Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arrive already, tax returns !!!!

Tax returns =

New cell phone
No more madame Ialenti
New clothes
New tattoo, at last !
And a TV, when I'll move out

*0* *0* *0*

Speaking of moving out !
I'll visit one tonight
I really hope that I'll have it *w*
It's pretty well situated
Close to my job
Close to Mythomanya's place
Close to bus stops
Close to the grocery store
Close to the fucking bank *0*
Close to Subway *w*
It's relatively cheap
(Actually, it ain't, but it suits my budget, so it's cheap è_é)
And it's a freaking 1½ ! 
(One room and a bathroom, that's all
I don't need any more since I'd always be in my room anyway...)
I don't even know what it looks
But I want this apartment *w* !!

I will start working on Saturday again !
So that means less time for me
Seriously, it was about time D:
My last pay check was friggin ridiculous
Cause I only worked half of what I usually do on Monday
Because of the snow storm D:
So I had a mere $200 pay D:
I used to have at least $300 when I worked on Saturday è_é

So yeah
Today had been an overall good day =3

Also XD
A woman at my job first looked at me
Like she didn't understand [why the life...]
And she then asked me [On which side do you sleep ?]


That time when Jun looked girly-er than Satsuki.

Jun, Satsuki, Tenten
But who's the blond one at the back ?

Ah man....
We gotta finish this .____.


2004 : when people didn't know what they were listening to.

Maybe you remember this...

When people mistook Rebirth from Eliphas Levi
For a song by Dir en grey.

When people wrote LU-SA-KO 
Instead of Rasetsukoku (Dir en grey)

When they wrote Mitsu to Tsuba 
Or even worst : Honey and Saliva
Instead of Tsumi to Batsu

When they wrote Memory and Sky
Instead of Kyoku to sora (Malice Mizer)

Or when they wrote Beauty
Instead of Urawashiki kamen no shotaijo

Or when Mizerable from Gackt
Was tagged with Malice Mizer, instead

Or when your Psycho le Cemu songs looked more like this :

And it goes on forever
I thought I had corrected all those I had ._.
But seems not...
A song just started
And I was like 
And looked what it was
It was saying [Kagrra, - neuromancer]
So I went like 
[Uh ?! That doesn't sound like Kagrra, AT ALL] LOL
I concentrated on the vocal
And came to think it sounded like Glay's
I compared and it definitely was Glay XDDD
So I'm like...

Back then I also had a song by SID
Which was actually but Buck-Tick LOL (Gessekai)

And there was also that noisy thing
Which was tagged as Dir en grey - Sea of retard
But LOL it was just some annoying noises...
Kinda creepy, but still...
Wasn't Dir at all XD

Aaaaaah !
There also was a song...
Wounded Laura or something like that
Which was tagged as being from Gackt or Malice Mizer
But it actually was Cain's:Feel or something ._.
I'm not sure at all about that one, though XD
But it was pretty old stuff XD

I remember also that Kyuseishu Messiah
By Janne Da Arc
Been mistaggued for quite a long time, in my folders...
But I don't remember who they were mistaken for...

There were some mistags with Pierrot songs too
Can't remember much more than that, though XD

OH and there was Hamon Tsutau Memai
From Rentrer en soi
Which had been titled [En Soi]
For quite a long time for me... XD

And there was that mix up
With rice's Lobrain or Love Rain....
I still don't know which one is the good one LOL
Anyway... You know
The song with like 9 different versions... XD

Good times XD


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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