

Yeah... that's it.... Said the girl on a very monotonous tone, and so she did while telling this boring story of her life.


Monday, June 07, 2010

Pokémon Blahblah

Lillie-Joe lent me her Sapphire version, so I transfered 6 pokémons so that I could have Mudkip and I started the game over with Torchic (Ostie que j'aime ça qu'en français, il s'appelle Poussifeu >XDDD C'est comme Wurmple qui s'appelle Chenipotte mais que je lis toujours comme étant Cheniplotte XDDD) and I so was going to continue telling this in french... Anyway, I started with Torchic, obviously, cause I always take the fire starter cause I'm cool like that... Actually, it's cause I think that Grass type sucks and that wate starter after Squirtle are unappealing to me... Well... Actually, I thought Piplup was cute, but... Prinplup and Empoleon turned me off. I never liked Mudkip and Totodile was cute too, but hum... I can't remember its name, but its final evolution, after Croconaw, I just think it's too... Manly. LOL. Other than this, Bulbasaur, Chikorita and Treecko were cool/cute, but, as I said, I don't like grass type Pokémon... I only did an exception for Roselia/Roserade (And Cacturne) in Pearl (which I played on an emulator before I actually buy my DS) cause it was queer enough for me (Actually it's just that I was in a Kaya mood LOL) but still, Budew was a douche bag who didn't evoleved before, like... level 30 something (I'm usually not that bad with that happiness thing... Budew just hated me D8<) So my Roselia sucked hard u.u... I also don't like bug type.... cause bug attacks just sucks. The only exception I'd make is for Scyther or Vespiquen... I tried to have an Ariados in Gold (It was called Dada, remember ? Whitney's Miltank wouldn't stop stomping it when it was still only a Spinarak DX I did a byuchifuru drawing of it, remember ? Eh ? Eh ? 8BBB) but I got a female Dratini, so I went "SCREW THE SPIDER, GO, FEMALE DRATINI !!!!" cause you all know that Dragonair is one of my favorite pokémon and, even if I don't like Dragonite, it fucking kicks some major ass (unless it's against another Dragonite or against an Ice Pokémon...) Other than this, I don't like rock type and never use it either... the same goes for fighting... even though I have a Lucario and I obviously started with Chimchar in Diamond, so I have an Infernape and they're half fighting, half Steel type for Lucario and well... Fire for Infernape... I'm not fond of electric type either... So it always ends up that one of my pokémons learn an electric attack and another one learns a grass type attack and I get out of trouble with this... Basically, my team always looks like : the fire starter, a water type one, one that learned Fly (even though I don't have one in my team in Diamond), a ghost one, a psy one and another random one. Well... It looks like this at the end of the game, actually, eheh... Cause, at the beginning, as probably everyone does, I just keep catching pokémons so that I have 6 pokémons as soon as I can... Unless it's some bug such as Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple... (This being said, I can't catch Weedle in ANY of my games, and I've now fucking 5 of them... Sucker D8<)
Holy fuck... Ok. Actually, What I first wanted to say about Sapphire is that I decided to give them some names which weren't related to J-rock (lolz) and I think it ended up being pretty cool 8BBB (Also, I was wondering, is it only the female Kirlia which evolves into Gardevoir ? Cause I know that the male one, since Diamond/Pearl evolves in Gallade with a stone, I think... But I'm not sure for Gardevoir... If it does, I'm fucked D8<  Edit : Actually... I now have a male Gardevoir pis c'est vraiment fif XD <3)

So, here's my team :
  • Ziggy the male Zigzagoon lvl 16 (Ziggy as in that David Bowie song, eh... Which I keep almost only for its Pick-up ability...)
  • Klaxon the female Whismur lvl 15
  • Psychose (Psychosis, in english... DUH.) the male Ralts lvl 16
  • Vicious the male Sableye *0* lvl 16
  • Ether the male Taillow lvl 16 and
  • Feu Follet (wil-o-wisp, I think...) the male Combusken lvl 17

