Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's in your opinion, the prettiest language?

Hum, that's a good question...
I think french is pretty when used correctly or not slang-spoken... I like its complexity... Actually, I like the old french more than the current one....
As I like the old english too, but I'm not as "familiar" with it as I may be with french...
I also like italian... I like their way of putting "I" at the end of words to turn them plural XD (Like... a paparazzo, two paparazzi)... Or, basically, I like how most of their words end in vowels... I don't know why, but it sounds kind of delicate to me...
As I like german because it sounds kinda rough...
And I must say that I like japanese too.. How they have a word for every single thing, how their sentence structure is simple, how it's veeeeery contextual.... And because it sounds "exotic" xDD

But the prettiest one.... I don't know... I guess I'd say french, haha !

Ask it !


Vidoll will come back~

It is nothing official

Since I follow Jui's blog...

So yeah
He says that he has been singing
And I think he also talked about being in studio~
(Beside saying he bought a thing to steam cook food in the micro wave 
And showing every meals he does with it LOL)

He also said that he went to the hair dresser
Saying it was for an upcoming shooting
And mentioning not to know which color to chose
(He chose some kind of chestnut-blonde-tea.... 
Like the kind of color YOMI used to have oO...
But no one really know about Nightmare, here...
Are you ?)

If Vidoll isn't coming back
Well, at least Jui will \o/

I actually don't see why Vidoll wouldn't come back oO...

But !
I must say I'm glad about it.
Even though Vidoll isn't what they used to be
And that I don't like that
Just the fact of thinking Jui could have lost one of the things that worth the most to him...
And thinking how bad he would have felt
Made me feel bad too...
So I'm glad he's able to sing again !

Please do your best in the future !
I'm so wapanese ! HA !




Forget it...
They just LOVED touring with Apocalyptica.



HEEEEIIIIIIIN ?!?!?!??!!??!


Ok that my Twitter list seems kinda popular

Unfortunately, seems like they really have eyes only for that -.-
Not a single thank you...


Québec'sLolitas on TV~~~

Remember this summer

There was this Ste-Dolorès event in Montréal
Or at least, maybe you remember the drama I caused

Here it is the TV reportage they partly did that day :

Unfortunately, it's only in french
But these girls
And boys too !
Are gorgeous~~
(And a part of them are friends of mine ♥)

And no, you won't see me in this
HA !
Or maybe in tiny in the backround
But I didn't noticed it XD

But we can see some of my close friends
Such as +MAD+, Aristo, Matsuro and even Lillie Joe as an extra XD

Loveliness~~~ ♥


Those are called news.

First of all

Take a look at this : 

12012 – Winter, again || GLAY
アンド (AND) – ロマンス (Romance) || PENICILLIN
ドレミ團 (Doremidan) – 街 (Machi) || SOPHIA
摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) – 紅 (Kurenai) || X JAPAN
少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita 23q) – STORM || LUNA SEA
BugLug – Melty Love || SHAZNA
D – 月下の夜想曲 (Gekka no Yasoukyoku)|| MALICE MIZER
DaizyStripper – With-you || La’cryma Christi
DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ (DOG in The PWO) – 夢より素敵な (Yume yori Suteki na) || Raphael
heidi. – ピンク スパイダー (Pink Spider) || hide with Spread Beaver
Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – S.O.Sロマンティック (S.O.S Romantic) || CASCADE
MERRY – Schweinの椅子 (Schwein no Isu) || DIR EN GREY
NoGoD – 1/3の純情な感情 (1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou) || SIAM SHADE

OMG ?!
Like.... I haven't looked forward a release since........
Ah, probably since Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunatesu no yami xD
And that was a year ago... Meh.
Aaaaaaah I really wonder what AND'll make with Romance... LOL
And DOG in the PWO with a Raphael song (Lillie will be happy xD)
And wtf, Matenrou Opera and X Japan LOL
This being said,
I'm not surprised to see that MERRY covered Dir en grey...
Not that Gara have been their roadie, back in the time, BUT...... 
Yeah xD
Still... Schwein no Isu !!!

You may go take a peek
But it's the very same than on my blog
(Copy/paste FTW, I guess xD)
Oh, and I corrected some of the links
Since they weren't working properly

And, as you may have seen in the chat box
I added some new ones to the list...
I think I spent another hour on this, yesterday... (This morning ?)
Haha ! xD
But I haven't added people from quite known bands...
Beside maybe guys from Lc5
Since you may know them thank to Miku
Miku doesn't have any Twitter.
Oh and there's Hiro from Librarian 
Which was in La'cryma Christi, before...
I also added Shouji Noriko...
You know that old woman interviewing bands ?

I'm kinda wondering...
WTF is the Vambie ?! LOL
I so never heard about them XDD
And I kinda spend my time on J-rock/VK news sites/blog
Must be some kind of oshare band, anyway...
Pretty sure I wouldn't like them XD

Ah and last time, 
I kinda missed Tenten...
He's in, now...



I don't like when...

My friends say they aren't pretty.....

In comparison to others.

No one is pretty when they are compared to someone else.
I mean...
Compare me to Angelina Jolie and I'm not pretty anymore, eh....

People just have to be their own selves.
They have to accept themselves...
A girl who sincerely thinks she is not pretty
Won't be pretty for anyone...
There is a certain glow coming from people who accept themselves the way they are...
I think that's how people can be pretty.

It's not a make-up or clothing story...
It's just about self acceptance.

Just so you know...
I have no ugly friends.
Just sayin...

And it's not because I don't wanna be friends with someone ugly.
It's because it just happened that way.
Anyway, I think everyone can be pretty...
They just have to stop thinking they aren't
And give themselves a chance...


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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