Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Matsuro, Lillie Joe and Tomoyo did it...
I guess I had to..

Age 10 : Super wide MUST tee + beige cigarette jeans with white and pink Addidas running shoes
Age 13 : No style
Age 16 : Goffick MANÂÂÂÂÂÂ \m/
Now : Well... This. With eyebrows though..

I like how at age 16, we were all goffick/emo....


My weird dreams and me.

Weird isn't even a word strong enough to describe this one O_O

It was like if I was a spy
Some kind of Bond Girl or whatever
I entered a house 
And it was full of evil sumos o_o
When I reached the living room
I saw that they were strangling four people.
I then realized that those people actually were Die, Kaoru, Kyo and Shinya
So I went like [gasp] and felt like crying
But I couldn't do anything
When they left them for dead,
I realized that Toshiya was missing
So when only 3-4 sumos were still remaining in the room
I got out of my hiding spot
And started to cry out to ask them [WHERE IS TOSHIYA ?! WHERE THE FUCK IS TOSHIYA ?!]
But they were all like [Who the fuck are you ?! We don't even know who you're talking about]
I don't quite remember how this happened
But then
I was outside
Hiding beside a small pool
And some of the sumos where being thrown in it (SPLASH, eh...)
Then I saw that Kaoru, Kyo and Shinya were in the pool
And especially that they were actually drowning Kyo...
Another blank 
Then, the sumos were gone
I managed to get Kaoru, Kyo and Shinya out of the pool
I somewhat was convinced that Kaoru wasn't dead
But I was also kind of in despair
I guess you understand why
And then, Die arrived
As if he didn't know what just happened
And he somewhat went in the same state as I
I explained what happened
And told him that I was sure that Kaoru was still alive
But he went like [Come on, we must leave]
And I asked him [Where is Toshiya ?] in tears
And he showed me some kind of doll
And I knew that this doll was actually Toshiya
Even though it was blonde and wearing a turquoise dress o_ô
And I knew that he was safe
I repeated that I was convinced that Kaoru was not dead
But Die took my hand
Forcing me to leave
So as we were leaving
I saw Kaoru kinda morph back into a doll too
And close his eyes...
And then I knew he was dead

And I woke up.

Sumo, Dir, Dolls ?! WHAT ?!
I really don't get it O___O;


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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