Friday, March 11, 2011

And now, something completely unrelated.

But every single time I'm seeing that pic

I'm thinking about the same thing :

I like to contrast of his masculine hand over his feminine face.

And on this, too :

Feminine everything, you'd say ? (Put the lack of boobies aside, will you ?)
Look at his hands, arm, shoulder and neck.
I like that kind of mix of both genders.

Kaya used to be good at it too...

Selia is another good example ♥


But the opposite is not true è_é

Thinking about it
That's maybe why I've never been THIS fond of Shinya...
He's so skinny his hands look like a woman's hands, seriously...
And even the rest of his body, beside breast and hips... ._.

He has nice hands, anyway, though ._.
Even if on that pic, his palm looks short xD




I guess you know what I mean.

If not, are you fucking living in an igloo ?!

Dunno if this will help some people to get reassured
But I'll do it anyway
And I'll keep updating as I have further information.

Several quakes happened
From level 6 to almost 9
Since yesterday afternoon (Japan time)
They hit in the North-East of the country
Sendai, principally
So people in Tokyoi are mostly fine.
More scared than hurt.
It also brought a tsunami
So several trains are missing
Houses/building near that coast are obviously flooded
Nuclear power plant is leaking
But the government said we should worry about this.
Hydroelectric barrage had also been destroyed.
Many, many people are missing
And they say that there are at least 1000 427 10 000 people dead.
(D:.... I guess that 427 is in Tokyo ?)

Now for the reassuring part
Cause we are still fangirls after all
Here's a list of people who updated since yesterday


I pronouce my cell phone dead.

Be glad.
I won't be spamming FaceBook much while I work.


Wear a white, transparent blouse over a D cup black bra

Make every men's day.

Wear a white, transparent blouse over a D cup black bra

Get old women face of disapproval. 

I'm too lazy to photoshop this as "official" [Advice Trucy].


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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