I'll get rid of my Whismur as soon as I may get a cooler pokémon cause I thought I could give it a try and... I just don't like it, thought it's Soundproof ability is cool... And I probalby won't get rid of Zigzagoon/Lineoon even if it's not a really good pokémon since that Pick-up is useful (specially when your pokémon picks up nuggets or revives *o* Plus, there's a chance for me that it picks up a second King's rock... I already have one to get Politoed, I need a second to get Slowking... Anyway, it'd be quicker than starting over Emerald, cause yeah, someone gives you one, but it's near the end of the game.... u.u And I'm not sure that guy is in Sapphire... Edit : The guy was already there in Sapphire 8B)

So yeah... I'm again in a "my levels are fuckin too low for where I'm at" state... I'm like... under the cycling road and I've to beat my rival, but, erm... He has two lvl 18 pokémons and his starter at lvl 20, and I'm around lvl 16...  (note that in two days, my pokémons evolved and I got rid of Loudred, so now, it looks more like : Ether the male Swellow lvl 35, Ziggy the male Linoone lvl 35, Vicious the male Saleye *o* lvl 36, Psychose the male Gardevoir *o* lvl 36, Feu Follet the male Blaziken lvl 36 and Drowner the male Azumarill lvl 37 ;D)

It's always like this, I always arrive at the league with pokémons from five to twenty levels lower than theirs and I fail... I was actually surprised that I could beat them at my third attempt, in Gold... And when I came back for training cause I went up to Red, but EPICLY FAILED since his pokémon are lvl 80 and up and I'm like... lvl 52-56... Well I again epicly failed since I didn't know they would have a different THIS different team with pokémons from generations up to the fourth one and be like... lvl 60 and up... Still, I reached hum.... what's her name, already... The one after Bruno with the Dark Type pokémons... Well, her Ombreon kicked my ass, even though I had 100 revives and 100 hyper potions and like... 50 full restores and 50 lemonades (By the way, buying fresh water instead of super potion is way more valuable since both restore 50HP, but fresh water cost like 200 pokédollars instead of 700... And soda pop restores 60HP for 300 pokédollars and lemonade restores 80 for 350. Good deal, even if it's way longer to get these because of those friggin distributors D8<)
And yeah, I'm rich... lolz. Amulet coin FTW. Seriously XD It doubles the amount of money you get with trainer battles if the pokémon which holds it joins the battle... So you just have to give it the you first pokémon and voilà >XD Piece of cake !
BUT YEAH. Bug type is strong against Dark Type, but beside this, what is strong against Dark ? .______. It's a big mystery in my life, seriously XD
Cause I know every other, or so... but... Dark is... oh well... (I'm not sure if it's rock which owns ground or ground which owns rock, though... But I THINK that ground > rock... I'm not sure about poison either... Oh ! I think that Fighting is quite good against Dark, actually...)

  • Grass > Rock, Ground, Water 
  • Fire > Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel 
  • Water > Fire, Rock, Ground 
  • Bug > Psy, Dark 
  • Flying > Bug, Grass, Fighting 
  • Electric > Water, Flying 
  • Ground > Fire, Electric, Rock ? and Ghost, I think... But most ghosts have the leviate ability, so... 
  • Fighting > Rock, Ice, Steel ?, Dark ? 
  • Psy > Fighting, Poison, Ghost ? 
  • Rock > Fire, Electric
  • Ice > Dragon, Grass, Bug ?, Rock ?
  • Ghost > Ghost, Psy ? 
  • Dragon > Dragon, mostly, but it kicks everyone's ass but Ice... That's why it's friggin hard to beat Lance in the first games (I mean Red and Blue) since there wasn't much Ice type pokémons, unless you decided to take the Sylph Lapras or that you caught a Seel in Seafoam Islands or cared to fish a Shellder... Still, you could buy Ice Beam at Celadon's shopping center and have taught it to you water pokémon or Dragonair/Dragonite if you are as kamikaze as I am... 
  • Steel > Now that I think about it, I don't know oO... 
  • Dark > Ghost... eh...
Aaaaaaaaah.... I fucking talk a lot when I talk about Pokémons or my fics x_X



Yeah, my coffee maker is a real thermos... I mean, I made coffee around noon, and now it's almost 9 and it's still hot o_o... Not boiling, but still pretty drinkable... And no, it wasn't still turned on since it turns off by itself.

