Tuesday, May 18, 2010


OMG of OMG. 

Satsuki ♥\(;____;)/♥
My armpits are throwing hearts T^T
What a pretty boy we have here~~

Oh, and boring stuff : I changed the songs in my MP3 player...
And it made so that I added some Inugami Circus Dan and dué le quartz to my playlist...

Looking back to my Top Artists, actually, only X-Japan and Kuroyume/Kiyoharu/SADS are missing so that I have Japan's biggest names in my top....
But Kiyoharu's voice tends to annoy me.... And the same goes for Toshi, plus... I'm not a big fan of X's musical genre... (Even though I quite like AC/DC for some reason even I ignore *cough*)


Bonus, cause I like to give credibility to those guys~

Oh.... And bonus 2 :

People of Wal-Mart :
Die wanna make sure he sees them.
(Aka the probably only picture of Die with his glasses on (other than sunglasses... DUH.))

Why do I always end up talking about Dir en grey ? D8<


UnsraW VS Dir en grey, peeps ?

 Please forgive his bad english and do as I did and kick you fucking ass to get what he's saying.  He Russian, BTW.

Mais sur quelle planète tu vies pour dire qu'UnsraW c'est plus heavy que Dir en grey ?! o_ô J'veux pas t'faire de peine, mais Unsraw sont friggin fifs comparés à Deg, s'cuse-moi, là.... XD
[On which planet are you living to say that UnsraW is heavier than Dir en grey ?! o_ô I don't wanna make you sad, but UnsraW are just a friggin mess once compared to Deg, I'm sorry... XD]

Trucydae, UnsraW is very hardest than Dir en Grey!
And a lot of fans will be happy if UnsraW visit Russia! XD

I'm not quite convinced about this, I must say... Have you heard Dir en grey latest work ? It's hard to get harder than this...
In my opinion, Unsraw is just quite another "copy-band" of Dir en grey =\
I have no doubt that many fans would be glad to see UnsraW in Russia, but still...
I don't think it's really... comparable... Maybe Unsraw just ... See moresound louder because the guitars have been recorded with an higher volume so that it seems harder (Metallica uses this technique too...), but that's just the way it has been recorded...
Anyway, it's not as if I cared this much about UnsraW, I just don't think it's on the same level as Dir en grey...

Last work - heh, srry no... i heared earliest albums and some songs, i heared about UnsraW - "copy band" and some...but i think is - sequel is more better than original in this way! we have a lot of DeG fans in Russia! But, my opinion, their music and vocal - nothing special, maybe a very dark lyric and pretty metal melody, but not more....

You can not agree with Me, and it is ok.

yesterday we had a hot of discussion about Malice Mizer VS Versailles...omg that was very hoooot XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

OMG Versailles can just suck Malice Mizer's dick, KTHXBAI o_o

But yeah... Dir en grey changed a lot since their beginning, so if you're comparing UnsraW to Dir en grey's Macabre era.... Sure, UnsraW is harder.

I just listenned to one of UnsraW latest songs... And that's actually what I thought it was... Everything is thrown up and it's just heavy... See more to be heavy.... In my own opinion, I think that UnsraW has nothing to catch the attention, It's just noisy... Just angry little boys with music instruments in their hands, thinking they can play well, but are actually just playing loud... Plus, we can't even hear the bass... What's the point of having a bassist in a band if we can't even hear the bass part ?
But that's my opinion, eh !
Still, I suggest you to go on YouTube and watch [Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no Yami]'s PV... You might be surprised~

"Versailles can just suck Malice Mizer's dick"


Yesterday one guy said: Malice Mizer is very boring or something! You know what? He is Org who take Versailles in Russian for gig...i was - hahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!... See more

About DeG

Oh, someone recomend Me PV - Cage, and said something like this - "It is psychodelic" i laugh-g all the video, i think that was fan of DeG, cause video is very simple and nothing special. i ll try PV which You recomend for Me.

Cage PV is just old... I like old stuff, so I can't pronounce myself on this, haha....
But still... it's 10 years old, so... And well... It's not this simple, compared to PVs like we have today... Think about Gazette and sucking bands like them... Eh.

The thing with Malice Mizer is that they touched to everything.
Versailles.... Well... Hizaki ... See morelearned to play one solo and then copied and pasted it in every single song he then recorded... How original... They're just a bunch of "pretty" faces, nothing more...
And Kamijo sucked less in LAREINE. HA !

At least, he didn't get butthurt... HAHAHAHA XDDD.
But now he told me that the guy who showed him Cage PV haven't told him it was like... 10 years old... MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN ! People change in 10 fucking years !! XDD



I like how my top 3 is monochrome and... "manly"..... In comparison to the following 3...
Of course, I talk about the pictures, eh ! >_>....

I added some LUNA SEA to my playlist... I was afraid that BUCK-TICK would take over them... Ahah ! xD
They'll get over them anyway, actually... If it's not already done O_O
Wai-wai-wai-wait.  OK.  WE'RE SAFE ! \o/

Also, MASCHERA is followed by : BLAM HONEY, MUCC, LAREINE, Vidoll, Eliphas Levi, Schwarz Stein, PENICILLIN, Satsuki, Gothika, lynch., Pierre Lapointe, Nightmare, Missalina Rei and Evanescence...
So this would be my top 20...


Ok.  So this is the best playlist EVAR :
→Blood Stain Child
→Dir en grey
→Eliphas Levi
→Luna Sea
→Noir Fleurir
→Vidoll (pre-major ONLY >8( )

\o/ FUCK YEAH \o/

Oh... I'll add Missalina Rei too. *nods*

Damn... I had no hide tag D8....


Duuuuh !

Subject: To Die-san Is there something that you must have when composing songs?

Die: Music maker.

DUH.  I mean... Seriously ?! You're kidding, right ?

Some fans must be like... kinda... Disapointed by the guys' answers... Ahah XD
And there's me being like lolomgroflolmao (Try to say this loud ! 8D)

Subject: Kaoru-sanWhich artist does Kaoru-san respects and looks up to?
Also if there's an episode about that artist, please tell us about it.

Kaoru: HIDE.
There's also not much episode to talk about! I only just really like him.

Girl........ Come on.  That was really... Clueless.  Really.  Like in REALLY.
It's as if you were asking me what was my favorite band.... Or if you asked Kaya if he liked roses... Or what was Dada's favorite kind of underwear....  Or if you asked Die if he liked girls... Ah... ah... Forget about that one, actually.................... ;D

Safari is screwing up my entries........ >_>.......................................................
Errr.... Mac stuff and me = 2 -.-
Not that I'm in love with Microsoft shits... I guess it's only that I'm used to those ? ... Bleh. (The same goes for Adobe PhotoShop which I hate cause I'm used to Corel PhotoPaint... Even though both do the exact same job... But I hate PhotoShop D8< From the bottom of my heart !)
And I'm not enough of a geek to switch to Linux...
Anyway, when you know how to debug Windows, everything is fine 8B

Let's end on a GAY note :

Damn... It's already 4:40AM.... D8
Shit >.<


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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