Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's go back in time.

I first got into VK and other related things with Moi dix Mois.

I then thought they were great.
I wanted goffick music and I got it.
But then Juka left.
I went mad.
Then Kazuno and Tohru left too.
I got even madder.
And I stopped caring about Moi dix Mois.

I discovered Malice Mizer
It was great.
They still are
But they are dead...
So I slowly got away from them
I still somewhat care
But... Eh

There was miyavi.
Miyavi somewhat was my happy side.
But then he got major, I guess
Or I grew up enough
Or something.
And I stopped caring about miyavi.

I rediscovered Dir en grey.
The first time scared the hell outa me.
But then I fell in love.

At the same time
I discovered AnCafe
It was hard to find, back then
And they weren't too OMGKAWAII.
But then
They started to get known
And Bou left
And I stopped caring about AnCafe.

Then I discovered Psycho le Cému.
I listened to them non stop for a few weeks
But then just put them aside
And never really got back into them...
I still think they were great anyway oO
But that'd be why I never really cared about Mix Speaker's Inc.

Then I discovered HIZAKI.
HIZAKI early works were great.
When he worked with Fu-ki and Seiji ♥
But then
He hired Juka as "permanent" singer.
It became crap.
So I stopped carring about Hizaki Grace Project.

I discovered Soroban.
Soroban were great.
They were cute
They had really good songs
They had everything.
But they disbanded.
Yumehito was a bitch
So he joined Ayabie
To take Ryohei's place
Because he just left.
Soroban became ZORO one or two years later
But they're not as good as they were...
So I never really cared about ZORO.

I discovered Vidoll.
Vidoll has been my life for a year or even more...
But they turned major
And now doing shitty commercial music
So I stopped caring about Vidoll
Even though I still like their indie songs

A bit back in time
I discovered Schwarz Stein.
They were awesome.
They still are.
But they're dead.
Then Kaya showed up solo.
He was great.
But he turned major
And became a slut.
So I stopped caring about Kaya.

Juka went solo to.
He was great...
Until I realized it wasn't so great, in the end
He then went away from music for a year
And came back with XOVER.
It sucked.
They disbanded.
And he came back with VII-SENSE.
With Dio Distraught Overlord ex-guitarist
So since Juka
Now Shaura
Is being a total narcissic idiot
I stopped caring about him.

A while before that
I discovered LAREINE.
LAREINE was great
Even though, at first,
I felt a bit ashamed of liking them
Because they were really cheezy.
But they were great.
But they died.
Kamijo had NEW SODMY
They have a few good songs, but meh...
So I never really cared about NEW SODMY
(Beside that it proofs that Kamijo likes dicks.)

I discovered Aikaryu.
Aikaryu were awesome.
But they had a really bad carcrash
And ULI couldn't play drums anymore
So they disbanded......
So I kinda stop caring about Aikaryu.

But a few years later
Hizaki, Kamijo and Teru were back
With Versailles.
I thought that Versailles was great.
I really did.
But then
They started to go commercial
And again
And again...
And then...
Jasmine You suddenly got sick
And less than a week later
He died.
I though it was weird...
I realized that Hizaki was a real son of a bitch
A mother fucker
An asshole.
And I started sincerely hating Versailles.

I discovered BLOOD
BLOOD was fucking awesome.
They still are
But they're... Dead.
But I still care about them.

Kiwamu came back
With something he took in Australia
At first
I thought GPKISM was great
But as they released things
I realized that their songs all sounded the same
So I stopped caring about GPKISM.

Or meanwhile...
I discovered lynch.
Lynch. are great.
But they just turned major
So I'm scared.
I wish that I won't stop caring about them D8

I never stopped to love Dir en grey...
So I guess I may call them my favourite band...
I don't think that I will ever stop to like them...
It has been 6 years, now...
I never liked an active band this long.
(Mostly cause they all fucking disband, bunch of fuckers D8<)

In the end
This is a pretty sad story oO...
Long last Dir en fucking Grey D8< \m/





I deleted it -_-

End of the story.


What is the first thing you thought....

When you saw this ?


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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