Also, You know (or not), on Pigg, in March or April, something like this, there was some kind of promotion thing with Pepsi Nex and I was actually wondering what was Pepsi Nex... Well... it's just that here, it's called Pepsi Max and there's ginseng and more cafein in it, so it's more like an energy drink... And it tastes basically the same as normal Pepsi... with less bubbles...

I'm currently cooking. This hasn't happened in... AGES. No lie. I usually just like... do some ramens or make a sandwich or something... But no, I felt like eating some Hamburger Helper... So I bought some with erm... Seems like it's called ground beef in english... Oh well, du boeuf haché, là... Yeah...

I also ended up being able to watch that Sherlock Holmes movie I wanted to watch but couldn't cause it was lagging cause it's a reversible DVD cause there are two movies on it and that I had written my name on it, yesterday. I just like... Well, I thought that I had nothing to lose, since it already wasn't working properly, to try to erase my name with nail polish remover... And it worked ! *Final Fantasy success music*
And the movie was pretty cool, even though they had a REALLY strong british accent... I ended up understanding it pretty well anyway 8B
And there a french dub too, so Lillie-Joe might wanna watch it, someday 8BB (J'sais pas si t'as vu Basil, Détective Privé, aussi... C'est comme une version Disney de Sherlock Holmes, mais genre en souris... Pis c'est comme... un des films de mon enfance *o* Pis j'ai le DVD 8BB)

Talking about Disney in my parenthese just reminds me that I can't really watch the Disney movies of my childhood in english since I've been used to the french dub... WELL, NO. THE CANADIAN FRENCH VERSION. Cause when I watch Disney stuff in french french, I'm just like DDDDDDX !!!!!!!! Cause it's not what I'm used to and I think it sucks (As I think that Adobe stuff suck cause I'm used to Corel ones...)

Ah... And regarding the last fanfic I published, I know that I'm often like "Oh I might wanna translate it someday" but not this one. I'll never translate it. Why ? Cause I don't think it's translatable (? Creating words again ?). The sentences structures and the words are too gorgeous for me to scrap it by translating it. By that I also mean that if you are learning french or if you learned french at school, unless you are PERFECTLY bilingual, you probably won't understand much of it, now that I'm thinking about it...
This being said, are there some of you learning/having learnt french and are actually reading my work ? o_ô... It's not as if I never read any english fictions... (And I'm reading Anne Rice in english... I sometimes have some hard time getting what is said... Haha XD But sentences structures and words in english aren't as complicated as in french, said the girl who learned english at school and whose first language is french... Cause you're right, french is fucking complicated and is one of, if not the, most complicated language to learn... Even japanese is easier, the kanji put aside, of course, since their grammar is quite simple... But still, once you can speak and write pretty good french, I guess you can learn whatever language it is... The coolest part in this is that I never learned Italian nor Spanish but I can understand the big lines of it when it's written cause it looks a bit like french (as german looks a bit like english)... Actually, italian is more similar to french that spanish... But anyway...)

Aaaaaah ! Languages... It's something I think I'm good at learning... I'll maybe end up taking Japanese, Italian and German courses cause I don't give a fuck about Spanish and cause it's actually a thing that I wish I could do since I'm 15 or so...
Gosh... When I was 15... That's already 6 years ago... .___. I still feel like if it was yesterday... Or like 3 years ago.... Time goes by so fast... To fast for my brain, I'm 3 years late, now. Or let's just say that I seriously think that I'll by stuck at 18, in my head til I'll turn like... 40 and then I'll go depressed cause I'll realize that I'm 40 and I'll be like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES !!! And then I'll go back to 18 and start singin 18 til I die cause that's the way it'll surely happens... (Actually, it'll happen at 30... and 40... and 50... and we'll see after that... I'm defenitely not up to this yet o_o; ... Hello, Peter Pan Syndrome !)


