Friday, April 29, 2011

Some people don't understand life.

You know......................................... ¬___¬
And no, I do NOT want to help so that other fans may see them.
I've my reasons, I've already explained that.
I just hate Versailles.
From the bottom of my heart.
And I don't see why I should be doing some kind of promotion
So that they may come to Toronto if I loathe them.
They can go burn in Hell, IMO.

At least I've been quite polite and haven't say [Fuck].

I usually don't really care about people being stupid 
And randomly adding me to some group
I don't bother commenting
I just leave the group..
But this...


Huh ?

Went I came back home from work

There was another packaging from Hong Kong waiting for me
I thought it looked like if it was another wig
And it was.
I don't know why I received it twice, but oh well...

So I destroyed one
And sewed it to the other one 

And even though I wasn't sure at all of what I was doing
I like the final result 8B

I don't even look like myself XD

My cell phone takes weird pics, in the end XD
I mean... I haven't edited those at all...
But I like the effect ._.

It's twice as thick as it used to be .___.
It's quite heavy, now...
And it'll be freaking hot, this summer....
But oh well...
(I still need to make it shorter, too...
Right now
I can't help thinking it looks like a red version
Of Exo-Chika's hair XD)

I need a dummy head...
(Not that I think that I'm not dumb enough
But you know... I need some place to put that wig... XD)

So yeah
From 8 to around midnight
I've been working on this....

I wasn't expecting doing this tonight LOL
Actually, I was more thinking about going to bed
When I left my work place...

And that's what I'll do now.
Good night~~


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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