Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I dunno how I should title this entry


You probably all know now
That one of my biggest wish
Is to everyone to be happy
To be happy of what they are
To be happy with what they have
And all this

Since a few months now
That man who used to only drop by
Where I work
Just to say hi
Now stops to have a little chat
And often asks if he may kiss me on the cheeks
You may go like OMG AND YOU LET HIM DO THAT ?!
And being all scandalized 
But yes, I do.
Why ?
First, because I know that it won't ever go any farther
As this other old dirty man who used to flirt with me wishes it would
(That second man is just creepy D8)
And second
Because I felt like it was making him a bit happier
And he confirmed it just today
By saying that he was asking for this
Because I was a pretty lady LOL.
Sounds creepy, right ?
But it actually isn't.
This man is really nice
Really polite
Really courteous 
He's willing to help everyone
Like when he's there
And that he sees that someone is alone
To fold the quilt they just washed
He will offer to help.
He will also hold the door for every woman
And those whose arms are full.
Those are only a few examples
It may not convince you
But maybe you also know that 
I can feel when someone is being genuine
Only a few meeting are necessary to me
To know that I will get along
Or not
With someone
And I know that this man
Is a nice one.
Even though he has (had ?) some drinking problems
He's now having some meeting to get over that bad habit
I must say that I'm pretty glad he took this initiative
And all by himself !
I guess that he wants to be a better person...
So that's kinda why I let him kiss me on the cheeks
Cause I know he's honest
I know he won't ask for more
And I know it's making him feel better
Even if it's only for a second.
It may not be much
But I can give him that.

I wouldn't let everyone do so
But if it makes someone feel happy
In a un-perverted way
Why not ?

And yeah...
Trucy is a mean bitch
And tries to look cold to people she doesn't know
But she's actually really soft hearted, I guess...

I don't think I really can achieve happiness
Because I don't seriously think it's something I can reach
In this kind of society
But most people thinks that
It's possible for them to reach it
And even if I think they're living in some kind of dream
I don't really want them to wake up from it.
Cause they wouldn't be happy anymore
If they were seeing the world from my eyes.
I don't think most people would be able to stand it....
And this world would be even sadder....


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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