Si c'est pas mon nouveau bébé qui vient de voir le jour ;D

Il s'avérait qu'on avait besoin de l'inspecteur Niikura autre part et c'était beaucoup plus important que cet interrogatoire visant à extirper des vers inexistants du nez d'un excentrique d'une trentaine d'années arborant une chevelure aussi rouge qu'un feu de circulation. Le jeune agent Hara fut donc sommé d'aller reconduire ce grand roux chez lui. Cependant, il protesta, plédant qu'il aurait du quitter le poste il y avait déjà plus d'une heure. Son supérieur lui jeta alors un regard noir signifiant qu'il n'y avait aucune discussion à avoir et prit conger d'eux, tous deux plus grands que lui.

Hara envoya un coup de pied dans le panneau de la porte ouverte, indubitablement pour évacuer une certaine frustration.

-Vous savez, m'sieur l'agent, si je vous emmerde autant, je peux très bien rentrer seul, fit l'interrogé avec un grand sourire quelque peu narquois, mais qui eut, apparemment, l'effet escompté [...]

Donc voilà Beautiful Dirt 8B

Pis laissez donc une review, hein è_é



Sunday, June 06, 2010

J'aime ça que le B soit à côté du V

Comme ça, ça donne de belles erreurs de frappe du genre de :
[...] Mais il lui promit qu'il reviendrait bite [...]
Lovely, ain't it ?

Certain que l'autre aimerait ça qu'il revienne bite, mais ouais... J'ai pas encore écrit de truc où les gens se transformaient en pénis, hein... (Ça serait aussi mauvais que Machine Girl, RoboGeisha et Tokyo Gore Police... En moins gore, peut-être... À moins que ça soit des hyper mutants ou une nouvelle sorte d'X-men... >XD Enfin, n'empêche que ces trois films sont quand même marrant (enfin, oui, quoi, dans Tokyo Gore Police, y'a comme des mutant que, lorsqu'on leur coupe un membre, ça repousse en arme... Pis y a une fille qui se fait couper en deux, mais ce qui repousse, à la place des jambes, c'est une gueule de crocodile/aligator... >XDDD D'ailleur, cette fille-là, la première fois qu'on la voit, c'est dans un event dans le genre Tokyo Decadance, ok... Pis j'suis sûre qu'il y a des gens de la TD dans les figurant... En fait, j'suis sûre que j'ai vu Mari, une amie de SiSeN toute percée et tatouée, souvent avec les cheveux rouges et noir... Et pis me semble qu'elle a la langue fourchue, aussi... m'enfin... J'vous la montrerais et pis vous feriez tous "AH OUI, ELLE !" ou alors c'est moi qui a eu une phase Tokyo Decadance trop intense XDDD C'est vrai, quoi, j'les connaissais presque tous les performers de la TD, en 2007 .___. Maintenant, y'en a 8947298374327894 nouveaux, c'est plus tout le temps les mêmes et pis, en plus, j'ai arrêté de les suivre, donc bon... Screw that, tous les connaître x_X... D'ailleurs, ça me fait penser qu'on voit plus Hana et Kengo ensemble... Y'a toujours que Kengo qui devient de plus en plus weirdo >XDD C'est rendu que j'm'étonne plus, à chaque fois que je le vois, mais qu'à la place, j'me demande ça sera quoi, la prochaine fois XDDDDD)


OMG, moi pis ma lecture du dictionnaire...

J'viens tellement d'apprendre le vrai mot pour quand on dit qu'on a de la corne sous les pieds ou dans les mains : Cal. (Ou alors y'a que les Québécois qui comprendront... Don Cal : n.m., Épaissisement et durcissement de l'épiderme oriduit par frottements ou pression répétée.)
Du même coup, j'viens de me confirmer la signification d'avoir les mains calleuses.. HA ! >XD
Oui, donc, parlant de ça, à force d'être devant mon ordi et d'avoir, théoriquement, une main trop grande pour la souris que j'ai (J'ai le modèle conventionnel, quoi... Mais bon, idéalement pour être ergonomique, j'devrais en avoir une deux fois plus grosse et pis j'exagère même pas... Mais moi et l'ergonomie, là... Qu'on s'demande pas pourquoi j'ai la colone vertebrale plus ou moins tordue @___@) et de prendre appui sur l'os du poignet (Aaaah putain, j'allais écrire "poignée" x_X C'est tellement une faute typique des Français >XDDD Rah, lala...), ben j'ai un cal, là... De même que j'en ai un à la dernière artidulation de mon majeur droit à cause de la façon dont je tiens mon crayon et que j'écris beaucoup...
J'devrais prendre des photos pour comparer 8B

Sinon, j'ai appris que l'art de formuler des phrases de mongoles comme j'arrête pas de le faire s'appelle rhétorique... Et pis y'a un groupe qui s'appelle Rhetoric (en fait, j'crois qui a un mispell dans leur nom, genre Rethoric, parce que me semble qu'ils le disent resoriku ou un truc comme ça... )

Et pis un synonyme pour joufflu serait mafflu... j'aime ça XD Michiru le mafflu XDDDD
Mais oui, bon, c'est vieilli ou littéraire, hein...
Et pis "revoler" c'est un vrai mot, pardi ! Sauf que bon, ça a plus ou moins le même sens que celui qu'on lui donne, quand on l'utilise, ici... En fait, ça veut plutôt dire "retourner quelque chose en volant", lancer, si on veut, ou, pour une signification plus... commune, disons, c'est "voler à nouveau"
N'empêche, j'vais tellement utiliserla première définition dans une fic XDD

Enfin, tout ça parce qu'à l'origine, je voulais voir si "caresser" prennait deux r ou non, puisque j'en étais plus certaine (D'ailleurs, c'est toujours comme ça quand y'a des consonnes doublées dans les mots >_>... Attraper, Agripper, Enveloppe... Ou même quand y en a pas comme dans Agrafe, Taper ou Gifle >_> J'écris tellement tout le temps Giffle X_X.... M'enfin...)

Bon, sur ce, je vais continuer de taper Beautiful Dirt... J'dois en avoir le 2/3 d'écrit, maintenant...
D'ailleurs, je me disais qu'il y avait bien des journaux ou des magazines qui publient des nouvelles littéraires, non ? Je devrais m'informer sur le sujet (enfin, c'Est un peu ce que je suis en train de faire, de manière détournée, certes, mais il n'en reste pas moins que c'est ce que je fais...)... Je sais seulement pas lesquels font ce genre de truc... Ça me permettrait de tâter le terrain un peu, quoi... (Oui, oui, je sais, changer les noms blahblahblah, mais c'est rien ça, c'est seulement qu'un détail... Peuh !)
Enfin quoi, une fois que j'aurai toute l'information voulue, j'pourrais bien leur envoyer Beautiful Dirt... Que j'aurai préalablement renommée en français, un truc du genre "Un joli déchet" parce que "Une jolie saleté" c'est moche et pis j'ai plus l'impression que ça colle autant... =\ (Sinon, ben "Un joli caca", tsé XDDDDD)
Quant aux noms, j'risque d'aller piger dans ma liste de vieux noms français, cause I'm cool like that. Sinon, j'reste toujours ouverte au suggestion, j'veux seulement pas que les personnages finissent par s'appeler Gontrand, Henri, Gaston, Gino et Bob... *rigole en associant les noms aux gars de Dir en grey >XD* (Bob X Gino, ça serait beau, hein ? ;D)



So I'm not James Bond anymore, I guess I just got back at my BondGirl without any Bond state.
So I spent my whole Saturday at Place Laurier, ended up buy shoes for that Ste-Dolorès rorita event (Not that I suddenly devlopped some affection for Montréal's roritaz, but there are some people I wanna see and some others I wanna laugh at.) and three new movies.
That's right, I barely can let a week go buy without buying any movie u.u...
So now I own Red Dragon, Sweeney Todd and Tokyo Gore Police (Yeah, I'll end up buy every asian movie they have at HMV... wwW It's way more interresting than what has been released from the USA, anyway, even if it's just gore to be gore or if it's just.... lolz such as RoboGeisha or Machine Girl... LOL Still... My Japanese movies section is quite... filled with "horror" movies... There's only like... Kamikaze Girls and Kaya's DVD between Ju-on and Marebito.. Ah... and there's Death Note too...)

So yeah, my new shoes are quite comfortable, more than expected, actually... I guess it worth paying 50$ for shoes...

And the TMI part of the show ;D : I was thinking that I would be in my period like... for the Ste-Do, but it just started, so it'll be fine... Sometimes I like my inner-timer ;D !!

Also, I finally watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland at Josy's. Why did you thought it sucked ? Because you compared it too much. I mean, except the end which is, I admit it, shitty, the movie is great, the story is inspired by the book, but not exactly the same and I think it's okay... I mean, it's not a censored version as Disney's animated version... the actors were great too, I've been quite surprised by Alice's performance, I wasn't expecting much from her (nor from the entire movie... even though I was sure it wasn't that bad) so yeah... A good movie !
And if you wanna rant on poor book to movie adaptation, rant on fucking Harry Potter, bitch D8< !!!


Friday, June 04, 2010

Have a nice fucking week-end.

I'll turn into James bond in about... 3 minutes.
I'll explain this next Monday... 'til then... Smell ya later !


Thursday, June 03, 2010

I have loads of weird dreams, lately...

Let's start with the oldest one.
It's as if we were in a movie, but that I didn't know about it... We were in a caravan, we were like.. 4 or 5, like if we were a family, but something happened between the father and me and I got incredibly mad and like... threw him outside of the van, crying, shouting at him, hiting the door with my fist...
But then, it turned out as if there was a war, some plane started to shoot around our place, so someone urged me to let the father come back inside... So I let him, even if I didn't want to... and then I went depressed and the mother continued to prepare her cake as if nothing special was happening, even though we were all sat around the table, worried about the planes... And voilà o_ô
That was actually the first dream I had that I could actually remember the face of the characters in it, even though they were random people...
I dreamt about this one last night.
Again, it's as if we were in a movie, but it was as if I was an actress in it at the same time that I was watching it...
Anyway, this one is quite fucked up ok... So the movie was about a gigantic T-rex which escaped some Jurassic Park and we (Me, Paul Walker and some others I can't remember) decided to create a kind of T-rex mixed with Godzilla to counter the giant T-rex.  Though, we haven't seen the bad T-rex before creating Godzirex, so it happened that it was waaaay smaller than the bad one.  But still, Godzirex had the ability of vomiting some acid thing that would turn into stone when it get in contact with something... So Godzirex vomited his stuff on the T-rex' feet, but it kinda failed since it got out without any problems, so we fled into our Jeep version of a kind of Batmobile and we left the place... But now, some guys, they were like three or something, ran after us, shouting stuff we couldn't ear... So the one beside me (we were like... Paul was driving, then there was someone, that guy and me...) pushed my beanie off my left ear, as if I had some bionic ears which could hear what the guys running after us were shouting.... And I woke up...
But WTF, Paul Walker, Godzilla and T-Rex XDDDD
And then, I had this dream a few times already... it's like just a flash... It's me, on the border of a random street, holding a child's hand... I don't know if it's my child or someone else's...
I feel like my brain wants to catch up the time it last with me not remembering my dreams o_ô... Haha XD
I'm still WTF about the Godzilla thing >XD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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